You Never Forget Your First Time

Hi!!! This is Raj here currently in Mumbai but basically from Kolkata. I’ve been a regular visitor to this site but I agree with all those guys who say that most of the stories are fantasies rather than the truth. Anyways, I thought I’ll share my first time as they say that you can never forget your first time. It all began when I was 4 or maybe 5 years old. The girl Ishtu was one year older than me and boy was she aggressive!!

She was my dad’s friend’s daughter and the closest thing to a girlfriend I ever had. They stayed in a town close to where we stayed and we often went to each other house to spend the weekend whenever there were one day holiday on Friday or Monday thereby giving us a long weekend.

I always looked forward to these outings, why!! I’ll tell you now. Whenever we slept, Ishtu would make it a point to sleep next to me as she wanted to chit-chat with me. But the real reason was whenever the lights were switched off she would sneak her hand inside my shorts and fondle my cock. She never ever asked me whether I liked it or not, she liked it so she assumed I liked it as well. Truth is, I liked it immensely. So much so that soon I’d be searching for something to fondle in between her legs. Bumbling idiot that I was she had to guide my hand to her pussy.

But soon she’d be so turned on that she’d catch hold of my hand and rub one of my fingers on her crack. It is difficult to put it words the feelings; all I knew was that what we were doing was wrong but it felt good, so the guilt feeling made it even more exciting. Soon I got busy with my studies and contact with Ishtu dwindled. During my 2nd year in engineering, I was home for summer vacation and was bored to my bones. Suddenly I remembered Ishtu and my mom filled in that she is home for her vacations as well. She was studying in Kolkata. We’ll without giving anybody any second thought; I was soon slugging my backpack over to her town.

When I got down from the bus things had changed in that small town. I reached her place only to be informed by her mom that she’s out on a walk with her friends. So I sat down with the mom in the verandah and gossiped over a cup of tea. Soon, I saw her walk into the lane. She wasn’t expecting me; in those days there was no cell phone so visitors like me were more of a surprise.

As soon as she saw me she ran up the road and gave me a tight hug right in front of her mother who only smiled at her exuberance. It was already evening so we simple sat and went on chatting till her mother scolded both of us to go to sleep. We the sleeping arrangements were like her parents slept in one bedroom and then there was her bedroom the living room in between and the guest room in which I was sleeping was on the other side of the living room.

Though I was tired yet for a fleeting second I had that thought about our childhood escapades but shrugged it off that nothing’s gonna happen now that she has grown up. Boy! Was I wrong!! Net day she took round the small town and showed me all the new things that has happened and also introduced me to her friends. Finally we came back around lunch time showered and had lunch.

After that her mom went off to sleep and she said come let’s sit in your room and chat. We both sat on the bed with our backs cushioned with pillows on the headboard. We had a lot of catching up to do including our current boyfriends; girlfriends. And but naturally the topic turned to sex and the first thing that cropped up was blue movies. She ruefully mentioned that till date she has not been able to see a single one. When I told her that I had seen many, she was very excited ;Tell me about one of them!! PlsPls!!; I was a reluctant at first, a little shy maybe.

Then I started telling her about the recent one I had seen in my hostel. The scene opens with a girl sitting in a cane chair, beside a swimming pool reading a book. She was completely naked but nothing could be seen as the camera was focusing on the back of the chair. Only through the gaps in the chair one could make out that she was naked. Ishtu was listening with rapt attention and I could feel her breath speeding up. Then the girl kept the book on the side table and picked up a glass of juice from the side table. When she bent there was a quick glimpse of the side profile of her boobs. They were not too big but nicely shaped with pointed nipples.

Then Ishtu said something that blew my fuses; Was her boobs like mine; she said it with so much innocence that it was infinitely horny. I took a quick glimpse at her boobs and noticed for the first time that her boobs were quite big and looked to be jutting out of her chest. But I immediately turned the other way, a little embarrassed. She insisted;Tell me na! Was her boobs like mine? “How can I say!! It is inside your top”. “Ok, you can at least touch them and then tell me”. Now my breath was stuck in my throat. My lips went dry and I was still afraid to make the move. But Ishtu was Ishtu, she casually picked up my hand and placed them on her boobs; Now can you tell, Ok now carry on with the story”.

With my hands on her boobs I continued. Blood had drained from my hands and my palms had started to sweat; “Then the girl got up from the chair and we could see her complete backside”. “Did she have a shapely pair of buns?”; quipped Ishtu. I knew what was coming;”Yeah, nice n round”!!; I gave my honest opinion. Ishtu immediately flipped on her stomach; “How are my buns compared to that girl?” She was wearing a long skirt, floral pattern on white background. But her buns jutted up in an infinitely inviting manner. “Come on, feel them and tell me!! This time I needed no additional motivation. I gingerly placed my palms on her buns and felt them on top of her skirt. What, I missed while touching her boobs, I made up by really feeling her buns. Mmmmm..they are awesome!! Neither too hard nor too soft just the right type which you feel like fondling the whole day.

I desperately wanted to lift her skirt and feel them but resisted the temptation. Knowing her, if I cross the boundaries without her consent, then I lose the entire meal for the sake of starters. “I must say you do have a nice pair of buns, which one can fondle all day long”; was my sincere judgment. Ok go on; Egged Ishtu. By now she was gripping my thigh tantalizingly close to my crotch. A few more inches and she would have touched my decently hardened cock. The girl then dived into the swimming pool. She swam from one end of the pool to the other. For the first few laps she was doing freestyle, so we saw only her shapely back. But on the fourth lap she flipped over and started doing back strokes. “Oh WOW!! That means you saw her pussy!!”Ishtu almost screamed with excitement.

Hearing the word pussy from her lips turned my ears beet red but she was nonchalant as if she was discussing weather. Yes!was all I could say. It came out almost like a squeak. Was she shaved or hairy? It took some time for the question to sink in; “She was shaved except for a small tuft at the top”; I enlightened her Must be looking very sexy; Ishtu’s eyes were glittering with awe. Yes, but her body was under water so nothing was very clearly visible; Great!! Now go on; Well, she came out of the pool and started drying her hair with a towel. Though, the camera was facing her, yet the towel was not making her completely visible to us.

Soon a guy came out of the house. He was wearing a shorts which he dropped as soon as he saw her. Really!! You saw his cock?; Yes; Was it hard?;Yes, it was; “Like yours?; saying this she grabbed my dick. God!! I was dying for her to touch my dick and a groan escaped my lips. She went on stroking my cock, ;Go on now, don’t stop;. ;They started kissing; ;Was it a French kiss?; it was now my turn to be dumb. ;What’s a French kiss?; ;Come I’ll show you; saying this she came on top of me and kissed me hard on my lips and before I could recover my breath, her tongue was snaking through my teeth and soon flicked over my tongue. I lost all sense of time. Soon she rolled over and was lying on her back with a contended smile on her lips and I was gasping for breath. “Come on, dumbo, finish the story”; ;Then the girl kneeled in front of the guy and started to kiss his cock; I croaked. I thought Ishtu will do the same.

Fortunately she only grabbed my rock hard dick once again and went on stroking it. ;Then the girl took the head of the cock in her mouth and started to suck; I could feel Ishtu’s breath becoming faster and faster and the gleam in her eyes was like burning fire. ;Then the guy picked up the girl and took her to a deck-chair (the ones you find by the side of a swimming pool). Then he lay on the deck-chair on his back and the girl sat on his chest with her thighs on either side of his face and her pussy right in front of his lips;. Hearing this Ishtu ran out of the room and I was left wondering what happened. She was back in a jiffy and before I could understand she was sitting on my chest as I had just now described. I now understood, she had gone to check whether her mother was still asleep or not.

Well, the next thing that she did was to lift the hem of her skirt and brought her panty covered pussy right in front of my lips. This is where I lost control. I immediately grabbed her buns and mashed my face on her pussy. She grabbed my hair with both hands and rubbed her pussy on my lips. I didn’t have any idea about eating pussy. So all I could do was to nibble her soppy wet panties. I guess I was getting a good share of pussy lips also in my bites as Ishtu’s actions became more and more wild. Soon, she let out a soft moan and rolled off my chest. My lips were covered with her salty-tangy juices. And then I realized my cock was so hard that it had started to ache.

I took her hand and placed it on my cock. While stroking it she said, Not now, Mom will wake up. Wait till the night. And don’t you dare go off to sleep.; I was like in a dream. This was the first time I came this close to a girl. So you can imagine that this experience was enough to blow out my senses. Now that she had promised something for the night, I could hardly breathe. I spent the evening in a daze. Aunty would’ve noticed my strange behaviour, Are you feeling ok?she asked. All I could do was to nod my head. I was afraid even to look at Ishtu in her eyes, but she was nonchalant. She went on chitchatting as if nothing has happened.

After dinner she suggested that we all go out for a walk. I was like amazed at her brazenness. Aunty declined saying she was tired but uncle was game. Three of us left the house. Soon uncle met his friend on the street and started talking to him we both went ahead. In no time,Ishtu was holding my hand and the memories of childhood swam in front my eyes. Then she left my hand and started her palm in front of my shorts. No words were spoken, I guess none were required. As if by their own power, my right hand went to her waist and I drew her close. She suddenly stopped looked back to check her dad and then in the middle of the street she kissed me full on the lips. I’ll never forget that kiss. Since that day walking alone on a moonlit night in an empty street makes me nostalgic.

I was holding from her waist and then started to run my hands on her back. Somehow I got the courage to take my hands inside her top and was zapped to find that she was not wearing a bra. I wanted to bring my hands to the front to fondle her boobs but she was holding me so tight that despite my best efforts I could not. Even feeling her bare back was erotic enough. I took my hands down to her bums and had this nagging suspicion that she was not wearing panty either but did not have the courage to lift the hem of her skirt to check it out.

After all we were in the middle of the street. Suddenly we heard the bell of a cycle; we came apart with a jerk and started walking as if nothing has happened. I was walking in a daze with her taste over my lips and the feeling of her tongue swirling around my tongue. I don’t how we reached back and went to our respective rooms. Ishtu stretched her arms and said; God!!! I am so tired; I’ll crash out right away;. I could see her taught nipples stretching against her top and with that vision swimming in front of my eyes, I went to my room.

I only pulled the curtains but did not close the door. Slowly the entire house became dark as the lights were switched off one by one and I was counting seconds. I don’t know when I had dozed off, when I suddenly left someone nudging me; instinct told me it was Ishtu. She was lying beside me and pushing me to the centre of the bed. Before I could realize what was happening my t-shirt & shorts were gone and I was left with only my jocks. It was summer so it actually felt nice to have the cool breeze on my naked torso.

Taking cue from her I started to tug her top which she removed without uttering a single word. Now I had her glorious boobs right in front of me, only I wish I could see them properly. I could only make out the contour in the moonlight which was streaming through the window. I rolled on top of her and started to fondle her boobs. They were big, I had no idea of sizes then, and were taut, not at all saggy types. Best part was her nipples, very prominent and hard. She grabbed my head and guided my lips to her right nipple.

I was so overwhelmed that after a few sucks I started to nibble them. Ishtu let out a soft moan. I was past caring whether her parents can hear us. She shifted my head to the other nipple and whispered ;Harder!!; I felt good that I was doing something which was making her feel good, yet I did not want to hurt her, so I increased my tempo of sucking and nibbling but resisted from chewing them. I didn’t know when she had removed her skirt while she was still under me. When, my right hand went down her side I was shocked to find her skirt missing and my palm was roaming over her naked thighs and when my fingers touched her pubic hair I realized that when had gone for the night walk, she was not wearing panty since then.

Slowly she shifted up and rode my face with her pussy grinding my lips. I was more than glad to lick the delicious dish that was offered to me. The room was filled with the aroma of the raw sex that was oozing out of every pore of our body. I couldn’t take it anymore; I threw her back on the bed and rode her thighs. She understood my novice attempts and deftly guided me into her welcoming depths of heat and passion. It was only a matter of seconds that I came in torrents deep inside her. I don’t know whether she came or not but she mashed my lips with hers when I was cumming.

When, the moment was over I was panting like a marathon runner but with the smile of victory on my face. I was in no shape to move a single muscle of my body but Ishtu had other plans. She rolled on top of me and went on snuggling which was so tender and loving that I felt myself going hard again. Soon we had another round of lazy love making which was even more beautiful than the first. I don’t remember how long we were in each other’s arms, when I opened my eyes in the morning, I was alone I the bed and Ishtu was gone. All that was left was the memory of the night I became a man. I hope you enjoyed as as I enjoyed reliving the moments. I would really appreciate your comments at my email: [email protected].

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