Wonderful Sex With Married Lady

Hi everyone and my name is Venkat. I am 28 years of age and a software engineer by profession from Hyderabad. I have already posted two stories about my encounter with matured married lady.

I got enormous response for the same and believe me lot of females mailed me also. Thank you all and this story is about one such reader only whom I fucked her in Hyderabad. She is one of the horniest female I have ever met. Her name is Radhika name changed 35 years of age, married and has two kids.

Her husband is not interested in sex and doesn’t last long while fucking. He fucks her only for 2-3 minutes and she is left unsatisfied. These all things I got to know after chatting with her through mails. So we both stated chatting and it became one of the hottest chats we ever had.

Initially she is very much scared to meet the unknow person days goes on chatting and after lot of phone sex and she got confidence on me and decided to do it real. But we are waiting for the perfect time. Soon we got the chance to fulfil her desire.

Her husband went to Delhi on office work on 30th Sept she called to me and said tomorrow we will meet in my home and wait for my call. I am eagerly waiting for her call at 8:30 AM on 1st Oct she called to me and gave her address surprisingly her home is near to my place only it’s just 2kms away.

I went to that place within 15 minutes and called her she said come to 3rd floor flat no: 306 of that apartment. I ranged the bell she opened the door while seeing her I became stun and she is 35 but look like 28 to 30 and superb figure.

Radhika was fair in color, 34 30 36. She sat on the sofa and started staring at me. I said what you are looking at. She replied what you are waiting for. I came near to her and hold her face with both my hands. She closed her eyes and planted a small kiss on her lips.

She put her hands on my waist and started deeply kissing me. Her lips were very soft and juicy. We deeply kissed each other for about 20 minutes. I took her lower lip in my mouth and started sucking them. Then she did the same.

Our tongues were into each other and our saliva was mixing each other. I laid her on the sofa and we both continued kissing each other. I took my left hand and started exploring her boobs. We broke our kiss after 15 minutes to catch some breath.

Lust was fully visible in our eyes and we both were looking in each other eyes then I put my hands inside her blouse and started pressing her boobs they were so big tits were brown in color and stiff. She said they have become so stiff after a long time.

Her black laced bra was not able to hole those heavy melons and I immediately freed them and they sprang out like sponge balls. I stared them for some time and then started kissing left boob with one hand.

I was caressing her right boob and kissing her left breasts. She started moaning as she was getting pleasure and then for about 5-6 minutes and I played with them and they became red in the meanwhile she took her hands to my dick which was rock hard by then.

But she was not able to see it as I was playing with her boobs. She requested me to allow her also to play with my dick and left her boobs as soon as she saw my dick her eyes were wide open with excitement and she started smiling.

I said why she is smiling and she said that mine is much bigger than her husband’s and she always wanted to have such a dick. She said she like pink dickhead and she will lick it to fulfil her long pending desire after that she started rolling her tongue over my pink dickhead and licked it well. Then she started sucking it and kissing it.

She was sucking it and then she use to move her hands up and down over the dick. It was becoming uncontrollable for me and I was in the seventh heaven. That was one of the best blowjob I ever had when I was about to cum I said to her lets started fucking.

She said she wants me to cum in her mouth and after that we will enjoy the second round which will last long and started sucking my dick vigorously. I was not able to control and loaded my cum in her mouth which she swallowed. Aah! That was an amazing experience.

Then she got up and went to washroom to clean herself which is there in her attached bed room and asked me to follow her while seeing the bed in that room and I became stun for the arrangements she made for our sex. She came after ten minutes and said now let’s start making love.

My dick had become small by that time when I showed her that she smiled and said that’s two minute job for her. I was lying on my back and she sat beside me. She took dick in her hands and started massaging it.

Her touch only made a sensation and my dick started rising. She said see how it is reacting. I brought her face towards me and started kissing her on lips and started fondling with her boobs. She started moaning and asked me to suck them. I was kissing her boobs and nipples one by one and her hands were stroking my dick.

Then I kissed her on her navel and went down. We both were ready to fuck now. I positioned my dick over her pussy which was clean shaved. Juices were flowing out of her pussy and she was literally flooding. I started teasing her and she started pleading me to enter it slowly.

I gave her a push and it entered inside her. Venkat! What a feeling it was very hot and wet pussy my dick entered very smoothly inside her and she moaned aahhh and closed her eyes then I gave her first stroke and she opened her eyes and said give me a wild fuck.

I’m dying for it, fuck me hard. These words of her excited me and I started stroking her. We both were fucking each other like desperate people and yelling after 15-20 stokes I lifted her legs and started pumping her pussy with my hard dick.

She was moaning and shouting ahhhh! Baby! Fuck me hard! Yeah! Tear away my pussy! Fast! Fast! Fast! I continued pumping my dick inside her pussy for about 15 minutes then we both changed our positions and I started fucking her from back. Her pussy was so smooth and wet.

My dick was sliding in with ease. I started stroking her from back. She was shaking her hips in response and was asking me to increase my speed in between she was saying so many dirty words which were exciting me more.

I continued fucking her in that manner for about ten more minutes and then she says I am about to cum. I was also coming and we increased our speed then finally and we cum with loads of juices into each other and that was one of the most satisfying sex experience I ever had.

I lay on top of her and rested my head on her boobs. We kissed each other for some time and then slept and after that we had three more rounds as we were sex starved for a long time and didn’t wanted to waste and opportunity.

Seriously Radhika was one of the most amazingly hot and sexy lady with whom I had sex. She is a sex goddess. We are again planning to meet next month. So this was my story. Anyone of you wants to comment or talk to me can mail me [email protected]

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