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Hi, all…This is Murali from Hyderabad.Any aunties or girls wants a secret relation, just mail me at [email protected]. Secrecy will be strictly maintained and this is my sex story.The heroine of the story is Ramya.She is my girlfriend.We were in love for the past 3 years.She is so stunning such that the guy who looks at her will gets attracted towards her assets and wants to fuck her in all the holes.She is very traditional (I think until this happens).Her butts are her main assets.Though we were in love, she didn’t give me any chance even to touch her breast for the last two years.We usually will chat on phone until 11.30 every night. I am staying in a room and she is staying with her friends in a rented room in a 2BHK flat in Hyderabad. We usually will chat all the stuff happened from morning to evening.This is almost a similar kind of a day, but what happened then changes the whole relation between us.My phone consists of nude photos of girls.That day as we were chatting, we exchanged our photos and this is a routine.Unintentionally I have sent her the nude photo of the girl which I have in my mobile.Later I regained and said sorry to her. She was shocked as I sent that pic.I tried a lot to convince her.But it seems she has not convinced at all. She stopped texting me for the next two days.I was in great dismay.She is not picking up my calls.On the third day, I got a message and our conversation is as follows:Ramya: Why you have sent me that pic?Me: It’s unintentional.Ramya: I never thought you like this.I am really disappointed. Why are you keeping these pics on your mobile?Me: I am a man and I too have feelings.I will watch porn.I will masturbate by seeing these images.Ramya: Why you are thinking about others like this?Me: Ok then ., I will come to the point. I have a stunning girlfriend like you.But you never ever gave me any chance at least to touch your breast.Do you really trust me?Ramya: Of course, I do have trust in youMe: then why u won’t allow touching your breast? I love you.I love your breast.I love every part of you.My roommates have girlfriends.But they will never say no to anything like you.That’s why I am looking for others for this stuff.She didn’t reply and didn’t answer my call.It happens for the next few days.I was really sad.Then on the 5th day came the day where our lives have taken a new turn.The day completely changed the life of both.It was 17th May 2016.I just came from the office and slept on the bed tired.Then came her message.Ramya: Hi.How r u?Me: hi..you know how I am.Ramya: I am sorry for what has happened.I am missing u soo much.Me: so?Ramya: I know you are very angry at me.Me: thank you.Ramya: Sorry ra..Sorry JaanuMe: its okRamya: I want to see you now.Me: Ok let’s go out.I am will be there in 20 mins.Ramya: Waiting for youNow a lot of things going through my mind.How to face her after talking about her assets.That’s the big question.It almost took 10 mins to get out of the thoughts.I got ready in no time and near her apartment.She came in 5 mins.But now she is really stunning with a white top and black jeans.She was now completely out of tradition. Stunned at her beauty, she climbed on the bike and we went to a restaurant, ordered some food and came out at 8.30 pm. Now planned for a movie at the mall.As we entered the hall by 9, it was dark as the movie started.We started to enjoy the movie and I suddenly felt something is taking my hand away.Suddenly realized that it’s her hand and they took me to the most beautiful globes I have ever touched.Yes..towards her breast.I was in shock and touched then with almost a risen tent in my pants.She pressed her breast with her hand over mine.I started to enjoy those melons.She took her hand out and kept it on the very hot rod over the pants.We enjoyed like that for almost the whole movie., even we didn’t know whats the story of the movies is.By 11.30, the movies were over and we started going back.When I dropped her, she asked me to drop near her room.I went near her flat and when I was about to bid a bye, she asked to come in and closed the door from behind.Then she told me the real thing that her friends went to their native places as it was Saturday.I was on cloud 9 now.She told me that it’s your day.Do what ever you want.She also told me that she will make this day the most memorable even I won’t look for other girls or keep any pics as I send before.Now the game started and I started to explore her.We hugged for 10mins.We exchanged kisses and even the saliva, which is the sweetest liquid then.We did it for almost 15 mins.Now I opened her t-shirt and in no time, The two most beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful breasts are out looking for the feel of my tongue.I didn’t waste any time and started to suck those beauties.The nipples were so attractive that I even want to eat them.As I am sucking her nipples, she started to moan saying “muraliiiiiii….love you ra..”As they were very tender and soft, I am in no urgency as the whole night is waiting for us.Now it’s her turn.She opened my pant and shirt and started to touch my penis.In no time it was at its peaks.She was shocked by seeing the heat of the tool.She started stroking my penis.I opened her pant and in a matter of seconds, we both were completely nude.I am very happy looking at my angel like that.Now I started to explore her body inch by inch.Finally, I reached the valley with a beautiful depth.Her love hole.Her G-Spot.Her vagina.It’s very wet by then.I started licking the hole which is very wet.Her love juices continue to flow at a great rate.I liked and started drinking.She is on cloud 9.After licking for 10 mins, She got up all of a sudden and stopped me, caught hold of my dick and started sucking it.She kept the whole length until her throat.She sucked it liked a professional.She loved it and me too.Now she asked me to enter her hole.I thought for a second for safety measure. But she said to enter directly to her whole as this is the first penetration.I was now very happy and tried to enter her.Its very difficult to..And after many trails, I finally entered her hole and she got shivered all over her body.I took some time to adjust to her and started the game.I started to stroke her vagina hole and continuously fucked her for 15 mins.She started shouting and scolding me and I got more and more strength to fuck her.Finally, both reached climax at the same time and I loaded all my cum inside her love hole.Both slept like that for 2 hours.We went to the washroom, cleaned ourselves took a nice shower together had a session under the shower.Finally came back to bed, slept naked and after 15 mins she took my dick into her mouth and made my manhood standup.Again we went back to the track in 10 mins and the next session lasted for almost 45 mins.This happened almost a year back.Even now we are with the same passion and love towards each other.In the next sex story, I will post how we both enjoyed her roommate as well with a threesome based on your feedback.Send your feedback to [email protected] mail to the same email for a relationship.

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