Wife’s Holi At Uncle’s Place – Part 3

Hi friends, I am back with the Third part of my story, hope you guys read first two parts and continuation is here..

Geeta Bhabhi led me and we moved out of the building and she took me near the outhouse and she whispered be careful and silent. Now I realized why I could not trace them when I was searching in the house, they are in the house. We silently walked from the backside and there was the window which is not fully closed ,geeta bhbhai peeped in and later signaled me, come on dewarji have a nice show and pinched my dick.

i moved forward near the window opening and peeped. Took few seconds to adjust my view but meanwhile I could hear the familiar fucking moans of swetha.as my eyes got adjusted to the gap view I was shocked and amazed to see a tall handsome guy fucking my lovely wife in doggy style .her lovely boobs were dangling stylishly colored in mix of colors and shaking like colorful balloons ,her bums colored pink and taking the hitting of this guy and she was moaning heavily ahhh yess ahhh and could see her happiness in the face as she is getting rammed. even that guy had a hairy chest and he is colored all over. i was thinking who this guy is and bhbhi what’s happening ,it is supposed to within family,who Is this guy ?

She just giggled, just watch dewarji ,,what difference it makes to watch???

I could hear swetha’s fuck moans…AHHYAA YAAA SURESHJI WOW YAAA YOU ARE FUCKING REALLYY GOOD ahhhh sureshji ahhh ummm ..you are pushing it too deep ahh humm ahhhh … I peeped more carefully now I saw another couple to the side of the bed where I relaised a woman was sucking the dick of Varun and bhayya was fucking her mouth watching the fuck show of swetha.

Varun-kyun swetha maja aaraha hai na mere dost se chudne me (enjoying the fucking with my friend) fikar mat kar wo mera pakka dost hai and we swapped our wives many times,,,laugh,,see she(rekha-suresh’s wife ) is again sucking my cock, ,so thought of sharing you too on this holi, looks like you both are having nice fun.

Suresh-yaar sach me mast hai swetha ki chooth (cunt) really enjoying her,we should plan to fuck this cunt regularly ,she is so young and tight compared to our wives.

Varun-what do you say swetha, hope you are enjoying SEX with us,both of us want regular fucking with you,if you like us may be you can visit us at least monthly .

As varun was talking suresh kept on banging her pussy hardly and she was moaning all the while listening and smiled,,,but jethji,,,how come regular visits possible, we stay far away.(now I realized swetha really liked the fuckign she is having with my bhayya and his friend and almost accepted their proposal to fuck often ,listening their talk was making my dick hard and to excite me more bhabhi started to play with my dick and started to give hand job.)

Varun-Don’t worry swetha aunty comes regular ,you can always make a bahana and come with her and that way raj also might not have a problem and winked at her,,she gave sheepish smile,..

Varun-wowww yeh huyi na baat,,,man gayi hai hamari bahu,ab banega hamara rishta aur majbootNow he came near her and kissed her lips deep as his friend was fucking her more intensely from behindnow suresh grabbed her colorful boobs pressing them and fucking her like real bitch,,,ahhhh swetha thank you for accepting our proposal, you made this HOLI REALLY SPECIAL FOR BOTH OF US,,,AHHHH AHH FUCKINGGG HARDD AND DEEEP,, SWETHAA YOU ARE SO LOVELY,,Both of us will do anything to satisfy a beauty like you,don’t hesistae darling,you are our new love mate ,,,ahhh

Swetha-yaa sureshji ahhhh ,,both of you were really amazing in the bed,morning jethji drilled me like mad dog and now you are ramming me like a bull,,,,you guys are so wild and manly,,ahhhh moaninggg and gasping

Suresh—ahhhhh I am about to cummm swethaa ahhh yaaa yaaaa,,, hitting hard and squeezing boobs with few heavy thrusts, ,,HAPPY HOLI SWETHA MY COLOR SPRAY IS COMING AHHH… he gave a big grunttt and fell on her and swetha collapsed on bed and suresh fell on her ,varun also dichared in rekha”s mouth after few mins and both of them rested on the sofa. SEEING ALL THIS AND WITH THE HAND JOB OF BHBHAI MY DICK was rock hard .but I was just controlling to see what more is in store.

Rekha got up and came with 4 glasses of bhang and served all.

Rekha-come on swetha have it ,this strong bhagg will revitalize you for another round..all laughed and had their glass. Once the drink is done rekha got a pill and offered to swetha-take it dear its to avoid pregnancy, as you cannot insist CONDOM today as white spray has to go inside the hole and pinched her cheek..

Swetha—its ok didi I had my PERIODS just 2 days back,I am safe,,,smiled..

Varun-woww swetha fir next 3-4 days koi risk nahi ,ek dam free ?

Swetha-winked, haa jethji TOTALLY SAFE IN THIS VISIT,,,,you can spray as much white color you want without any problem in this visit,we just need to manage Raj that’s all.

(I was damn freeze as she openly talked about her periods even infront of my cousin and his friend ,relaised she really liked the both as she too was keen to have some variety in sex )

Bhabhi joyfully whisper –she became so close to our family so fast, openly discussing all things, how are you feeling.Bhahi I never expected it will develop so fast and she discussing even her periods…she liked it, and we are all in relation and suresh is his best friend and like our family only,you should let it happen occasionally and don’t bother her too much about these affairs..bhbahi I am really horny now can we fuck plss.

She hugged me and took me away from there and we reached a small store room and we closed the door.Both got undressed within seconds,, bhabhi was awesome mature lady with big dangling Boobs and wide ass, slightly fatty body ,but nothing was bothering me, the sight of swetha getting doggy fucked and accepting my cousin’s dirty regular fuck proposal was all running in my mind and my dick was hard and ready to go.Bhahi slept and spread her legs wife and invited me.she had hairy pussy bit brownish but I just wanted a cunt to push and within seconds I started drilling my cousin’s wife with the scene of swetha moans stilling running in my brain.

I was ramming her cunt like mad ,it was bit loose but I was just enjoying the sensation of fucking this loose mature cunt ,bhabi was moaning haa dewarji chodo muheee (fuck me dewarji fuck mee ) ,,,,haaaa lagta hai bhang ka kasha acche se chadi hai tumne bhi (kick of bhang got on your mind ) or it the live show of wife ,,,ahhhh ,,,her moans and talks all making me crazy and was just banging hard and wild for the next 15 mins and discharged a heavy load in her and slept over her.

Got up after some time to realize Bhabhi left the room.i dressed myself and walked to the outhouse backdoor and peeped in ,no one was there,,guess it’s a location change and searched for bhabi and went inside th emian building…

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