With My Lovely Maid Nirmala

Hello dear friends and loving girls and aunties.

A famous quote by Marilyn Monroe: “Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature” . I mean to say whenever you get a chance to have sex, move on and take a chance. Who knows it may bring life long sweet moments to you.

I am Jaggannath, 29 years old, single bit experienced in sex. I am staying in Bengaluru, Karnataka. If any ladies or girls want to contact me, u can contact through my mail id: [email protected]

I am one and only son to my parents and both are working. Most of the time, I will be alone at home whenever I come back from office. A maid by name NIRMALA aged 24 and unmarried girl, comes to work at my home in morning 7.30 am and washes clothes and vessels, sweep and mops the floor. She is not that attractive but she is good in nature and she has good body too and fair girl. Her ass and boobs are major attraction both are round shaped. I didn’t had any feeling on her and she also didn’t had any feeling on me. We used to talk less.

Coming to the story:

In February, my parents went on trip to South India for one week. My best time pass is to watch porn whenever I am all alone. My mother made all arrangements and told maid to look after my food needs. After my parents left home at night, I switched ON my laptop and opened xvideos porn website and started watching porn, my penis became very hard and I started jerking and slept after jerking for 15mins cumming in wash basin. Morning, Nirmala came home and started her work.

Now she came to my room and started sweeping the floor. For the first time, I saw her beautiful curves and sexy boobs and ass. My penis become hard and I woke up to jerk off in bathroom. She saw tent in my night pant and went out of the room. 2 days passed and nothing happened. I was feeling to get her and enjoy with her. Even if I fuck her, she would not disclose this anywhere as she was very decent and scared.

On the 3rd day, I had slept half naked exposing top of my body and my dick had a morning erection. She came near me and looking at my body. She was breathing fast, seems she got aroused. I opened my eyes and saw her, she went out. I went to have bath and didn’t take towel purposefully. I called her to scrub my back, she initially hesitated and finally came inside bathroom. This was the time I was waiting for. She started scrubbing my back, her soft hands touched my back and my penis started to erect and become hard. I was unable to control. She poured water on my head, I stood up. She saw my hard dick and stood with her mouth open.

I went close to her, she didn’t move. I removed my underwear, still she was looking at my dick. I went to her and hugged her tightly. She started opposing to my act, I hugged her tightly and kissed her neck wildly. Her resistance now completely completely reduced and she started hissing and responding me by hugging me. She was in my control. I took her face in my hands, kissed her forehead, eyes, chins, cheeks, ears and finally lips. I kissed, licked and sucked her lips for 10mins. May be she got wet for only kisses. I removed her top and started kissing her shoulders and licked her armpits. What a smell in the armpits.. Wow!!!! I licked her armpits again.

I took her to bedroom. Now I started removing her black bra. I saw checked the size 34 C. Handful of boobs, milky boobs. I started sucking her right boob and pressing left boob. She was moaning “aaahh .. aaahh .. aaaahhh”. I again lip locked her and tasted he lips again. Exchanged the boobs for sucking and pressing and started my acts. She pressed my head more towards her boobs and caressing my hairs. Now I moved to stomach and kissed her navel and hips. She arched her body and moaned loudly. Yes..!! she got her first intense orgasm and she gasped for breathing.

Now I removed my pant. Her pussy smelled great with wet juices. Her red panty is full wet by juices. I kissed her legs and thighs and kissed till toes. Again I came to her thighs, kissed and gave a bite to her inner thighs. She moaned my name “aaahhh .. Jaggannath.. ooohh.. Don’t do that”.. I couldn’t resist, I removed her red wet panty. She didn’t shave her pussy but her hairs were trimmed and it was looking perfectly beautiful.

I inserted my fore finger, she gave a jerk and her juices came out. It was smelling good, though I was not willing to lick her pussy, her pussy smell made me to change decision. I put water on her pussy, cleaned it, she was just moaning, closing her eyes and biting her lips. I put my lips on her pussy lips, she opened her eyes in shock and asked “Heyyy.. What are you doing? Its dirty”. I told her “Just enjoy my acts..”. I went to her face, kissed her earlobes and neck region and whispered “I love you.. I want to make love to you everyday..”, she blushed and said “I love u too.. aaahhhh.. aaahhh ..”

I went down and started kissing and licking her pussy. She moaned “aaahhh .. Jaagggaa .. aaaahhh ..”. I opened her pussy lips wider and kissed deeply and inserted my tongue deeply inside her pussy.. She kept on moaning “aaahh aaahh aaahh ooohhh ooohh ooohhh aaaah aaahhh”. She cummed in my mouth and I licked all juices. She was tired,

I kept my hard dick in her hand, she started stroking dick closing her eyes as she was tired. I asked her to give her blowjob and she refused, I didn’t force her again. I badly wanted to fuck her; I made her to spread her legs and inserted my 6 inch hard dick. Her pussy was tight and I broke her pussy walls. She shouted loudly and tears shed from eyes. She scratched my back from her nails very hard. She got relaxed and I started jerking in her pussy, I could see pain in her face.

After 10mins, I felt like cumming, took my penis out and she gave a handjob, I cummed on her boobs and stomach. I too felt tired and lied next to her on the bed. We woke after 1 hour and started our sex play. She woke up to go to pee but she couldn’t walk and I took her to bathroom, I saw her pussy was relaxing and contracting while she was peeing.

While going back to bed, I pressed my next target. Her soft and round ass. But We didn’t had anal sex that day. We tried doggy style and now it is favorite sex position. This is my second sex experience but it is better and best than first one.

We always smooch and have sex whenever possible. Thanks a lot my sexy maid NIRMALA. You have shown me heaven on earth only. One day I will fuck your ass too.

Girls and ladies, if u want my friendship, u can mail me: [email protected] and we can be bad friends hehehe. See you girls soon

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