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Hi, this is the pink man (name changed) from Hyderabad, age 21, single and a wild guy. I’m here to open up my experience about how I lost my virginity and how amazing it was. If any grammatical mistakes, I apologize.

This happened when I was 20 and I just had a very bad break up which totally broke me, so I took a break and went to Bangalore for a small vacation and to meet my friend. As we were staying near the christ university he had many people coming to his place every day to drink or smoke up (you know what it is :p). As I was feeling low at times, one fine day we had visitors. There was this hot, wild chick who was my friend’s classmate. When she entered the house we had this intense look on each other which started the lust for both of us. As we used to hang out and chill a lot. One day we were traveling by auto and she happened to sit on my lap. It was a 15 min drive and all she did was grinding on me with me having a boner.

She could actually feel it. After that, we came home and started playing truth or dare after getting high. During that game, her dare were to sit on my lap and grind me, kiss me, and get spanked by me. The next day, it was early in the morning and as I just slept I felt someone kissing me and touching my dick. When I woke up it was her! I opened my eyes and she was shocked. I pulled her and kissed her and grabbed her ass and spanked it! It was a wild kiss, I was biting her lips pulling her lips with mine and sucking it. Then I started kissing her neck and licking her ears to which she was moaning a lot.

Then I grabbed her boobs and squeezed it hard! The room was filled with her moans “Ahhh ah with sexy facial expressions”. Then I removed her clothes and mine as well. Wow, that sight! What a beauty she was within. Her boobs were 32e and she was well toned and fair. I squeezed her boobs and sucked her nipples like a wild beast! Rolled my tongue around her nipples and sucked them while I was fondling with the other for which she moaned loud.Then I moved my hands down her pussy and it was wet at! I started rubbing it for 10 min and slowly fingered her by starting with one finger and ending up putting 4 into her wet pussy and playing with it until she came and shouted “Ahhhhhh”.

I started kissing all over her body and ended up near her pussy. I spread her legs wide and started teasing her by kissing near her pussy. She then held my head and pushed it towards her pussy and I kissed it. She moaned loud, I then started kissing it and then started licking it like it was the last day of the earth. I swirled my tongue while licking her pussy. I open her clit and licked her pussy to which she was moaning and came again. She then grabbed my dick and started giving me a handjob first, my dick being almost 8 inches tempted her and she started giving me a blowjob.

Wow that feeling. It was my first time and it was intense. I came in her mouth and she took it. She wasn’t much satisfied after that. She started stroking my dick again and gave me a tit job with those huge boobs. That soft heavenly feeling was amazing she was a pro at it. And I came all over her boobs. She then laid down. Spread her legs wide and said, “I want your dick in my pussy”. As I was reaching for a condom she said it’s fine. I want to feel it without that. It was a missionary position and as I went over her. She took my dick and started rubbing her pussy with it. Teasing herself as much as she could. I then shoved it inside only to feel she is soooooo wet and warm. She let a loud moan. I kissed her and started fucking her increasing my speed every min. It was an amazing feeling. As I was increasing my speed the room was filled with our moans. As I was about to cum. I pulled out my dick to which she got mad.

She pushed me on the bed and she came over me and shoved my dick in her pussy and starting riding me in a very wild way. Her boobs were jumping up and down. As she bent towards me, I grabbed her boobs and started sucking them while she was riding me. It was rough and wild in every way possible and we came together and moaned together as well. After them, we laid down making out and I was sucking her nipples and kissing her. We then dressed up and sat for a while. She sat on my laps facing towards me and started grinding me and she was squeezing her boobs only to turn me on. She started dry humping me and we started making out. I lifted her. Removed her clothes again and mine while we were making out wild. Put her on her bed and shoved my dick into her wet pussy. We had another intense wild sex to which we did it in 3 different positions without any condom and came inside her all the time as she was pulling me when I was about to cum.

After that we took a shower together and made out in the shower followed by a blowjob, me licking her pussy and a romantic shower sex. We continued having sex for 10 days and as many times as we had energy in our body. We were two horny, kinky couple. I came back home (Hyderabad) after that and we still have skype sex and all that which can be done through the cam. I have soo many experiences with other girls in Hyderabad and Bangalore as well. I’ll will continue it on my next stories to come.

I apologize for any grammatical mistakes and for how lengthy it was.I hope my experience did make you girls/ladies wet. You can ping me at [email protected] (girls only)

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