A boy girl thing .

Hi all this is long story please have patience but good. Hope this incident reminds your olden days .Let me introduce myself. I am now 25 ,simple guy with athelete body as i used to be very active in sports.I am a bit reserved before society . This incident happend when i was studying . My home town is 40 hrs train journery from my college. I used to travel 2 nights and one day in train if i want to go to home . when i was in first year i used to visit my home place a lot almost every 2 months . In the mean while i met a girl from my home town she also often travels in that train . she studies from some reputed college . In the starting i used to stare at her . I never know that she is from my place .

I always used to stand at door in journery most of the time .so whenever she uses washroom i used to hav complete look at her . In the course of journery she got down to get some juice in station suddenly train started she is still there in the station standing such that she is facing direction opposite to train view with ear phones on . So she couldnt sense that train started. i tried waving at her signalling… no response .. then i got down (since just started it didnt pick much speed) and shook her and showed her moving train . she got tensed and was in hurry to get into train (since train just started pacing ) .she coudnt get into running train . then i got into train and then pull her into train holding her hand and waist (no bad intension)for support . She was panting bcoz of incident and i gave her water . After some time she got normal and thanked me . I jus smiled . later we exchanged smiles and started chatting got to know that both belong to same town . started talking about subject and blablabla…. she gave her contact number then said we will be in touch and then we bid good bye .

In the mean while we started chating , used to share all college stories .. then we decided to travel to home togethr . She booked my ticket both side-lower and side-upper . we got into train exchanged plesentries then chatted for some time till dinner. Now every one started to sleep we sat facing each-other . Since it was winter season there is lot of cold in north india so even after closing windows(in sleeper) ther is still small air blowing from outside . Since i didnt got blanket she offered her blanket and we shared . Her leg touched mine . i felt her leg cold compared to mine . She said ur leg is hot with some lilltle different xpression . i said then feel the warmth and gave a small rub to her leg. (first time felt tingling feeling in spine ) . Then slowly conversation picked the pace. I asked her about her college love stories . She said their college girls are all opened minded most of them hav bf. Some people have relations with juniors and some with teachers. Then i asked her about her love story . she said she didnt had any. I prompted her for crush she said nthn special but likes some hero . She asked me for my love story i said its not worth mentioning . then she insisted me to tell .

I told that

“when I was in school my biology teacher used to pamper me a lot (in 10 class) . She used to pinch my cheeks and gave hug like a kid. but since she started sensing my loin she stoped hugging . once she was in class teaching (she must hav had age of 26 at that time with god blessed aswm assests ) she came in tight outfit where her things pop-out that gave me hard on. And i started writing my vulgar peotry “are those hanging boos are globes , be it a boos or globes then when the hell they taste like mangos .blablablah ” while i was indulged in writing she noticed that i was writting something she enquired for same then i crushed paper and said nthn teacher nthn . she asked me to show the paper after a lot of conversation i gave her paper she read that paper and acted normal and asked me to come to staff room after school.

With the tension my heart dropped down to my balls and my brain dropped into my ass . with knife cutting shivering i went to staff-room after school . she scolded me for which started tears then she came to me and said that” it is common to have such desire but you should not disclose by writing it on paper” .

I said “Mam i like you thats why i felt like writing on paper you are the beautiful lady in the world , i didnt have feelings on any other girl in the world I am very sorry Mam for that incident i will never do it again please dont inform to any one “.

She got convinced by my words and said” its , ok your a cute chubby boy , thats why i pinch and hug you (previously) but that doesnt mean you can think of me that way. I am elder to you . If you were of my age then i would defenitely like to have your company and marry but we cant marry bcoz of age gap .”

Then i said but i like you very much and hugged her with tears then she gave pat on my back convincing . In the mean time my sword started getting hard . she felt my sword and said you naughty and yanked me away from her . Then i said “mam seriously i dont know why this hard-on happens to me when i touch you or think of you ” . She replied “this is comon for boys as this indicates their machoism and said this will be used for reproduction ” . I said how . she replied if your sword is rubbed several times it will produce a liquid . this liquid is put in female loin then baby formation starts. Then i asked “but i am attracted to your boos and not cunnt ” . She got angry and said now stop and go home or else i will inform your parents about paper . i got scared and left for the day.

Next day i met her in staff room and asked her to wear red saree she refused and scared me about letter . after that day to my suprise she wore red saree . After class i said thanks to her for saree . she smiled and gave pinch on my cheeck(as usually and a hug ) . With that touch got hard on. Now after school i started going to staff room after all staff dismissed . she used to do corrections . I went inside and asked her “mam i want to see you in bikini ” she acted angry and said u fool get out . I said sorry and said “it is because i love you mam ,you are my crush” . she blushed and said so sweet but dont think that way, its not good. As usually gave pinch and hug this time i hugged her tightly and my sword raised to peak touching her loin . she pushed me and said “naughty you grew up so fast and hit my raised sword like a striker in carom-board ” when she is about to leave room i huggged her tightly from behind , for the first time i feeling of heaven by touching her asss with my sword . She too got excited and pushed her asss against my sword .Now i started press her melons from behind with my hands and kissing her earlobe wildly and rubbing her right leg with my right leg . She started mourning and said you are killing me . please leave and turned towards me to push me away but tis time kissed her lip-2-lip and licking her tong she finally stoped and said it is not possible to have sex here so come to my home as i stay alone .

Then she took me to her home in her scooty without being noticed by anyone then i momvement we entered inside she undressed me wildly breaking my buttons and removed my pant. I was in underwear she started kissing me simultaneously rubbed by bottom . As it was for the first time i leaked in a minute .After that i too got wild and started pressing her boos like a mad person she was screeming i removed her red pallu and saw worlds most exiting aswm melon covered with red color braw (designers) i went mad and took them into my mouth for some time (actually log time chewing ,kissing bitting ) she is just enjoying by screaming and rubbing her thigh with mine and my sword in her hand later i removed her saree in hurry .Now i want to remove her braw but because of anxiently and hurry and lack experiance i cant remove it with one hand as my other hand was feeling her bouncy jiggling asss .After a lot of effort and with her support i removed it .Now the god’s gifted worderfull nature is right infornt of me to enjoy .I slowly moved on to her and very slowly licked her npple and pressed her right boo with right hand and made circles over her belly with left hand . I swear she went mad bitting her lips . Yanked my hair in plessure. Digg her nails in my back . with my one leg im rubbing her tigh and sometimes i rubbed my leg thumb finger on her cunn ” saying this i stopped telling my love story to that girl . She got excited and asked me to continue ,i said i will continue later and asked her, what do she feel about my love story . she said “you crossed morals by loving elder women but you loved her so no problem .and then all of a sudden ,she said” how dare you to tell vulgar story to me “in an bold tone .” . I got scared ( bcoz i thought she is enjoying story ) and said very sorry … then she stared laughing and said that she was kidding . Between those laughs she pinched my cheeks (just like my teacher ) and gave partial hug . Then the animal in me started roaring i gave her a goose with my leg finger on her upper thigh . she stooped me and asked me to tell the furthur stroy .

Friends story is already too long . If you like the story and interested to know what happened with me and my teacher and also how chemistry started between me and that girl , then write your comments to my email [email protected]. Interested girls can contact me satisfaction delivered 100%

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