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Hi, this is Stephen 28 from Chennai. I am a regular Indian sex story reader. This is my third sex story, feedback and comments are welcome [email protected].

Last time I had a great sex with my next door lady. I got good responses via email. Ladies and girls in Chennai can contact me for chat, sex, date. Your privacy will be secured with me.

Coming to the story. I was injured on my knee, so the doctor advised me to take bed rest for three whole months. Being a lazy fellow I liked that opportunity, but later I struggled to move anywhere inside our home itself, due to the knee injury.My mom is working, so no one will be there to take care of me. Mom decided to call my sister-in-law to help me.

Next day she arrived and she is going to stay with me all weekdays for these three months. Butterflies tingled in my stomach. I always had an eye on my busty sister in law. Her name is Aishwarya 29. Size 30 28 36. She has a huge round ass. Plumpy yummy two ripe mangoes at front. Whenever she bent her cleavage view is enough to wet my pant. She uses to wear saree below navel. She is married to my cousin Bro two years ago. Sad thing was they don\’t have children. So she treats me as her child.

I use to masturbate by thinking her ass and boobs. Monday morning after mom left she inquiries me that anything needed. I hesitated to ask for urine can. She brought it, Initially, I was shy to open my zip. She was free to help me and placed my dick inside the urine can. Sad thing was my dick was shrunk at that time. I failed to seduce her with that opportunity. So I decided to be rock hard next time to impress her with my dick. I knew her hubby is a total drunkard. Her sex life might not be so good.

We started to chat things around us and current news.She asked about my college, office and about gf\s.

We chat about our past she was having a bf before marriage. Suddenly she asked me whether I am a virgin. My jaw dropped due to open talk suddenly. I said about my encounter with GF and breakup.

She consoled me and said an angel is waiting for me, don’t worry. In my mind voice \”I need you as my angel\”.I asked the same question to her. She smiled and said nope. She had several encounters with her bf. Even outdoor sex marina, theater, malls fire exit…

Wow, Aysha you enjoyed your life very much before marriage. I said I knew that my Bro was not good enough to keep your smile. She burst and cried. She wasn\’t have orgasm after married to Bro. He uses to insert direct and pump few mins for cumshot. She is hungry for wild sex.

I feel happy, sure I will have my chance to tear her pussy. Just needed the first move. Day end soon without knowing the time. Dat day night I controlled my hard on due to expecting a wild sex for the next day.

She came around 10:00, I smiled and welcomed her. I was in just boxer and almost nude. I called her and said severe pain in lower stomach Aisha pls help. She kept her hand and slightly massaged. I said pain due to can\’t urinate Aisha did not know what to do.

She immediately opened my boxer. There my dick was fully erect. She was surprised after seeing the length and breadth. Last day it was not in that size. Now it looks like a monster. She placed her hand on my dick and tried to pump out my urine by just tapping it. At last, I burst my urine to her face dress everywhere. Little drops on her lips. I said sorry Aisha, sorry please don’t mistake me. She said it’s ok.

She put her dresses in the washing machine and wore my mom’s nighty. She cleaned me and removed my boxers. I was just nude Infront of my Dreamgirl. I decided to break the silent and proceed for the first move.

Aisha when you kept your hand on my dick. That was an awesome feeling. Can you please pump out my seeds too. Here eyebrows widened and shouted what. Am your sister in law, you can\’t ask like that to me.

My dick started to erect again, she saw my eyes and dick. Hope she got aroused, she sat jus near to me. I knew she liked it but hesitating for jus nothing. Finally, her hormones won the race.She said will do only once. I said please.

She kept her hand on my dick started to stroke it in and out. I controlled my cum. She was masturbating for five mins, I kept my hand on her head and run my fingers through her free hair. She is feeling the fire and slightly bent towards my dick.

I just pushed her head for a blowjob. She didn’t like, but I already placed my dick inside her mouth. She started to chew the lollipop. I was on cloud nine. She was the women I need for a blowjob. Her lips and tongue were doing the magic. That was the great pleasure of ever. While she is busy with my dick.

I started to play with boobs. She was completely surrendered to me. I boob massaged and slides my hand inside her dress and got her inner thigh. I run my fingers towards her pussy. She saw me with lustful eyes. Next thing she did was unexpected.

She removed her clothes and came to 69. She placed her pussy on my face, I started to lick it, it was sweet and salt water oozing out from her pussy. She was shouting com on Stephen suck me…Yeah mmm, nice…

Around 15 mins we continuously sucking each other. both are going to reach climax. I came with a huge load on her face. She squirted on my face with liters of love juice.

Both of us are exhausted. She thanked me, after almost two years she is getting an orgasm. I smiled and said my pleasure Aisha to have sexy Sis in law. Both hugged and rolled in our cot. Due to injury, I can\’t ride her. So we decided her on top. She too like this position very much.

We smoothed for few mins and kissed all over faces. Our lip locked like Thindukal pootu. She was not ready to leave my mouth. Both were good in a French kiss, my dick was ready for the second round.

She came on top of me. I just inserted my rod in full speed till touch her womb, due to the pain she sat for few mins and started to ride me.

It’s pleasure to watch a sexy Dreamgirl is riding you with a pair of boobs bouncing. I was taken care of the boobs by smoothing it. We fucked each other most wildly. I was about to cum, I asked her to stop, but she is not ready to listen to me.

At least I came inside her. She was happy to have a child at least from me. From then we fucked for almost a month continuously in our home. Now she is conceived. In after six months, our child will be born.Poor Bro will not aware of us.After my recovery is not getting the opportunity to fuck her. So that was my sex story for you.

Any girls, aunties from Chennai contact me for sex chat. Ping in the hangout, so that will share mobile numbers….[email protected]

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