Adi’s Tuition Teacher – Part I

This is a series of stories about a guy called Adi and his hot tuition teacher Priti Ma’am. I was crying, my head down, eyes red and fixed on the floor, scared of the disgrace that was about to follow and afraid of what my tuition teacher would do. Would she call the police? Say I had tried to molest her? Call my parents? Definitely. How the fuck did I get into this situation. I had just tried to kiss my tuition teacher and thought that she would go along with it. “Priti Ma’am, I am so sorry, please don’t tell me parents Ma’am’.”Shut up Adi.

How dare you behave like that with me? Do you want another tight slap? I am so angry I don’t know what to do right now”. My face was still stinging with her earlier slap. “No please Ma’am, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to…please don’t tell anyone.please my life will be over” ” I don’t get it, you were such a sweet boy at 14, polite and well mannered,decent and now look how these last 4 years have changed you.” “Ma’am please don’t tell my parents Ma’am, they will throw me out, this is all my fault please…. Please give me a chance to explain.please” “Please leave Adi and don’t come back here again”

I slowly collected my books and walked out of Priti Ma’ams flat. It was nearly 4:30 PM and my mother wasn’t expecting me home till 6. I decided to go back home anyways as it Ma’ams flat was a two minute walk away and there was no way I could kill 1.5 hours alone. It would be better to stay at home and try and pick up the phone if Priti Ma’am called my house on the landline. “What happened beta? Tuition khatam itni jaldi? “My mom asked as I walked in earlier than expected. “Kuch Nahi maa, Ma’am wasn’t feeling well so she sent me home.”

I took the cordless phone and went to my room just in case she called, I also found my mother’s mobile on the dining table and put it on silent. I closed my room door and lay down on my bed, switched on my computer and thought “gaand lag gayi, aur padh sex stories yehi hone wala hai, future ki to maa chud gayii” I had let my lust for my tuition teacher and surfing so much of porn get the better of me. At 19 I was the only virgin in my group of friends and wanted to lose my virginity soon. I used to masturbate daily, upto 4 times a day in front of my computer.

There was so much of free porn on to read and watch that I was addicted sometimes spending 4-5 hours at night. It was my fault for listening to Nirav, my friend from the colony and Priti Ma’ams former student. ” I’ve fucked her yaar pukka bol rahah hoon, she has a mole on her right butt cheek, she’s very horny yaar If I didn’t have a girlfriend I would be fucking her right now” It was true at 26 Priti Ma’am had no problem in the looks department. She was tall about 5″5, had a beautiful slightly round face, a very pretty smile.

Her body was always dressed in tight fitting salwar kameezes she had 36 C boobs ( I would later find out) and a sexy ass that was round, firm would move slightly from side to side when she walked in the colony with her friends. This wasn’t my first time Priti Ma’am had tutored me. I had taken tuitions from her when I was 14 for my class 10 exams and got a decent score. So when I entered University and had hindi as a secondary subject my mother asked Priti Ma’am if she could take me on as a a student again which she agreed to. Priti Ma’am was now a teacher in our school.

Like most teachers she would give tuitions in the afternoon for extra money. She was in no hurry to get married, she told my mother, and because her parents worked late it was easy for her to give tuitions from 3 to 7 every evening. It had been two weeks since I started my tuitions with Priti Ma’am. I would get back from college at 2 PM, eat lunch relax and then go for tuitions on weekdays from 4 to 6. She was playful at times but at other times was serious. This afternoon as I was sitting at her dining table and complaining that hindi was too hard, she said that ” sometimes the harder options in life are better than the softer options don’t you agree Adi?” giving me a sexy smile.

My dick was already semi hard as I hadn’t masturbated last night. On hearing her comment I thought she was talking about sex and I should take a chance and give her a kiss. I boldly stood up my almost hard dick brushing her shoulder as I did so and bent down to smooch her. She pushed me away and gave me a tight slap that my cheek started burning. This incident was playing on my mind all afternoon. My father came back from work at around 7. We ate dinner and I made some excuse about studying in my room. At 11:30 I received an SMS on my phone, the name Priti Ma’am flashed on the screen. “Please meet me tomorrow at 4 PM don’t’ bring your books.

I need to talk to you.” My heart skipped a beat. I wondered what was going to happen. I didn’t have the courage to look at her and talk. I was a bit relieved that she hadn’t called my house and complained to my parents. I tried to go to sleep but couldn’t till 2 am because of the nervousness. The next day came, it was almost 4 PM and I was extremely nervous. I told my mother that Priti Ma’am still wasn’t feeling well and I was going to pick up some notes from her and didn’t know when I’d be back. I walked up to her second floor apartment and rang the door bell. She answered the door a few seconds looking angrier then I’ve ever seen her before. “Come in Adi, let’s have a seat in the drawing room”.

I followed her to the drawing room trying not to stare at her sexy ass. She sat down opposite me, crossing her legs, her kameez rose up and I could see the shape of her legs in the tight churidaar.”What you did yesterday was wrong. I never expected it from you. I understand that you are growing up and very curious about sex but your behaviour is unacceptable.” I looked at her and said “please forgive me, you have been very good to me Ma’am I can only tell you the whole story so you understand why I did so. I know I am wrong”.

I then started telling her that I was attracted to her when I was 14 and taking tuitions from her in school. I then told her about my friends and that I was the only virgin in my group and how others used to tease me. I also told her about the porn I used to watch on the Internet every night without going into too much of detail. Priti Ma’am looked at me and said ” Adi look what you did was wrong but from what you are telling me you sound sorry and are just curious about sex. It is understandable at your age. And please don’t be such a foolish boy by believing whatever your friends say. I am pretty sure they are as inexperienced as you.

If you can promise me that this incident won’t be repeated then I will continue with your classes”. I readily agreed and felt relieved that this whole incident was being resolved. “You are a good looking, well spoken boy, I’m sure the right girl will come into your life soon. Now today’s Thursday let’s take a break tomorrow and start fresh from Monday.” Monday came and tuition classes started as normal. I would still masturbate thinking about Priti Ma’am and her sexy body. In my dreams she would be in charge of our sex sessions and I would be following her directions. My recent and most favourite fantasy was we were both sitting at the dining table, she was seated to my right, my tuition books were on the table she had unzipped my pants with her hand and taken out my dick.

She was wearing sexy red lipstick and she put her lips next to my ears and whispered ” I am going to take you over the edge today Adi. I don’t want you to say a word just nod if you understand. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Start by putting both your hands on the table and don’t move them till I tell you to” I followed her orders and placed my hands as directed. Her right hand was on the table and her left hand she pushed my jeans and underwear down so my naked ass was sitting on her chair. She slowly started rubbing my thighs, avoiding my dick. I was looking at her but she looked completely normal like she was concentrating on reading the text book. “You like that?” I nodded. “Her hands started climbing up my inner thigh towards my balls.

She touched my balls with her fingernail. It was long and had red nail polish matching her lipstick. She put her lips almost onto my ear before whispering “Adi kya tumhara Lund khada hai?” I nodded slowly. She gripped my penis and slowly pulled back the skin. Priti Ma’am then used her finger to touch the head of my penis which was wet with pre cum. She then brought up her finger to her nose and smelt it sniffing loudly. “itna sexy smell hai”. She locked her eyes with her light brown eyes and slowly sucked her finger with my precum”. She continued fucking her mouth with her finger and pretended that it was a penis. She licked her finger from the side, sucked it slowly and made sexy noises while doing so. ” kya taste hai Adi, I’m going to enjoy sucking your dick.I’m going to give you pleasure and pain”

She was squirming in her chair while she put on this show for me. I knew she was wet. Next she did something that shocked me. She put her long wet middle finger below my balls towards my asshole and started rubbing the outside. I was shocked; my innocent looking Priti Ma’am was really forward when she was horny. She rubbed the outside of my asshole and said “khade ho jayo, mein tumhe special blowjob dungi”. I stood up my legs shakinging with nervousness. Priti Ma’am pushed my chair out of the way and asked me to bend my knees and push my ass out and keep my hands on the table. I couldn’t see her, as I was facing away from her but I could hear everything. “Adi, turn to the right and see the reflection in the cabinet door.”

There was a showcase to the right and I could see Priti Ma’am put her right hand between my legs and grip my virgin cock. Her left hand cupped and stroked my balls. I could feel her hot breath on my balls and around my ass. She was now kneeling on the ground behind me, her hand pulled my hard dick between my legs so that it was pointing at her face. It was aching and felt fantastic at the same time. In the reflection, I saw her her lips moving towards my dick. She sucked me slowly pushing my skin back with her lips. The head of my dick was still wet and I could feel her smooching the head. She moved her tongue all around the head of my cock, from one side to another.

My legs started to tremble as she did this. “Adi agar mein tujhe option doon to tu apna lund kidhar dalega? Mere moon mein? Meri chut ya meri gaand mein.” My dick jerked in her mouth even harder while she said this. I always wanted to fuck her perfect ass. She was in complete control and she knew it. The woman was testing me to see if I would answer. “You know my pussy is so tight that I can only put one finger in it. Would you like to lick my tight cunt Adi ?” I nodded in agreement, remembering her instructions.”Not today. You are my slave and only if you behave will I let you get so far”.

Priti Ma’am went back to smooching my cock. She rubbed my thighs with her left hand. After a few minutes, she her tongue up to my balls. She took one testicle and then both in her mouth and gently ran her tongue over them from side to side. While she was doing this with her mouth, she jerked my dick up and down very very slowly. Each stroke was 5 seconds long. “It gets better now” she said. “Nothing could get better than this” I thought. “Do you know what a rim job is?” I hadn’t and nodded in disagreement. “It’s when someone licks or sucks on your asshole”. I nearly ejaculated when Priti Ma’am said the word ‘suck’, she said it so sexily. This session was getting better and better.

I had never visualised a reverse blowjob and then to have my ass licked. It was going to be a memorable day. “Did you wash today?” before I could nod yes she said “doesn’t matter I don’t mind it dirty” The next feeling was just out of this world. She spread my legs further and asked me to lean forward on the table. Her right hand was on my dick which had become slightly soft. Her left hand went slowly spread my ass cheek and I felt her tongue slowly running up my crack. She stopped her tongue right on my asshole, put her lips around it and gave it a tight loud smooch. It felt so dirty and so good at the same time. I could feel Priti Ma’am’s breathing becoming heavier,

Like she was inhaling my smell but I didn’t give it any further thought. “Oh fuck that tastes hot” she said as she removed her face from my ass. Now my dick was throbbing like a motorcycle. I knew I couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed me by my dick and said “follow me”. We entered the bathroom and she let go of my dick. She took off her clothes slowly till she was naked. Her body was outstanding 36-25-38, shaven pussy, perky full round boobs and her ass was to die for ” You know the thing you’ll never find on the Internet, is how a woman in heat smells” said Priti Ma’am. With that she took her panty and placed it on my nose.

It was damp. “Close your eyes and concentrate on how I smell while I give you a hand job. She started jerking me off faster. “Smell my dirty panty. Smell how wet you’ve made me.” The smell was unique and it made me even more excited. I put out my tongue and started licking her panty. “Good boy, you aren’t shy to experiment”. She was going faster and faster I knew I couldn’t last for another 30 seconds. “I’m about to cum” I said. “Cum hard Adi, I want to see every drop” with a loud noise my body jerked and my cum sprayed all over the tiles.

Priti slowed down jerking my dick after she was sure that every drop had come out. “Mazaa aaya?” she asked. “Ma’am that was the best experience in my life” “that was just the preview Adi, we can do a lot of sexy things together. I could be your Hindi and sex tutor but…” she trailed off “but what Ma’am?” “You have to keep this our secret. If anyone gets to know then I will make life very difficult for you” “Ma’am all I want to do is learn to be a good fuck. I want to be so good that I can make any woman cum” “Sorry Adi I have to pee”

She sat down on the toilet and I could hear the sound of her pissing. She noticed me staring at her pissing. “Mr. oversexed still want more?” I shrugged my shoulders as if to say “I don’t know”. She thought for a second and then stopped pissing. She walked over to the shower area where I had ejaculated on the tiles and said “Come here”. I joined her. “Give me your hand”. She took my hand and put it under her pussy. Priti Ma’am then took her other hand and spread her pussy lips. She looked at me and said “next lesson ka preview”. With that I felt her warm piss on my hand. It was hot yellow and smelt strong. While she was pissing,

She then turned to one of the tiles where my semen was and licked a couple of drops off the wall and gave me a smile. “You taste great. Next time source se try karna padega”. My started growing again but Priti Ma’am said “As much as I hate wasting a good erection, aaj ke liye itna kaafi hai. I have to get some house work done. I want to spend some time for the next lesson with you” I took a quick wash. Thanked Priti Ma’am and headed home as I couldn’t believe what had just happened. To be continued. If you enjoyed the story please email me your feedback on [email protected]

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