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Hey friends, this is Shahif and now I am here to share my feelings that I had with my cousin before starting the story. This is my first story this not an frictional story or a story this was a feeling and pleasure I had with her. It ‘s an 100% true story. My mail id is [email protected]. In the if any spelling mistakes are there I am sorry for it.

Now coming to the story and it starts from few months back. First of all I tell you about me I am shahy now of age 22. I am average looking guy of fine colour with 5 ‘8 feet height from trichy the centre of Tamil nadu in my family me and two sisters who are 5 year older and 3years older than me and my mom of age 46 and my dad and this is our 5 members lovely family when I was of 22 year I was finished my b.e engineering. So I started roaming to my relatives home.

Now the time of marriage anniversary of my cousin and I got to go with my mom there in kumbakonam. Faritha is the name of her and she is very beautiful but not like an angle as all of them telling. My cousin husband was an railway employee so he go on shift basis. she is white milky colored of 5’4” feet of well figure 36-32-38 big boobs and such a big killing ass is the added advantage of her. She is quite reserved with all and very selfish.

After marriage she lives with her husband in pondicherry after the three months we came to know that she become pregnant so she decided to come to kumbakonam and her husband is busy with work. So my uncle called me and said to take her to home because I am unemployment and having my own car hyundai verna we have a extra care with uncle family and this is 3rd month of her pregnancy and this time and went to pondicherry and on the she want go to karaikal beach so we went and back to kumbakonam.

After that my uncle said to be there for a week and I am not ready but my mom called me insists me to be there. As a day passed they were busy and for a marriage function all are going except my cousin. So my work is driving so I make them in function and way back to uncle home after reaching there I went to my room

Now comes the story… My cousin went too bathroom for my luck are gods grace she feel down and made a sound and I searched her she is in the bathroom and I got scared because of her pregnancy. So I called her she told she can ‘t able to walk and move she told me to call any ladies but there is no one. My cousin bathroom has a ventilation open I got idea and went from there and shocked to see that her sperm in the tiles and she was half naked and I took her to bed and made her sleep.

She told that she is having pain the animal inside me waked when I seen her sperm and half naked body. So I asked her can I massage her she first restricted but my force changed her I applied oil on her tummy and slowly massaged and she moved back and shown her hip for massage and made her feel comfortable. She saw my animal she told she wants to urine I was really happy and accepted and take her to bathroom and removed her panty which was having a patch of sperm and she finished it.

And I went to my room and masturbation is finished. Again she called me and told she wants to Bath I took to bathroom and removed her dress except her bra and panty she told me to leave she did not bolt the bathroom and it gave peak to see her bathing and she caught me and finished her bathing and called me she is wearing only towel I took her to bed

Cousin – can you do a favor

Me- yes I am waiting

Cousin – can you help me in dressing

Me- my eyes widened and I accepted

Cousin- oh means you have bad things in your mind about me

Me- not like that I am going to see you naked. So my eyes widened.

Cousin – do you have any idea to force me to do sex

Me – If  you need I will help you

Cousin – can you promise me not to share this with anyone

Me – of course I won’t

Cousin – ok we can have sex but not wildly it should be slower

Me – ok

Cousin – can you start the action because I am having fell down I can ‘t move

Me – I am waiting for this.

Cousin – go on

Me – I removed her towel and she is totally nude it was amazing to see the posture.

Cousin – What  you are looking for kiss me and we lip locked for a minute.

Me – now taking charge and liking her boobs and fingering her pussy it ‘s having little bit of hair. And again we lip locked it was amazing taste than liking boobs are pussy.

Cousin – can we go with 69 posture

Me – we changed and for a five minute we made that she is giving the sound of pleasure and the pain by which I was eating her pussy

Now I changed my position and liking her boobs again and it was big and can ‘t hold with my hands and she is pressing my head against her boobs and now her turn she took my dick and liking for 10 min I came nearly three times in her mouth I am not having the stamina and told her she gave a capsule and told me to have it and in between I got a call from my uncle that the function is going to over and I have come there. It was difficult situations she told me to tell any reason and delay there coming home so I told them that my car got punctured and I am in the mechanic show and told them it may told half an hour and wait there they accepted and we continued our session.

Now my turn I spread her legs and having a great view of her pussy with hair it was amazing and it smells bad so I applied fragrance on it and started to eat. While eating she is giving the sound ah woooo ahhh nnnnn mm yes yes and pressing me on her pussy and it tasted good and now a call for her that was her mother in law. So we paused our act and chatted with her in between I licked her and after chatting again we started our act it continues for 20 min it really and it tasted good she came 4 times it was amazing.

Now the time for main course first she told that her pussy is only for her hubby so she told me go with anal I accepted and started to enter but it was difficult for her and mee too and we applied saliva of our in dick and pussy and started and again it is difficult and I stopped. So she called me an gave a slap and told me push hard and we resumed and gave a tight shoot and the dick go half inside and it was painful like the hell and fire was on my fire and I removed went to kitchen and took some oil and applied it on my dick and ass and mow it was ok but difficult and started to go little little and a two minutes we passed because of heat inside again we resumed and stroking with full energy it ends only for 3min as I came on her.

Now she again liking my dick and it was rock hard and now bend like doggie for again a anal but I pushed my dick into her pussy she was shocked and I told her that I am her husband of her for now I am having the rights to enter and I was stroking while a call came this time her hubby she told to pause but I can ‘t control and took the call and stroked her by which she gave sounds ahhh to which he enquiries and she told that she hits on the table and she told him to call after 10 min and we resume and it continues only for 2min as I came and I removed before it enters her pussy and now she layed on the bed and I took my dick and entered her pussy from front with no objection and we fucked hard and room is filled with sounds aayaa ahhh aasss hhhhh mmm fuck hard ram me fast be fast and again fuck me hard hard and sounds aaaaa oohhh wooo mmm sssss and it continues for nearly 7 min this is long session we had and we layed for there and finally I licked her boobs and pussy for 2min each and lip locked and dressed and went to call my uncle.

In that session I liked the taste of lip lock was amazing than any other. I was feeling like lazy I went to medical shop and took the electrons protine and took uncle and backed home after that session we didn ‘t have sex till now….

She is always selfish her needs and urges only important for her. So thankful for you in the patients in my story and once again its not a frictional story it an true story. Mail me at [email protected].

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