With My Hot Sister – Part 5

I am Sanjay 26 yrs back with another part. After I had been to Hyderabad, I was longing for my Bindu’s body more and more. We used to chat once i finish with my training time. I was staying with madan who was from salem. I have shown Bindu’s Photo to madan and introduced her as my Girlfriend. Madan had a great respect over her as she was my Girlfriend. Our chatting went on for four days.

Fifth day madan was out for shopping, I forget to close the door. I called my darling sister Bindu over webcam and also started recording our chat. I was missing her badly. I asked her about my parents. She has told that mom and dad went for a marriage. So our conversation started.

Me: Bindu i cannot stay here ma

Bindu: En da anna (Why Sanjay)

Me: unna romba miss panren da (I miss you a lot dear)

Bindu: naanum than anna (Even myself brother)

Me: Enaku unoda ass than kanukkulavae nikuthu da (Your ass always comes to my eyes da)

Bindu: Summa sollatha anna (Dont lie brother)

Me: Sathiyama bindu.

Bindu: Hmmm, Ena panaradu anna ne hyderabadla iruka ( what to do anna you are in hyderabad.)

Me: Can i ask you something

Bindu: Sollu da (ask dear)

Me: unoda kundiya kaaturiya

She immediately turned around to show her ass covered with jeans, and shook nicely.

Bindu: Ipa ok va anna (is it ok brother)

Me: Jeans remove panitu kaatu da.

Bindu: Ne nerla vandu venumna paathuko. enala mudiyadu.

Me: Please Bindu ethum problem varathu da please. (Please Bindu show me da there wont be any problem)

She was shy. But slowly opened her zip, slightly ripped her jean and turned back to show her ass. She was wearing a pinkpanty which only covers her butt hole. I started hand shaking my cock. She was teasing a lot with her ass shaking. Finally i ejaculated over the laptop screen on her ass. She saw my cock and laughed.

Soon I heard the sound of my roommate madan. I bid her bye and acted normally. But i could sense that madan has sensed something.

Madan asked what was the smell around. As I was masturbated it smells stinky. He frankly asked me that what made you to masturbate. I was dumbstruck. He also told that he was watching me chatting with some girl and then masturbating. I was in a dilemma that i shall tell him the truth or not. Finally i admitted him that i was speaking with my girlfriend. He was now ok.

Suddenly my mind struck with an idea. As i always have a desire to double fuck my sister (as i have tried with banana in her pussy and my cock in her ass once), I decided to fulfill my desire by admitting madan into our sexual act.

I asked madan that does he masturbate. He told that he do masturbate whenever he watches porn movies. I asked does he wish to watch the chat between me and my girlfriend(sister Bindu), I informed him that We had a role play of brother and sister. He was reluctant first then he showed interest.

I switched the chat video recorded. He has opened his mouth on seeing my sister. He murmured that she was gorgeous and sexy. I was happy as my darling was admired by another person. Soon she shook her ass over jeans. I was dumbstruck and pulled out his meat and start stroking. He could not withstand his cum and splashed after seeing her nude ass. He congratulated me for having a wonderful babe as my partner.

Days went on, I used to chat and record the video. I told my sister not to call me brother and she started calling me as her boy friend. Madan has watched her boobs, ass and even her pussy.

Bindu’s birthday is just a week away. I planned to gift her something special that she would not forget forever. I called up madan and informed him about her birthday. He was so happy and asked for the plan. I told that this birthday should be her lifetime remembrance. He asked me that how he can help me.

I told him that, It was a fantasy of her to get fucked simultaneously in her ass and pussy. In this birthday i want to gift her a double fuck will you join me. Madan was in joy. He could not believe what i was telling. So as per our planned we made everything ready. I called my sister to come to hyderabad a day before her birthday.

Me and Madan went to shop we bought a necklace. We also bought white and black transparent saree and under wears. We also bought a silky red transparent night gown.She taken a bus to hyderabad and i was about to pick her up. I picked her up and me and my sister both visited many places. I have told her that today she will have a greatest day that she will never forget. She told that she needs to shop undergarments and took her and she bought 4 G-string panties and some bras.

I took her to my home and introduced madan to her. He was watching her like he would fuck her. She greeted him and i took her to my room.

After some chatting, it was around 11.55 pm. Madan has knocked the door. I called him inside. He came with the Cake in his hand. Then we lit up the candle. It was 12.00 am. We wished her happy birthday and she cut the cake.she tried to feed the cake with her hand. but i stopped her and asked her to feed cake from her mouth to my mouth.She got angered, I consoled her and told that madan knew that we were lovers. He dont mine if we do this manner. She was not convinced yet she dont want to make me unhappy.

So she got a piece of cake in her mouth and started to feed me through her mouth. After mouth to mouth contact i become horny and kissed her for about 5 minutes in that same position. After breakdown of our kiss, she had given a piece to madan. Now she asked for the gift. I presented the necklace and other stuffs brought for her. She has become so happy that she even forget about the madan who was still here and started kissing me as there was no other day.

I asked her to wear the black saree i have bought for her and told that we will be waiting outside. She called me over phone and told me that it was too transparent that she could not wear. I consoled her to wear the dress so that she will have another never forgettable gift.

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