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Hi, myself Ram from Bangalore and I am married. Being my first story spare the mistakes and enjoy the story. I am a decent and humble guy with love and respect. If u feel good or bad about my story you can mail me at [email protected]. I am not going to disclose the id and name of the girl for an obvious reason.

Let’s come to the story…..

I love surfing on the web and to kill my stress I will spend most of my time chatting online. I have been chatting with many since I started surfing online and have a very good set of friends. one evening just fiddling with my cell and various dating apps came across a girl showed interest in talking to me. Initially, I thought it was a fake male trying to be a female and fooling me up but then she agreed to a call and sent her pics and I was convinced and still in a dilemma of her being true but just thought let’s flow with the flow and see where does it end up. She started asking about me, my work, my hobbies blah blah… and this chat went for long.

Her name is Leela and she is also from Bangalore. She looks very pretty and hot in her pics. We started chatting to each other daily. We exchanged our e-mail address and personal details. I found her quite interesting and jolly. One day I have asked her personal number and she readily gave me the same. We then started talking on the phone as well and started chatting through Whatsapp. I came to know she has a son who is just 3 yrs old and her husband works in a multinational company and keep on traveling. she told few problems she is facing on a personal front. She told me that her married life is not so happening because her hubby ignores her and most of the time out of town. I made her very comfortable and tried to calm her in a very friendly way. Slowly she opened up at the very friendly way and told me about her past. Even I told her about my college life and job career.

After few months of talking on the phone, we finally planned to meet in a nearby mall. She was in black colour saree and low cut blouse which was covered with pallu till now as all people were staring at her. Her height was 5’4 and figure 34-26-36 her boobs were really awesome and round shaped tightly held in position. I asked about her husband and she told he went for a trip to abroad for 2 months. I was so happy listening to that and asked her if she is fine having some drinks. She told she won’t be comfortable here and asked me to have at her apartment and she invited me to her home. I accepted the invitation and we drove to her place. She opened the door and asked me to be comfortable on the sofa and went to change her dress. For the time being, i was involved in watching TV and suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I was shocked to see her.

She was damn sexy in her nightgown. I started drooling looking at her and she asked me what I am looking at. I came to my senses and told her you to look pretty in this attire to which she replied with a naughty smile. Later she went to the kitchen and brought some cool drinks. We both were sitting on the sofa chatting with each other about our personal lives and enjoying a drink, she was looking fab in that nightgown and was also sleeveless showing her Milky hands, after chatting for half hour we got relaxed with each other, and I was ready for the thing for which we met. I went a bit close to her we both were staring at each other there were indications through her eyes she was feeling shy and bowed her head down and was blushing naughtily I moved my hand to her chin and made her face up she just blushed and get up and ran towards the window.

I just went from behind and hugged her and made her hairs a side away and I kissed her neck, back and bit her earlobes. My hands were on her navel catching her tightly and dick was hard now and penetrating to her ass. I was pressing her boobs also they were very soft and hot… It was amazing pressing her boobs. After some licking and sucking, she moved from there and was walking away teasing me. I was also walking looking into her eyes. There was a wall behind her she was walking and rested along the wall and I took some fast steps and grabbed her in between of my both hands which were rested on both side of her.

Now started kissing her neck and the naked portion above her blouse. She was getting aroused and moaning in the soft voice her hands were in my hairs. Now I came up to her face and kissed on her chicks and on eyes and licked her whole face and now it was time to give her a tight smooch and went closer to her juicy pink lips and placed a very passionate kiss. so now I grabbed her hands and took her hands away from and started kissing her now after kissing for some time she started responding me her lips were really juicy and soft and our smooch went for 15 min it was really a great smooch. There was a smile on her face and she said I am really a good kisser to which I responded with another smooch which lasted for 20 min.

I started teasing her striping one by one and suddenly I just pulled down my underwear and shirt. I then lifted her to the bed. She was looking extremely hot. I wanted to make her look even more beautiful. She started shouting asking me to make love to her since it was almost more than 6 months she had made love to her husband and he is not at all showing any interest in sex. She said to come near me kiss me on the lips, I started kissing her lips vigorously and move down kissing all over the body.

She took my hand towards her breasts and made me squeeze them with the help of hands and she searched for my face and pulled me towards her belly and was pushing my face towards her breasts. By this time brother was fully erect and was oozing his pre-cum. I started moving my hand near her panty and struggled to remove it. I inserted my finger and started fingering her and made her wet. She said she would love to be sucked and commanded me to suck her juicy vertical pink lips. I went near her cunt and started licking her by inserting my tongue. She started pressing my head towards her pussy lips and I felt so hard to breathe. She asked me to show my dick then I turned towards her. She saw it and said yours is so rock hard not like her husband’s dick then she extended her soft hand onto my hardened dick and started stroking it. I was fondling her soft breasts and then licked them.

Again I parted her legs and started sucking her pussy lips and trying to enter my tongue into her hole. I kept on sucking her pussy she was also pressing my head into her pussy by her hands. Now I inserted one finger in her pussy and was finger fucking her, I started finger fucking her very fast. She was moaning loudly in pleasure and she was about cum her body shivered she hold me tightly and there was her first orgasm. She thanked me for making her cum.

Now I made her stand and hugged her from the back and held her Boobs and pressed them really hard and kissed her neck and back.

Now it was time for final climax I threw her on the bed and I was in missionary position and rubbed my dick on the entrance of her love hole she was begging in pleasure please fuck me. Tear my pussy dear… I am all yours and this made me horny and I kept the dick on the entrance of the pussy and started pushing the dick in her hole. she was shouting and moaning so kissed her butterfly boobs to console her and while sucking her boobs only I gave hard thrust and after that, she also started enjoying it and asking me to go deeper n deeper. I asked to change the position and come in doggy style to which she responded fast.

Now she was resting on knees and support of hand and I was on knees and I inserted my dick in her pussy from behind and started giving her jerks by catching her waist I increased my speed and the room was filled with sounds of her moaning and our bodies thrusting each other pachh pachh puchhhh puchhh while fucking. After fucking for 20 min I caught her melons and fucked her hard and was kissing her neck and back. after some time I was about to cum and she asked me to cum inside, I increased my speed and cummed inside her with loads of cum and we both fell on the bed kissing each other and playing with each other. We stayed in that position for another one hour with seemingly endless chat and went to sleep that night.

She was satisfied by the sex and pleasure I gave her.

I hope you all might have liked my story. Give your feedback at [email protected]. Any girl or aunty want to have real sex or sex chat can mail me, Any sexy virgin who want loose her virginity can also contact me, your privacy will me maintained.

Thank you!!!

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