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This is my first story on ISS which a real one which happened with me a week back. I am Karthik 42 years old married for 16 yrs. This incident is about me and my wife’s best friend Suman who is 39 years old and married as well. Both Suman and my wife are college mates during the studying days and have known Suman since I got married as she had attended our marriage.

Suman and my wife had been in regular touch and been best of friends till date though she stays in a different city to ours Had seen a few pics of Suman which my wife had shown from time to time when they shared pics.

About Suman she is 5.3 wheatish and lusty as well. She would be 36c 32 36 quite full and nice swollen lips as well. Compare it to my wife she was way too sexy and whenever my wife had showen her pics have masturbated thinking of her and the night while fucking my wife i would be thinking of Suman only.

This happened 10 days back when i was going to travel and my wife asked if I would be able to pass on a gift parcel to Suman as i was travelling to the same city in which Suman lived. Though the idea was good i was reluctant and asked her what was it about and she said it was for her 40th birthday which is in June. It was a small gift pack to which I reluctantly agreed and told my wife that I wont be able to go her home and deliver it but she needs to pick up on the way whichever is nearest to my work place in that city to which she spoke to Suman and said she would pick it up. This is how i got Suman’s number so that i can call her once i reach her city.

My travel plan was for the whole week in the same city. Not disclosing the name of city for personal reasons. Though the thought of Suman excited me and possibility of meeting her alone but then i wanted to keep a lid on my excitement which I couldnt. The moment I landed and sat in my cab on way to work i gave a call to her. She is working as well, so wasn’t sure if she would pick up my number given the fact it would be unknown number. To my surprise she picked up fast and said Hi Karthik which was like unbelievable for me. So we exchanged pleasantries and then i came to the point on how to hand over the parcel which my wife wanted to and told her where i was staying. She said her home is a bit of detour from the hotel place so she suggested a place where we could meet up for coffee and then she would collect the parcel as well. I agreed to meet in the evening and hung up.

She sent me a message in the evening to reconfirm and i was more than enthustic now to meet her :). When i met her she was in Salwar Suit, hair neetly tied and wearing a nice heels quite sharp one and coolers up her forehead and when she walked in my thought was wow what a babe and made me hard. I got up shook hands with her and said good to see you after a long time. We ordered coffee and spent time chit chatting while i handed out the parcel to her. We spoke generally about her hubby and how life is moving. I could sense from her talk she was kind of not very happy as her hubby always travelling and concerned about career than her. We spent about an hour and then decided to part ways but while leaving she mentioned i was looking in great shape and smiled which took me to a new high.

After reaching hotel i kept thinking of her and ended up shagging. I was too hard while even with her but thankfully the table prevented the embarrassment for me. I thought my job was over as had handed over what i had to though she was crossing my mind like crazy. I then got to my work in the hotel and was having my dinner at around 9.30 pm when my phone rang and it was Suman. She said she like the gift which my wife had given and wanted to thank me. I took the opportunity to prolong the talk asking about her dinner etc to which she said she has had as was alone so ate out. I asked about her hub and she said he is out of country for 3 months on a project and kids to grandparents home for summer vacation. I said so enjoying u being alone to which she kind of stunned me her answer saying how could she enjoy alone. I didnt have an answer and was fumbling when she asked if i could come over for dinner to her home the next day. I tried to avoid but she didnt listen and i had to agree. In the end she said she wont inform my wife of the dinner which was like a invitation for me

Next day i reached her place around 8 pm with a bouquet of flowers. When i rang the bell she opened and i was like OMG in my mind. She was in a while top quite tight, blue jeans and hair open and glossy lips. She hugged me to welcome me once she shut the door and i could feel her firm juicy boobs on my chest and i was like rock hard below.

I sat down on the couch and she sat right opposite me and i could not stop and tell her how stunning she was looking to which she blushed and thanked me and said it lies in the beholders eye and ones who own don’t value it. I could sense a tinge of disappointment in her own life. The house was immaculately made up and I could sense a very nice feeling since it was moderately lit up as well.

She asked for what I would like to drink to which I was comfortable with water. She smiled and asked how about some wine. I said i don’t drink to which she said wine is a good appetizer and should try and brought me a glass of red wine and one for herself. I asked her is she is regular to which she said when she has some special guest’s she does and winked. With great difficulty i finished the wine but then she poured some more to which i objected but she said i have to be a good guest today. After the second glass also i was pretty ok to the extent it was my first wine ever but then suman was more intoxicating to me.

We took almost an hour to finish the wine and by that time she was more open and sitting very close to me and joking and at the same time she opened out more on her frustrations and how lucky my wife is. This is when i took my chance and told her she is looking very hot and much better than my wife to which she said smiled and said what is better. I started to sense something to could go wrong but at the same time i didnt want to start it so started to play to her questions and replied that her figure, boobs and lips were very sexy. She said what would i like to do of the sexy lips to which i said given a chance i would smooch it to which she said who objected and laughed out loud.

I sat still to which she said what are u waiting for Karthik and came closer and i sensed my opportunity and put my hand behind her head and brought it closer to my face and took her lower lip and went into a deep kiss.

She tried to release herself to which i held her tight and didn’t allow till i really kissed her hard to which she said she hadn’t any such kiss in her life and really came closer. This is when my hands went on to her boobs and started to squeeze them really hard over the top and our lips were locked. She was reciprocating and well by putting her hand onto my pants and pulled her mouth out to say WOW. I asked her what happened to which she said is that what is going to be with me tonight to which I asked Suman if she was serious to which she said she doesnt leave anything half way.

I knew it would be a long night when i started to take her top off and her boobs were hidden in a black bra. I pushed her on the couch and started to squeeze them hard over the bra while she was unbuttoning my shirt and feeling my chest. I then unhooked her bra and start to lick her hard nipples which were like bullets. I started to kiss it like crazy and her moan was making even wilder when i slipped my hand by opening her jeans onto the top of the pussy which was so very wet.

I start to suck her boobies like crazy and pulled her jeans off and went down and start to kiss her love hole which was shaven and shining as if she had decided to get fucked today. My tongue went into the love hole with both hands squeezing the boobs and pinching the nipples and she was moaning like crazy.

This went on for almost 25 mins when she said Karthik i can’t take any more please fuck me and that was like the last invitation i needed to fuck her which i had been dreaming and shagging for all these years. She pointed to the condom which was kept in the tray in the centre table and i smiled and said so everything was planned to which she said the moment she saw me yesterday she wanted me.

I wore the condom and she kept looking at my 7 inch dick and quite thick as well and said hopefully she can take me fully.

I then went on top of her and start to kiss her shoulder and neck while hands squeezing the boobs while my tool was right on top of her hole and slowly slid it in to which her moan went like slow to full the moment i was fully in.

After it went fully in i rose holding the boobs and seeing her slutty face. She said she envies my wife for what she gets and i told her Suman i have been shagging for her for many years now to which she blushed and i went full throttle into her. Her hands were playing with my hair and moaning while with her moan my movement was going faster and faster with her boobs getting squeezed and hitting and humping her harder.

After 10-12 mins of nonstop humping i moaned a big one when i was cumming and she too shouted like crazy saying Karthik my best fuck of life. I collapsed on top of her and lay there for 15 mins both cuddling and kissing like crazy.

We then picked ourselves up and dressed and had dinner which was so romantic and then I left back for my hotel. In the next 3 days we exchanged lot of steamy messages though we avoided to meet but now in regular touch with steamy messages and deciding of the next date of fuck.

Hope all of you liked the incident and Matured Women who fantasise or want to be friends can write to me at [email protected] with your views.

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