3 Virgin Sisters Enjoyed By 2 Cousins – Big Dick Introduction


My name is nisha, and my elder sisters name is isha, eldest sisters name is trisha.

We are quite a rich family, mom willed her property in our names before going away, step dad also left us after sometime ., leaving us in care of our cousins prashanth and nithin who are also very rich,have rented several homes, and live with that, only they two stay in india, their parents are settled abroad permanently.

This started 2 years ago trisha was 18

Trisha had just finished her 12th and we had finished our exams, we were so innocent that we dint even know anything about sex, trisha became big when she was in 10th just 2 years back, but we had no one for guidance, I just became big a year back, just a few days after step dad left, we were worried as he had not told us anything, my cousins told us today we will all have dinner and wine together, we have something important to discuss with you girls,

At dinner, we ordered biryani from a restaurant, some wine,

Trisha asked what was that you wanted to discuss, prashanth told that, your stepdad left you girls because your mom dint give him any property as he was irresponsible and abused your mom always . So he signed a deal with us and left .Isha asked what deal ?

Nithin answered, we paid your dad 25 lakh and he will never come to bother you girls,

I said “ he is such a asshole” but thanks you guys are taking so much care about us,

We had completed dinner, prashanth asked us to drink wine heavily, he and nithin was eating his favourite drumstick, I asked him why he loves drumstick so much, I can see you eating drumstick atleast 2 times, he said, to keep myself fit and energetic, nithin giggled you girls will know the importance of drumstick, that’s why we have won somany sports events, we have super energy . It was 20:45

Prashanth said,

Lets watch tv for sometime then sleep, trisha said she is sad and wants to sleep, isha and me went to watch movie we have a big home theatre system and 120 inch led, it was a hindi movie, prashanth came and sat beside me, he asked me do you love me nisha, I said more than my mom and dad.

He said okay, he had placed his hands on my back, in few mins his hands was on my skirt, and he gave me a kiss, I just smiled back at him, he was massaging on my skirt, slowly he lifted my skirts and placed his hand on my thigh, he asked me if I felt bad, I was feeling nice, I replied no its fine, this gave him guts to proceed further, he finger was right next to my panties, he was slowly rubbing me, I was feeling sooo good, right then isha said she was feeling sleepy and left.,

Now there was no one in the room, I wanted to piss, I told prashanth I want to piss, he said go and come soon dear, I went in the restroom, and when I came back my panty was missing, he shouted how much longer should I wait dear come soon, I dint wear panty and sat beside him he started rubbing again, slowly he touched my pussy, I was in heaven, hot, he asked me if any guys had touched me like this, I replied no, then he changed the dvd, it was a adult movie, he was explaining everything, the boys dick, girls holes, sperm drinking,urine smelling, licking all, he asked me to remove my dress, I was shy, so he slowly removed my skirt, and my tshirt, I was naked in front of him., he said oh wow !! You are awesome..

And slowly started licking my pussy … this went on for half an hour … I was on fire. But he was not naked yet, he blind folded my eyes and removed his dress, he started kissing my lips after exploring my mouth, he put his dick in my pussy, it was a big one, my pussy was small, so it dint go soon, he started pushing his dick slowly and fast for some time, pushing it in then giving a fast stroke, several times, I told him its paining, he didn’t reply, he just kept pushing, after an hour I felt hot liquid release coming out of my pussy, he said he had released it like in the movie,

Now his dick became normal, he took it out and placed it on my lips, and released some liquid on my face, after some minutes he once again placed his normal dick inside since his dick had become normal it entered my hole almost, I was moaning ..Aaaah ummm aaah aah he kept pushing slowly, giving slow strokes, in few mins he was deep inside me, he opened my blindfold, I could see the happiness on his face, his dick grew back, and he started giving strokes again faster,

I told him, to keep doing faster, after about 15 minutes he released his sperms deep inside me . Now again he blindfolded me and wore his dress, I said I wanted to touch his thing, he said he will allow me to feel it in sometime as I have some work, I said trisha and isha right,

It was about 22:30 he went to trisha room, I saw nithin was naked pushing his dick in ishas shithole, she was also blindfolded. Prashanth called trisha wake up, trisha said she was not sleeping she was just thinking of old things when mom was around.

Prashanth hugged her and said you need a teddy bear now, so ill be with you,hug me,

I was just observing him, he winked at me, I slept on the same bed, I slept for about 30 mins, and woke up when nithin and isha came and started giggling, seeing prashanth and trisha sleeping like baby, he also joined them, now trisha was in center of prashanth and nithin, I was beside nithin, and isha was beside prashanth, I saw nithin placing his hands near trishas back thighs, and prashanth kissed her, trisha said oh wow, prashanth started massaging near her pussy, nithin started licking her neck, pressing her boobs, she was wearing a tshirt and skirt, nithin took a scissor and cut the tshirt,prashanth pulled her skirt down, nithin cut the panty, and threw it at me, it was smelling of piss., prashanth licked her pussy, she was moaning and out of control, pressing prashanths head,again they blindfolded us sisters, nithin said he wanted the pussy, prashanth said go ahead, ill take ishas pussy

Nithin asked what about nisha, prashanth,

Prashanth replied, after showing our big dick we will fuck her shithole and soft mouth.

Trisha was shouting its paining, please stop, isha was also shouting on top of her voice aaah its paining, its paining, she was crying like hell, after sometime she was moaning oh wow .. Fast fast please fast… trisha was also moaning oh aah ooh tear it … nithin said take it trisha all my love is inside your hole.. Prashanth was still stroking isha ..After few mins isha shouted oh shit its hot.. Prashanth said I am releasing my love …

Now they said oh wow girls we love you.. We also replied we love you guys too..Prashanths dick hd become small, so he took my hands and asked me to hold it, it was soft wet but the size of a big robusta banana about 7inches, nitin also took my hands and made me feel his dick it was also soft moist and about 6 inches, it was about 12 o clock now,the boys removed our blindfold, we slept for sometime, and I woke up at about 2 am to drink water.. I went to the table drank water and returned, I saw the actual dicks it was approx. 12 inches and nithins 10.5 inch, everybody woke up because I switched on lights

Nithin pulled me to bed and turned me around, put some liquid near my shithole, tried penentrating it, he pushed very hard, it dint go, but it was paining, I cried please don’t do that, he took his dick out and put both his thumb fingers inside and pulled it to expand I let out a huge fart, after pulling he told isha to guide his hard dick inside the hole, isha did as he told her now it went in a littlel deeper, he pushed and stroked faster, it was deep inside, my shithole was torn, he released hot fluids deep inside my shit hole, and stayed there, in some time I was sleeping,but I woke up in few mins when he started pushing and stroking his dick, it felt nice, he took quite some time to ejaculate his sperms.

I saw prashanth was fucking trishas shithole while pressing her boobs very hard she was screaming..

It was almost 330 am now, everyone was tired and sleeping, when I woke up it was 7:30, everyone was lying in bed naked, prashanth and nithin woke up and told us not to wear anything, when no one’s around we will enjoy .. Now it’s time for morning session, saying that prashanth pushed me down near his dick, and sat on my small boobs, opened my mouth and put his dick in my mouth, and started stroking he asked me to keep licking .It tasted salty and was a lil smelly I liked the smell. About 30 minutes later he released his sperms in my mouth .

He told me to continue licking,it was hard again,nithin was mouth fucking isha after he released he asked her to lick it clean, till his dick became hard again now they exchanged nithin put his dick in my mouth and asked me to remain still, prashanth dick was in ishas mouth, as they were about to release, they asked trisha to open her mouth, they took it out of our mouth and released it in her mouth and face. After release they asked trisha to lick both dicks clean… after this they asked us to lay down in the jaccuzzi and open mouth, when we did that they said drink and tell us if you liked our liquid and pissed, we liked it ..

We have sex almost every day… after this … I hope you guys liked the story. Next upcoming story isha becomes a big girl…

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