Wife’s Holi At Uncle’s Place – Part 1

Hi friends, I am back with yet another story .Thanks for the response given for my previous stories.This story is a a mix of real life incident and fiction to enhance the pleasure. You can always leave your feed backs and comments on my mail [email protected]

I am raj 28 yr good looking guy married to beautiful wife swetha, 24 yrs young housewife with good figure.Her well maintained figure of 36 30 36 makes her really adorable ,though wheatish looks nice.we had love marriage about a year back.My Mom Kavitha ,49 is fair busty female though aged is still decent.she became a widow at very young age of 34 and from then on my Father’s elder Brother (Tauji-Himesh uncle – 54yrs )took care of us and slowy got attached to mom emotionally and physically.

Mom and Tauji are very close and since years are into emotional and sexual relation .After my studies I moved out of our town and started working in Bangalore where I met swetha and later married her with my Moms permission. after few months of marriage swetha and mom became good friends and she came to know of my Mom’s closeness with Himesh uncle and started teasing me on that occasionally and slowly was discussing the topic of affairs with cousins and in family fun.

I was initially shocked but gradually realized that even swetha is getting a real turn on with that idea as she was constantly discusiing about my cousins (Himesh uncle’s sons – Varun 32 yr elder cousin and Rohith 28 yr younger cousin ) and We use to have wonderful sex sessions .Once when we are in hot sex session I asked my wife is she really serious and she said why not darling when my MIL herself enjoying it and infact encouraging. My penis got hot blood rush when I heard this from her mouth and fucked her profusely.are you serious darling,Mom encouraging you ??she smiled and moaned as I fucked intensely.

After the fucking session she laid on me hugging and whispered –darling really MIL also wants as you know she is so much attached to that family and even I am feeling like to try it once. we don’t want a cheating stuff ,if you are OK we might try this family fun . I looked into he rlovely eyes and she had a sheepish smile.i whispered back –so you wana be a good bahu ?she giggled –yaa and good wife too.we both hugges nad had real wet kiss and before sleep I insisted –swetha it should not be regular or serious affair type ,just a causal once a while fun type ok and she nodded smilingly.

I know how much we are thankful to himesh uncle as he brought us up and the financial support he gave us all through and more over swetha also looked interesting and now I was damn excited to watch my wife bed my cousins.Next day evening mom decalred that we are going to our home town to celebrate HOLI this year.i looked at swetha and she gave gritty smile.i relaised it was plan made by mom and swetha together and I said ok.That night I fucked swetha 3 times ,almost full night and was trying to get the full plan but she said please darling let us see how it unfolds,may be MIL has got plan.

After 10 days it was holi eve and all 3 of us visited our uncle’s place.we were greeted very warmly.i could sense a different and naughty atmosphere as Geeta bhabhi(vishal’s wife ) welcomed us.we settled down in our room and later in the evening swetha wore a tight fit salwar kameez with a deep neck showing ample cleavage making her Boobs damn hot and her red bra strings were also partly visible.

Ladies were serving tea and snacks and Himesh uncle and both cousins were oogling at her boobs and were smiling at her ,she too was casually flirting with them as they placed hands on her wasit,butt while talking.I was sure by then mom has disclosed the plan as they were boldly caressing swetha.I was just curious who swetha will select to have the fun .

As she was bending and serving tea to uncle exposing her cleavage ,uncle smiled at her and boldly placed hand on her exposed bra straps-beti yeh gaon hai yehan ye sab nahi chalegaa theek hai—jao kholke aajao tumhari BRA and laughter erupted .

Vishal- are swetha waise kya size hai teri BRA ki ? medium lagti hai Inhe bada karne ka mann nahi karta,teri didi (geeta ) ka dekh kasie bade bade aam bana diye hai,teri bhi madad karde kya ,,,laugh.sweta shyly giggled aur uncle saath hi haath malne le lage uski ek boob pe halke se..are beti sharmaan eki kya baat hai bade bade STANN TERI KHUBSOORTI BADHAYEGI ,YEHI TO UMAR HAI,jee le apni jindagi beti,wais ekal holi hai khoob daba dabake rang lagayengee tab yeh sharam nahi chalegi samh gayi na ,tu choos ekar sakti hai waise tere jeth se jyada khelni hai ya tere sasur se,koi mana nahi hai kal ke din to hamare gaon (yeh kehte kehte sweta ka mammo ko aaram se sehlane lage uncle aur maa aur vishal has has ke maje le rah ehte,,me thoda embaress feel karn elaga shuru me,lekin uski mamme malte huye dekh ke meri khadi hone lagi.

Sweta-haa sasurji holi hai na kaise mana kar sakti hu,,,giggled

Uncle-ha ayeh huyi na baat (donon haath se donon mammon ko ek zorr si squeeze di ),,ja beti under jake kholke aajana (winked).swetha room me gayi .beti suno wo BRA haath me leke aajao theek hai . she walked out of room after some time aur uske haath me uski red bra thi ,,,

Vishal-sweta zara dikha to kaise bra pehanti hai ,aur uske haath s ebra leke dekhne laga aur smell kiyaa,…mast hai swethaa ,,,red tteri fav color hai kya ,,,bol,,agar aisa hai to kal lal ranghi ragadenge wahan..

Uncle-holi hai alag alag rrang ,alag alag jagah khoob enjoy karo kal, raj teri bhabhi ki saheliyaan aayengi tu unke saath outhouse me khelna taaki swetha ko thoda freness mile samjhee naa,,disturb mat kar use,,sharmajayeegi,,,

Next part continues…please comment ..

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