Wife’s Holi At Uncle’s Place – Part 2

Hi friends, I am back with the second part of my story,hope you guys read first part and continuation is here..

On the holi eve after dinner all the ladies were busy in making preparations for the next day,making ghujiya and bhang with uncle’s suggestions and he clearly specifying to make it strong to have good nashaa and fun.

Mom,bhabhi,swetha all were craking jokes and were making sweets with uncle around.Uncle’s is pretty big one and is two storied bunglow with a out house as well.Varun and rohit went to top floors along with maid –leela to get the rooms cleaned and decorated for the next day.

Uncle-raj you can go inside and sleep if you want, we all will take some time in doing preparations, don’t wait for swetha she might come late helping your mom .I understood his intention and left the hall and walked into my room .After sometime swetha came inside our room with glass of hot milk.I was happy she came early and had my milk and asked how she felt regarding the flirting/molesting in the evening during tea time .She giggled and was smiling happily.

I hugged swetha and asked darling r you really ready tomorrow it might be serious fun, especially uncle and bhayya both lusting you a lot. She gave deep kiss and I realized.What were you all discussing all ladies and uncle had so much talk n giggles,,whats it all about darling..She replied well uncle was explain the rules of holi game tomorrow as its my first one here and she laughed..Woww so its open game tomorrow ??

Sweta-yaa,sasuma already told I am also in for the fun(smiled ) I got excted and crushed her boobs onto my chest and hugged,,,so what’s the plan for the game

Sweta-please darling let it be surprise,she kissed me passionately. In anticipation of great fun we both had wild wet kiss and had one round of banging sex and slept cuddling each other.

Morning when I woke up it was bright sun light coming from window and no sign of swetha.I looked around and came walking into hall and found no one and looked at the watch,it was 10.30 am.I was shocked , I slept so hard and woke up so late.I walked towards first floor and then I heard some voices and realized people are on the terrace.I reached the terrace and found geeta bhabhi,her few friends and rohit,but I could not see swetha.As soon they saw me all sprayed gulal on me wished happy holi.

I asked geeta bhabhi where is swetha ?She laughed…are when wife even on holi day,meet my friend mona (sh e introduced one of her friend ,she is also looking hot with low hip saree and deep neck blouse nicely colored and almost like geeta bhbahi’s age of 30 -32 )

Hi mona bhabhi(applied color on her face ) and responded back.But as our casual talk and coloring was on I gain enquired,geeta bhbhai pls say where is swetha..

Geeta-she is busy playing holi,don’t bother about her,,,,smile.

Rohit-bhayya please don’t ask all that ,she is getting fully coloured,,,,hehhehe

But where is she rohit, please tell

Rohit-let her have the full holi fun bhayya, colored at every place, why you wana disturb her,,,,laughed,,mona and geeta bhabhi also now joined and started teasing me .Rohit fully colored geeta bhabhi blouse and was pressing her boobs like balls. Mona hugged me from behind and was rubbing her blouse and coloring my neck and chest.I was feeling thrilled but really wanted to see swetha and what is she upto and begged geeta bhabhi again to help me,,,

Geeta-ok but promise you will not disturb her today and will not be upset with what ever you see or better stay away from it .

Bhabhi please don’t embaress me ,and holi coloring will be over by evening so why full day?In the evening I can disturb he isn’t it ?

Well raj today full day including night is festival and being first for swetha ,should be fully enjoyed day and night ,kyun, hehheh ….

Bhabhi,please,,,ok I promise I will not disturb swetha till tomorrow morning please .Rohit interrupted,,no bhabhi take the promise for the next 4 days ,till they are with us .(my dick got hard in my pants talking all this and rohit could sense and wanna fully exploit ).To excite me more rohit opened geeta bhahis blouse and exposed her big tits which were already fully colored and he was pressing them more.I gazed those colorful lovely big melons and started to press my dick over pants.

Geeta bhai sexily smiled and asked mona meri devar ko help karo and she stated to feel my dick over pants and I was in heaven.

Rohit-so what do you say bhayya, swetha bhabhi for the next 4 days till you guys leave ,unrestricted fun for our family ?You agreed for holi ,so 1 day or 4 days its just the same bhayya ,just promise ,by the way the fun is already in progress as you might have guessed, all laughed at me ( I could guess some one is already screwing pumping colors inside her lovely hole,might be varun bhayya who is not seen and I am mad now to watch swetha having sex with my relatives ) and just nodded to rohit-ok but I should get to see please,for which all had laughter and mona took my dick out and applied gulal,happy holi…

Geeta bhabhi-but you know swetha was shy and din’t want you to see, that’s why we planned to mix sleeping pill in your milk yesterday so you get up late .

What bhabhi its al pre planned ?

Yaa raj yesterday night only we planned, she was ready but was shy that you might be around,so we had this plan.If we initiate or finish first round by the time you get up her shyness would be gone,,,hehhe

So bhabhi when it started,what time you all got up ?

Geeta bhahi- we got up at 6 am and started holi by 7 itself, giggled

Almost 4 hours ? Ohh bhbahi you people are really naughty,,, you know how to start and control this ,so is the game on now ?When it started (now pressing mona bhbhis boobs as talking to geeta bhabhi).

Geeta-well we ensured the first round is over very fast so that she can be more free losing her shyness before you get up….All laughed..Varun sprayed white color inside her and to start her holi celebrations(she winked at me ).Happy holi dewarji..You can also spray colors we don’t mind,by the way mona’s husband is on tour,she is my best friend.(she gave us flying kiss as her boobs are mauled by rohit and I was hugging and pressing mona)….Please comment,,next part continues. [email protected]

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