A Real Friend Indeed Or An Enemy

Swati Luthra, a graceful woman in her early 40s.

Height 5 feet 6 inches dusky complexion, oval face. She was slightly overweight with little extra pads of fat on the sides of her waist, arms and thighs. In other words she had a luscious body and whenever she walked the sway of her ass and her extra padded waist and the view of her jugging 40D breasts tempted men to waste at least one load of their sperm imagining the treasures hidden under her clothes.

But in a tragedy, Swati lost her husband six months ago. She was left all alone. Days used to pass somehow but nights became terrible. Often she used to remove her night gown and squeeze her heavy melons, play with her soft brown clitoris and curse her luck for not having any partner on the bed. Her fingers and even the sex toy she already had could not provide the satisfaction of a REAL COCK…So in one word, Swati Luthra was DEPRIVED.

Namita, her dearest friend always felt pity on her and always tried to keep Swati cheerful, but could not help in giving her the real happiness. Namita was even of the view that Swati must go for relationship with some man for time being satisfaction, but Swati always rejected the proposal out rightly.

One day Namita invited Swati for an evening party with her friends which they used to do every month in some Club or Hotel. Swati initially refused but on repeated request from Namita she agreed. Namita was very happy as she always wanted to see Swati regaining from the tragedy she had suffered and she said to Swati cheerfully,“ Now listen to me Swati. I am just out of my mind seeing you in these gloomy dresses since last few months. I am bringing the right kind of dress for you in the evening.” Saying this Namita left.

Swati took a shower and was waiting for Namita in her Bermudas and tee shirt. Namita arrived exactly at 7. She wore a tight myroon jeans with a small baby pink coloured sleeveless top which was barely covering her 38 sized breasts. It had only two straps at the back, so not only her back but the sides of her fleshy melons were exposed. Swati could not even see any panty lining inside her jeans, which was a bit of surprise for her. She had done the makeup of a Barbie Doll with a ponytail and was looking extremely slutty in the dress. She handed over the packet of dress to Swati and said,” C’Mon Darling, wear this fast.”

Swati took off her clothes and wore what Namita had brought. It was a Chocolate brown Tight leggings style jeans with a yellow backless top which ended just above her belly button exposing her deep almond shaped belly button. There was even a small ring to be hanged on her belly button which was giving her a bit whorish look, but Swati wore it also. The top had only two straps tightened on the neck and there was no room for any brassiere inside. Swati let her hairs open and she wore a dark brown coloured lipstick with matching nail paint and big round ear-rings. She examined herself in the mirror and She could see the redness emerging over her cheeks. Namita just made a Vowww face looking at her and Swati said immediately,”Namita, You promise that there would be only women in the party.” Namita agreed.

The party was in the basement of Babylon Club. It was a close hall with loud music and arrangements of all kinds of drink. Mostly there were women but there were a few men also sitting with them. Swati looked at Namita with annoyance but Namita said,”Darling these men are their husbands.” Swati didn’t say anything. The waiter offered them drinks and Namita took two shots of Teqila. Swati tried to refuse but Namita forcefully gave to her and said,”Comme on Swati, aaj to le lo yaar.” Swati was habitual of drinking since long so she gulped 4 shots of Tequila at once.

The lights were put to dim and all the women who were with men started dancing with them and the others started dancing with each other. The female DJ was wearing just a small hot pants and a sports bra and was getting louder gradually. Swati head started spinning and she sat on the couch but just then Namita came and offered her two more shots as she herself was taking. Swati also gulped as she was deprived of them since long. But her head was spinning fast and she was losing control.

Namita held her arm and took her to the stage. They both started dancing with each other. The female DJ was now loud enough and the lights were extremely dim now. As Swati danced with Namita suddenly she felt a hand brushing on her naked waist. She immediately turned but saw a man dancing with his wife. So she turned and started dancing again.

After some time, the DJ started putting off the lights for a few seconds during the dance. The dance proceeded and as the lights went off, Swati felt two hands moving on both sides of her naked waist. She jerked them. She could make out that they were Masculine hands. But she didn’t make any complaint. Next time when the lights went off again those hands held her on her waist. Swati tried to jerk them but this time they held her waist tight and now they were moving circular on her waist. A shiver went through her spine. She cupped those hands with hers, trying to remove them but this time the resistance was less. She was deprived of the male touch since so many days. She wanted to make complaint but something inside her resisted and suggested her to watch for one more time.

Next time as the lights went off, Swati was anticipating those hands on her waist but instead those hands grabbed her from back and planted a few kisses on her naked back. Not only this while going back they rubbed hard on her stomach inserting a finger softly inside her navel. Swati started breathing hard. She was sweating, her hands trembling. The male touch and those kisses on her naked back were making her mad. It was bad but words of complaint were not coming out of her throat. INFACT…….SHE STARTED WAITING FOR NEXT LIGHT-OFF. She even didnt look back to find who he is. The thrill of something comming as a surprise was there and Swati, some where from inside wanted it now.

After some time the lights again went off and Swati had closed her eyes waiting for something. Again two masculine hands grabbed her from her waist and this time those male lips started kissing all over her neck, collar bone and shoulders, planting soft but long kisses, and with every kiss his tongue slowly licked her. Suddenly the male hands were gone and the lights were on and what she saw was more than enough to arouse her. Namita and a stranger were busy in lip to lip kiss.

Namita was kissing her back with the same passion and he, while kissing Namita was squeazing her breasts as he had lifted her top up to her neck. Namita’s boobs were in his captivity and he was kneading them with his palms, occasionally pulling her nipples and turning them like a radio button. Namita’s one hand was Milking his cock over heis jeans as if she wanted the tool desperately. One other woman was resting her back on the wall and a man sitting on her knees was sucking her belly button hard. She was moaning.

It was too much. Swati had already started getting wet inside. She could feel the heat inside her. The party was turning into an orgy. As a graceful woman, she wanted to get out of this but 6 shots of Teqila and what has happened during the lights off had waken up the Slut inside her and SHE HAD TO LISTEN TO HER.

She turned once again and saw that by this time the stranger had pushed Namita against the wall and pulling her jeans down he had burried his face between her thighs.namita was pulling his hairs madly and was pressing his head deeper. Even in the loud music one could hear loud moans of Namita, OHHHH YESSSS BABYY, ITS GOOD, AAHH IT FEELLSSS SOO GOOD, CHOOSO, KHHAAA JAAAO IS CHOOOT KO.

By this time again the lights were gone. A sensation of fear as well as arousal emerged in her mind as she was anticipating something as she felt two strong male hands lifting her from her waist up. They turned her to her back and before she could respond, a pair of lips got fixed on hers’. She clenched her fists and hit his chest with them but they were just a meak resistance.

Swati tried to scream. UMMMM …was all that came out from her throat but those male lips did not leave her. They had captured her upper lip and were sucking it hard. The pressure of those male lips had forced her mouth to open and the male had pushed his tongue inside her mouth. He was using his lips teeh and tongue masterfully to chew her lips and explore inside her mouth. Swati, already with 6 shots of Tequila down, was losing control over her body.

Slowly her efforts of screaming started turning into soft moans. UMMM, UMMM MMM and she had left her body lose. Her fists were now open and she was caressing that hairy chest with her soft hands, curling the hairs with her fingers. She was responding to his kiss, offering her tongue to him as if she wanted him to do that. He took his mouth away and slowly whispered, “Give me your spit baby”, and she collected a lot of it on her tongue and rolled it into his mouth. He grabbed it with his tongue and asked for more and she kept on obliging him as she was owned by him.

Entire area around their lips was wet with the sloppy kisses they were doing. The lights were off once again and the stranger lifted Swati in his arms and took her to the couch in the corner. He threw her on the couch and came over her. Still kissing and licking all over her face. Suddenly Swati felt another pair of lips kissing on her belly button. She couldnt understand what was happening, but whatever it was, she was feeling in heaven now. The other pair of lips till then has pushed his tongue deep inside her navel and was fucking her deep almond shaped navel as if it was her cunt. Swati’s arousal was making her wild and she also pushed her tongue inside the mouth of the first stranger as if she wanted to give herself to him.

The first stranger took away his mouth and with a jerk he lifted her top up and buried his face in her breasts. Kissing those 40D saggy boobs all over, moving his lips near the aerola, brushing his thick moustaches on her soft pinkish brown aerola and biting all over those white loafs. Swati was now moaning hard. AHHHH, YESSSS, UFFFF MY GOSHHH, UMMMM. Banging her hands on the couch.

Suddenly she felt some movement around her waist. OH MY GOD!!! The other male had slided down her jeans and was now kissing all over her bushes like a wild dog. She lifted her hand to stop him but it rested on the back of his head and he, taking it as a positive indication, started kissing all over her naked inner thighs. Every kiss was aggravating fire inside her and having lost control over her she spread her legs gently. The stranger, finding it enough had buried his face between her legs. She could feel his kisses on her wet pussy over the cloth of her panties. He was licking her nectar with the net of her panties using his tongue and lips.

Swati:: a helpless bird or a willing Slut. She herself didn’t know what she should call herself as she felt the first stranger opening his mouth and gulping her puffy long nipple inside it. OOOOH, UGGGHHH, MMMM, YESSS BABYY, was all that she was able to speak as she felt him sucking her nipple like a baby. He rolled his tongue skillfully all over her aerola and then pushed her nipple to right and left with it and then pulled it taking it between his tongue and teeth. Swati took a long sigh as he pulled her nipple with his teeth. UHHH UHHH UHHHH…..MAR GAYEEEE, UHHHH, CHOOSO AAAAH CHOOSO, KAAT LO UMM PIYO INKO, UFFFF KITNE DIN SE TARAS RAHI HOOON, LAAAL KAR DO CHOOS CHOOS KAR PLEASE, KAATO INKO LAAAL KAR DO PLEASEE AAAAHH. He had pulled her nipple up and was holding it there and sucking just the stud of her nipple with his tongue and lips as if a hungry child wanting milk was sucking it.

Swati was in heaven. Whatever was happening, was it a blessing or a curse, but she never wanted it to end.

The second stranger had moved her panties aside and had fixed his lips over her cunt lips. He planted a hard kiss on them and Swati felt tremors inside her womb.

AHHHH, YEAAAHHH, CHOOOSSS LO MERI CHOOOOOT, UMMM GEEELI HO GAYEEE AAAAH. she spread her legs wide apart and he pressed his lips more and the craving cunt gave way to his tongue which slurped inside . The inner walls were wet and his tongue was touching all inside her cunt, trying to lick each and every drop of that sacred nectar from inside. In between he also lifted his face to take her clitoris between his lips sucking it like a soft toy. Swati was totally out of control now. She was screaming like a whore. AHHHH, YESSSSS, CHOOOSO MERI CHOOT, PEEE LO MERA DOODH, KITNE DIN SE TADAP AHHHH AAAAHH,

The stranger had left her which Swati didn’t want but the very next moment she could sense the familiar touch on her cunt lips. It was of the head of a male cock. Swati shivered in anticipation but it was enough time. She felt a hard cork sized object tearing apart her cunt lips and going inside her cunt.

She bit her lower lip between her teeth as the tool was thick enough but the manhood didn’t stop. It went on tearing her cunt lips till she felt the thighs of the stranger pressing against hers.

His cock was fully inside her. She opened her mouth wide but to her surprise she felt a familiar smell near her lips. The smell was of a male pre-cum for which she was dying since so many days. The cock head of the other stranger was pressing against her lips. She opened her mouth and gulped the cock head inside, licking the salty pre-cum which she loves and started moving her tongue all around the head as if it was a candy and she a child who loved sucking it. The fat cockhead was fixed between her lips and her tongue was rolling all around over it, licking it and sucking it.

Occasionally she moved the tip of her tongue on the slid of the head collecting the pre-cum drops coming out. Swati was loving it as only wild moans came out of her throat . MMMM, AGGHHH, UMMM, UMM UMM UMMM UMMMM. She moved her head to and fro taking half of the length inside and then just the head, sucking and licking it like a hungry child.

Meanwhile the other stranger had wrapped her legs around his waist and bending down he was pumping inside her wet cunt like a Piston. His shining fat cock was sliding inside her cunt and wrapping her juices with it was sliding out. He was wild now. His speed had increased and his heavy masculine thighs were thumping against her soft fleshy feminish hips. THUGG THUG THUPPP THUPPPP sounds emerged every time when he pushed his manhood inside her pussy and every shot made Swati ‘s body move a bit backward. Suddenly he held her boobs hard with his hands and Swati also screamed loud, UFFFFFF MAIN JHARRR JHAAARR AAAHH NIKAL UFFF EEEE NIKAL RAHA HAI and she started sucking the cock wildly moving her head all over the shaft up and down.

Both the strangers also raised their head in pleasure and the first one pushed his cock deep inside her mouth and screamed OHHH GODDD LE SAALI AAAHHH CHOOOOOOS and released his thick white cum deep inside her throat while the other stranger took out his cock and squeazing it between her breasts started fucking her breasts and within moments shot his cum all over her chin and neck.

Swati did not let even a single drop of the precious cum get out of her mouth and drank all of it. After all she was so deprived.

She opened her eyes and saw Namita standing besides her, smiling at her. Swati didn’t say anything. She just got up and took her clothes and went to the washroom.

When she returned, Namita took her hand raised it and shouted loud, “So today we have another member in our Group, Ms. Swati Luthra.” Everyone clapped and waived hands towards Swati.

Namita dropped Swati at her house. Swati didn’t say anything. She just got down and went inside, not knowing whether to Curse namita or thank her. She was her Best Friend or Enemy, Swati was in not able to decide.

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