Ageless Sex – Part 1

Pramila was born in a remote village not having even road and electricity. But at age of 4 she came with mother and other co brothers & sisters to an Industrial town. Though father was very handsome, mother was also voluptuous but Pramila was not worth looking 2nd time. She grew, passed through convent school and graduated from women’s college. She was fortunate, immediately after graduation she got married to a handsome man, Vinod . He was engineering graduate and very lively. He was so handsome that Pramila’s younger virgin sister opened herself fully for jijaji and during first stay at sasural Vinod had her saali at least 15 times. Saali was more gorgeous and attractive than elder sister .

Somehow mother of Pramila came to know that damad Vinod has plucked virginity of both sister and fucking both regularly. She felt bad that younger daughter lost virginity much before marriage. She wanted to advise damad to stop spoiling saali any more. She waited for opportunity . On 13th day of marriage, she saw Vinod going out alone after dinner. She casually went out and saw him going to terrace for a after dinner smoke.

After about 5-6 minutes, she also went to terrace and saw him smoking in a corner .There were two other couples at other corners . There was no moon in sky and neither there was much of street light.

” beta , jo ho gaya so ho gaya ” Vinod turned head and saw saas standing very close to him and telling him something .Saas said that now she will not scold either damad or daughter for illicit affair .

“Lekin beta, ab Shashi (saali) ko mut chodo.. ” she continued ,“Pata nahi tumne kya jaadu kiya kee wo tumhaare liye paagal hai… ” she requested again“Beta , tumne uss ladki kaa pura maza le liya hai.. please ab usey mut chodo, Shashi ko bhee samjha do..”“Theek hai maaji, buss ek baar aur jam kar chodunga Shashi ko, phir usey bhee samjha dunga ki apni choot aur jawani sambhal kar rakhkhe husband ke liye. ”

Vinod assured saas that he will not fuck saali from tomorrow.

“Beta kya kar rahe ho?” Saas whispered and found her hand holding tight throbbing lund of damaad.“Nahi beta, ye theek nahi, mujhe jaane do…” saas tried to release lund but damad kept her hand pressed ,”beta, mujhe chhodo, Shashi/saali ko jitna chodna chodna hai chodo.”

Saas looked around but she felt relieved that she is not seen by other couples . She could not resist when damad turned her around, pushed her back down and she had to take support of parapet wall. Within 2-3 minutes long throbbing lund has penetrated saas and she could not do except enjoying tight ,hard push of lund of daughter’s husband.

“Maaji, Pramila aur Shashi se jyada mai aapko chodna chahta thaa ..aur sach aapki iss mast rasili garam bur bahut maza de rahi hai..”

Damad fucked saas and ejaculated inside bur of saas,

“Shashi ko bhee nahi chodunga naa Pramila ko, lekin agle char din roj mujhe aapka ye mast bur chaahiye.. ”

She turned around, arranged her dress and said “teri maa ek number kee randi hogi jisne eise harami bête ko janam diya.. ” She squeezed lund and said “dono pilli (daughters) ko chod kar yanhi aana, dekhungi lawda mey kitna dum hai.. ” she advised SIL to come down after some time..

But that night daamad did not fuck wife or saali and after they slept he came to terrace . Saas was waiting nude and both enjoyed chudai till 5 in morning. It was not only straight missionary chudai but included every thing . Lund chusne se lekar chuchi se pure body ki malish , bur chatna, gaand chatna , anguli karna aura agey -peechhe dono se chudai aur saas apne daamad se khush ho gaee.” beta , ab samjhi , shashi kyo chudwati hai tumse , usse bhee chodte raho aur mujhe bhee..” Saas said lekin apni gharwaali ko khub khush rakhkho , usse raat din chodo.. ” saas advised damad ,

And during his stay in sasural for another four days, damaad enjoyed with both daughters and mother .Saali was so happy with chudai by jijaji that she pressurized parents and in 6 months she also got married . On marriage- eve night also Jijaji had fucked saali but that was there last chudai. She got a very loving husband and did not get fucked by any one else after marriage.

On the other side , Vinod continued to fuck mother-in -law for another 27 yrs till she begged son -in law not to fuck old lady any more .Vinod enjoyed with saas till her 63 years of age.

Time passed, Vinod permitted Pramila to do B.Ed & M.A but from institutes at sasural so that he can get opportunity to visit and fuck saas to satisfaction of both. Pramila gave birth of two sons, one after one & half year of marriage and other at a gap of another 4 yrs. Pramila was not worth second look more so in her regular Saari. After M.A she took up a job of teacher in a girl school and both husband & wife had very nice time for next 30 years of marriage. She has doubt that husband is very found of females and some time she doubted that husband is having illicit relation with her mother but she was not certain.

Many time she had seen Vinod hugging & kissing his own mother and one day she charged her saas that she is fucking son. But saas assured that though she gives some liberty to son, she never had been nude in front of son nor she had touched lund of Pramila’s husband.”beti, naa to tere gharwaale ne meri, apni maa kaa bur dekha aur chhua hai aur naa hi maine Vinod ke jawan lund ko dekha ya touch kiya hai..” she continued ,”lekin bachpan se hee wo bahut rangin hai aur ussey aurat bahut pasand hai , iss liye usee chumne -chaatne deti hun aur jab jidd karta hai to dudh pila deti hun….lekin humne chudai kabhee nahi ki..”

She patted daughter in law and said that Vinod very much likes taste of Pramila’s choot . Wo kahta hai kee Pramila kaa choot aur jaangh sabse pyaara aur mast hai…”

“Maaji , apka beta kutta hai..jub dekho choot chatna chahta hai ..lekin mujhe wo bilkul nahi pasand hai, muje buss jum kar lambi chudai chaahiye. ” pramila told and threatened MIL ,”lekin maaji , yaad rakhiye agar kabhi mai maa -bête ko ek dusre kaa lund aur bur touch karte dekha to ghar ke sab logo ke saamne aapko kutte se chudwaaungee ..”

“Bahu , uske liye mai aaj bhee taiyaar hun…” MIL took hand of bahu & said , “suna hai koi bhee mard Kutta ke jaisa aurat ko khush nahi kar sakta hai..”

Bahu smiled and pushed MIL away , beta kutta hai aur maa asal kutia. ”

This talk has happened when they were married for only 4-5 years . After that Vinod changed job and shifted to Ahmadabad . Pramila also got a teacher’s job immediately . Best part was that her both sons’s got admission in same school.

Wife had doubt that husband fucking mother & saas . But she did not bother that she is hiring good looking voluptuous maids for whom Vinod has natural liking.

Six month after shifting to Ahmedabad , Vinod’s mother visited them with younger son. And this time Vinod convinced mother . While enjoying with maid, Vinod fucked mother regularly for about next 17 years. When they fucked first son was of 29 yrs of age & mother was of 45-46 years . Pramila never raised any doubt.

By the time Vinod had first heart attack at age of 51, after 27 years of marriage, he had been fucking saas for 27 years who was then 63-64 years of age like his mother whom he started fucking late but fucked for 17 yrs. Beside, these two ladies Vinod fucked all ten maids whom his wife had hired.

Wife took good care of husband and after about 6 months of drought Vinod again resumed sex with wife and 11th maid but both mother & saas refused to resume sex with a heart patient.

“Beta, hum nahi chaahte hai kee hum kutia ko chodte-chodte tum mar jaao.” They suggested him to stop fucking wife and maid also. But for another five years Vinod continued sex and Pramila had three more maids. These maids were mostly of same family and joining work with Pramila after earlier one stops work mostly for family reason. All three enjoyed chudai by Vinod with full knowledge of each other.

Immediately after finishing chudai of a virgin maid , Vinod had another heart attack. Her pleasure turned into panic but her presence of mind worked . She called ‘108’ service and did what they advised . She gave a call to Pramila and both 108 & Pramila arrived within 15 minutes . By that time girl has arranged her & Vinod’s dress, bed and no one could doubt that Vinod and maid had sex for about two hours in morning time between 10-12. Seeing husband’s condition, Pramila did not question that why husband did not go office today.

He was taken to hospital and doctors advised for immediate ‘open heart surgery’ . Angiography had indicated over 90 % blockage in two main arteries and 70 % avove in three others. By evening Shashi, Vinod’s saali came with husband & in night few more relatives including in-laws of Pramila’s elder son also came.

Vinod was operated next day . It was successful. His parents and co-brothers also came. Leaving parents behind others left. His sons and daughter in law also came to see father. He stayed in hospital for 12 days . That maid remained most of the time in hospital but in night, only Pramila was staying with him. His Physiotherapy treatment started on 7th day & on 9th day he was made to walk along corridor. On 11th day , in afternoon only mother & maid was on his bed side . Vinod saw that mother is snoring , he called maid near and thanked her for timely action she took .

“Saab , sab mere karan huaa , aapko kitna mehnat hua meri kachchee choot phaarne mey,” she whispered, ” aur phir aapne mujhe khush karne ke liye dubara choda..”

“Rani, tumko maza aaya kee nahi wo tum jaano, ” Vinod hugged maid and said , “lekin jo mazaa teree choot aur tune diya , wo mazaa apni bibi aur saali ko pahli baar chodkar nahi aaya thaa.”

She kissed cheeks and blushed ,, “chhee saab ,kitni gandi baat kar rahe hai , maa sun legi ” and she looked at Vinod’s mother sleeping on attendant’s bed .

Immediately she put hand on Vinod’s eyes.

“Saab udhar mut dekho… chhee maaji kaise soee hai…’bur’ saaf saaf dihh raha hai..”

Vinod pushed maid’s hand away and looked towards mother . He saw mother’s bur where he has not penetrated lund for last 5 years .She was then in 69-70 yrs of age .

“Saab maa kaa bur mut dekho.. nahi dekhna chaahiye.” Maid kept looking at lady’s bur.

“Kuchh bhee kaho, iss umra mey bhee budhiya ki bur kitni tight deekh rahi hai.. kisee bhee mard ko isse chod kar mazaa aayegaa..”

“Chup kutia, ” Vinod pressed choot of maid over salwar and said ,

“Saali 70 saal kee budhiya kaa bur kya mazaa dega… kitna bhee kada lund hoga ,bur ko touch karte hee loose ho jaayegaa..”

“Saab aapko nahi maalum, aajkal ke laundo ko hamare jaisee maal se jyada maza apni maa ke umra kee aurat ko chodne mey aata hai.. ” maid opened her thighs fully and enjoyed Vinod’s palm. For first time in life Vinod heard that someone is mad to fuck his wife .

“Saab aap nahi manenge! Mera bhai Sumesh kab se mera khushamad kar raha hai kee mai maalkin ( Pramila ) ko uss se chudwa lu..” She said .

“Aur tumne kya bola ..?” Vinod asked .

“Maine bola ki jaise maalik hum sabko patakar chodte hai , tu bhee maalkin ko pata aur chod.” She hurriedly added ,

“Maine uss se kaha hai kee pyaar se pata kar chode, kabhee jabardsti naa kare.”

“Lekin saab , maalkin ko chhodo..wo aapke siba kisi se nahi chudegi..” maid said . Vinod knew this and he got surprised when maid said,

“Aap ko biswaas nahi hota hai naa kee iss budhiya ko kaun chodega, ” maid proposed to get Vinod’s mother fucked in hospital itself..

“Saab kam se kam ek chudai kaa 1000/- dilwa dungi…” she looked at sleeping lady and added ,

“Dekhiye kaisa maal-puye jaisa phula huaa bur hai aur haathi ke paao jaisa kase kuye jaangh hai..”

“Tu paagal hai….” Vinod said.

“Nahi saab, mujhe daantna mut..” maid requested , “koi jabardasti nahi hogi , aap bhee dekhna randi kaise apnee bur jawan laundo ko lutati hai..”

And that time lady opened eyes, arranged saari and came to son. Maid told mother of Vinod that Pramila is staying at Hospital continuously for 9 nights and she must be very tired. She suggested that from tonight maalkin should stay back at home in night and she (maid) & maji would stay here. Pramila did not agree for it initially but after lot of persuasion by all she agreed. She said that Head Master of School has requested her to come to school tomorrow for some urgent work . As tomorrow would be Saturday , she has to reach school early morning. Pramila advised maid to take due care of saab & mother -in law.

By 9.15 in night again Vinod was with maid & mother. When mother went to toilet maid said,”saab aaj raat apni randi maa ke chudai kaa nazara dekhna. ”

“Saali ,tune kisi se maa ko chodne kee baat kar lee hai kya..?” Vinod asked,

“Nahi saab , apni kasam maine kisise kuchh nahi kaha hai… buss dekho maalkin kee maalpuye jaisee mast bur kaise lund ko apne andar leti hai ” She added , “raat baaley ward boy ko bolungi maaji kaa dhyan rakhne.”.

Vinod did not believe that it would happen .

“Arrey wo bilkul nangee bhee soyegi to bhee koi kutta nahi chodega .. tu aadmi kee baat karti hai…”

“Buss saab aap buss chup-chaap dekhna .” Maid told Vinod confidently,

“Agar aaj raat aapki maa ko kisi ne nahi choda to aap jub boliyega mai kutte se pelwaaungee. ”

Mother came out of toilet and maid went to toilet. When maid came out , she was in changed dress .Instead of salwar and kurta she wore only a frock..

“Uma, eisa hee pahan kar soyegi ?” mother asked, “haa aunty, halka kapde mey achchhee nind aati hai, ” maid suggested , “aap bhee sari aur bra nikaal dijiye , achchha lagega..”

“Beta, bra to ab mai pahan-ti nahi” she asked son whether she should remove sari.“Maa, mere saamne nangi bhee rahogi to kya fark parta hai.. ” Vinod said.“Maaji , lagta hai doctor ne aapke bête ke dil se pura kachra bahar nahi nikala ..” Uma looked at Vinod and scolded ,“Maa se koi eisee gandi baat karta hai…!”“Jaane do beti , waise bhee mere jaisee budhdhee aurat nangi bhee rahegi to kisi mard ko koi asar nahi hone wala hai..”

Mother caressed cheeks of maid ,”Lekin tu eise bhee rahegi to Vinod jaisa bimar bhee haath maarega tere upar. ”

Mother said , she unwrapped sari ,folded it nicely and kept in cupboard. She turned back towards son , untied knot of petticoat and both maid & son saw that lady tied petticoat at least 2 inch below than it was earlier. She turned around and they saw petticoat top at least 5 inch below naval point. Mother’s belly was not flat neither very fleshy. Flesh on belly and sides were seductive .

It was 10 of night and both nurse of previous shift and nurse for night entered room. While nurses were talking, a ward boy entered with fresh water jug. He looked at all & talked with nurses. Nurse gave medicine to Vinod and expressed satisfaction over progress . she said that now no more medicine or injection is required to be given in night. They told maid & mother that in case of need they should call her immediately. Nurses advised ward boy to visit room & ensure that we don’t have any problem.

Both nurses left but ward boy remained . Ward -boy talked with mother for about 10-12 minutes and went out telling us not to lock room from inside. Maid also went out and returned only after 4-5 minutes. She lay-on sofa , pulled sheet over her and closed eyes. Mom pushed door shut, switched off main light and dim lights were kept on. Mom also lay-on bed and she closed eyes. She was not at all for sex , in fact after son has stopped fucking her some 5-6 years ago, she was fucked only twice by labourer who worked at her house for cleaning but that was also 5 years ago. Her bur has not been penetrated by lund since then. She was in no need of sex neither she felt any heat since that last chudai.

About half an hour passed . Both female slept but not Vinod. He was recalling the masti he had with mother till 5 years back and this girl just 11 days ago. He did not feel like disturbing maid, who was with him since attack. Vinod was really thankful for girl for her devotion& love. He got up and walked slowly to mother’s bed. He had seen mother’s bur after a long gap and he felt having a feel of it. Vinod knew very well that”ab wo maa kya ,kisi aur ko bhee chodne laayak nahi hai..”Both females were really tired and both were in sound sleep. Vinod could see clearly heaving of breast of mother.

Vinod ne darte-darte maa ke chuchi par haath rakhkha aur dhire dhire sahlaane laga. Kuchh der mansal chuchi kaa maza lene ke baad bête ne maa ke blouse ke uper ke charo button khol diye . Vinod ne bachpan se hee inn chuchio ko khub masla aur chusa thaa aur baad mey kareeb 20 saal tak chuchi ke beech lund daba kar maza liya thaa .

“Ohh aaj bhee ye maansal chuchi pahle jais hee maza degi.”

Nipples aur chuchi kaa maansal bhari golai saaf deekh rahi thee . Vinod ne dheere dheere haath niche badhaya aur petticoat ke nada ko khol kar kapde ko phaila diya . Vinod ab aaram se maa ke bur ko sahla raha thaa aur kuch der ke baad Vinod ko bur kaa geela-pan mahsoos hone laga. Vinod ne bur ke phaank mey finger ko dubaaya aur bur k e ras kaa anand liya..“beta , Uma dekhegi. ” mother has opened eyes.

Maa 5-6 saaal ho gaye , mujhe bur dekhne do…” Vinod requested and pushed finger inside.

“Ohh maa abhee bhee pahle jaisa mast hai.. ” Vinod ne petticoat ko pura bahar nikal diya thaa aur maa ab nangi thee. Maa mana karti rahi lekin Vinod ne anguli se maa ko chod-chod kar garam kar diya…

“Ab jyada garam mut kar .. nahi to bahar jaa kar jo milega use se chudwa lungi. She pushed son away and promised that on going back to home she will remain nude for son whenever Pramila is away.

“Maa , bur kholkar rakhkho.. jab aank kholu , mujhe bur deekhna chaahiye…”

“Theek hai , ab so jaa…” mother again put on petticoat , tied it tightly but pulled cloth up above on mid thighs and raised one knee in such a way that Vinod could see swollen bur of mom.

“Buss maa, eise hee raho, teri bur aaj bhee mardo ko paagal kar degi..”

“Saala jub se tumne maa ko chodna chhoda , buss 2 lund ne bur ko darshan diya wo bhee 5 sal pahle .” she complained .“mai to tumhe aur apni saas ko chodne ko taiyaar thaa lekin tum logo ne hee mana kar diya, ” Vinod caressed lund over pajama and said, ” mere lund ko kam se kam 5 saal tak aur tum dono kee rasili bur kaa maza milta ..”

‘Haa beta galti ho gaee..tere saath chudai mey mazaa bhee bahut thaa ” she advised son to sleep.

She closed her eyes .Vinod kept looking at nipples , flesh of chuchi and swollen bur and he did not know when he slept but his sleep broke with mother’s whisper which was clearly audible in night.

“Ohh mana kar rahi hun… mut karo..ab jaao ..bur bhee daba liya aur chuchi bhee ..lawda phan-phana raha hai to uss jawan ladki ko patakar chodo, mai kuch nahi bolungi…bahut maza degi…”

Vinod saw clearly, that same ward boy was fondling mother’s jawani and Vinod saw that there is no clothes either on boy or mother. “Maji ..eisee jawan ladki ko har 2-3 din par chodta hun…lekin aapke jaisee mast maal nahi milti…”

Ward boy continued fondling and Vinod saw mother holding tight lund. Boy said that all these nurses and lady doctors who take night duty gets fucked by ward boy like them, doctors and attendant of patients.. “maaji jis kisi bhee nurse yaa doctarni ko extra paisa chaahiye wo raat kaa duty leti hai aur chudai ke saath rupya bhee kamati hai..

He informed that rates of both nurse & doctors varies from 500/- to even 10000/- . Elderly lady doctors and nurse demands more . “maaji , kal main ek lady doctor ko taiyaar kiya thaa aaj 2000/- mey chodne ke liye, 40-45 saal ki hai , 2 bachche kee maa hai lekin aapko dekhkar aaj maine usse ek dusre wardboy ke pass bhej diyaa aur mai aapke pass.“tu paagal hai ,” mother said “ek jawan aurat ko chhodkar budhiya ke pass aaya hai..”she twisted lund and said “eise mast lawde ko budhiya ke bur mey koi mazaa nahi aaya thaa..”

But ward boy has liked lady when he had seen her few days back but did not get any opportunity to talk with her but tonight when maid told him to take care of lady in night he decided to fuck her.

Maid had warned him that if he will even try to touch he will complain to police. “lekin maaji kaa dhyan rakhna .unkahaath pao daba dena…”

Vinod saw that boy had already pushed money may be 2000/- in mother’s hand and poked lund in bur. Then he began pumping.. “maaji , bahut tight bur hai..”

“Ab pel diya hai to jumkar chodo..baat mar karo…. ”

Mother hugged that boy may be 22-23 yrs old and both fucked. I looked at other bed. Maid was also watching live chudai. Chudai continued for about 25-30 minutes and boy filled bur. Both moaned remained hugged and after another 5-6 minutes boy got up from body of mother.

“Maaji , sach bolta hun .. bahut maza diya aapki bur ne.” he planted kiss on bur and requesting mother that she should remain like this , dressed and went out.

“Ohhh..5 saal ke baad .. chudai mey bahut mazaa aaya… ” mother whispered ‘iska matlab kee mai abhee bhee jawan hun.. ‘

After about 2 hours again Vinod & maid’s sleep broke with clear screaming of mother. They saw that boy is again fucking old lady and this time both were making louder sound .

‘Teri doctarni mili kee nahi…” mother jerked hip and asked .

“Maaji , uss randi ko aaj nahi kal chod hee lunga… ek saal bhee nahi huaa hai.. 7 doctarni aur 22-23 nurse aur ward lady ko chod liya hai… ” boy pumped harder and said ,

‘Aap to kab milengi maalum nahi .. aapki bahu ko kai baar ishara kiya lekin bahut kadak hai. Smile bhee nahi karti hai.. choot kya degi… ”

He banged harder and boy informed that at least two doctors pleaded with nurses to pursued your bahu for chudai but no nurse dared to talk with Pramilaji..

“Wo doctor Pramilaji ko ek raat kee chudai ka 10000/- dene ko taiyar hai.. doctors bolte hai kee saali dekhne mey sundar nahi hai lekin unke jaisee mast jaanghe aur chuttar bahut kam aurato kee hoti hai.. ”

“Beta , un sabko ko bol do kee meri bahu randi nahi hai… 50-51 saal kee hai aur ab tak mere bête ke alawa kisi ne uski bur nahi dekhi hai…usse bhul jaa aur unn doctors ko bol kee mujhe chode, mai 10 nahi 2 hazaar mey hee chudwa lungi… ”Lekin uske baad boy ne bina baat kiye Vinod kee maa ko jam kar choda, dono chodte-chodte haafne lage aur ward boy ko bolna para..

“Maaji aapki bur bahut garamm aur rasili hee nahi issme bahut dum hai … baap re mai thak gaya aur ladke ne dubara bur ko ras se bhar diyaa..

Thodi der ke baad , Vinod kee maa ne lawda ko chusa , chuma aur wo khush hokar bahar chala gaya. Maa nangi hee rahi aur jab raat baali nurse subah-subah Vinod ko medicine dene aaee to ussne maa ko uthaya aur,

“Ohh maaji .. bahut pyara bur aur chuchi hai.. aur thighs to bahut hee mast hai.. ” Nurse caressed bur and chuchi.. and mother asked ,

‘Raat ko kitna lawda khaee ..?”

“Buss 2, dono ne 1-1 hazaar to diya lekin kuchh maza nahi aaya ..” she squeezed bur and told mother to dress up now and suggested her to stay again in night ..

“Aaj raat humdono ek saath maza lenge .. ek wardboy hai bahut mast chudai karta hai..” she kept holding bur and asked mother’s rate.. “lekin wo jyada paise nahi dega..”

“Tu jitna bhee dilwaa de .. waise 2000/- leti hu… ” mother fixed rate .

“Eisee mast maalpuye jaisee rasili bur ke liye 2000/- bhee kam hai wo bhee aap ki umra kee aurato ke liye.. ” She dipped finger deeper ,

“Babu.. aaya thaa kya…?” Nurse asked .“kaun babu…?” mother asked“wohi ward boy ” nurse replied .“aaya hoga , mujhe nahi maalum..” mom did not disclose that she was fucked by babu.” koi aa raha hai..” nurse pulled finger out. Mom took her clothes and went inside bathroom.Ward boy Babu came in and looked around .“doctarni ne kal bhee diya kee nahi…?” Nurse asked .

“Saali taiyaar thee lekin Ramesh bhee use chodna chahta thaa to maine use Ramesh ke saath bhej diyaa.. ..” babu continued “phir tumko dhundha to tum 2-2 ke sath maza le rahi thee.., . He looked around and said ,“phir yanha aaya to khula bur dekhkar saab kee maa ko jum kar 2 baar choda, saali 70 saal kee hai lekin rani maza aa gaya chodne mey..”“baap re , tu bahut bada harami hai…” nurse said “bête ke saamne maa ko randi bana diya… waise mujhe bhee bahut pasand aaya uska bur…”

” Rani Tuesday ko bhee (after 4 nights) night duty le le, khub chodunga ..”“pure raat kaa 3000/- lungi …” she said , gave injection to Vinod, advised mother who had come out and went out smiling at mother.” maaji , mai bhee jaa raha hun…” ward boy said“raat ko phir tum hee rahoge naa…?” mother enquired .But ward boy said that he will get night duty again on next Tuesday..“tu bahut pyara hai ” mother caressed his cheeks and boy went out. He did not turn up again during remaining stay of Vinod in hospital.

After son & DIL came at 8, both mother and maid left . Wife could come only at 1.00 noon and stayed alone till 8 in night and again after lot of persuasion Pramila again went home leaving Mother and maid back with husband.

To make long story short , as said in morning night nurse took mother with her and she returned only in early morning. Beside having two thick and long lunds of two very young doctors mother & nurse both were paid 5000/- each and both young man enjoyed lesbian of a 19 years unmarried girl with 69 yrs voluptuous lady. In morning both doctor concluded that old lady gave much pleasure than young nurse who was already fucked by not less than 100 lunds since she joined job two years back.

Next night nurse was booked by a rich patient’s attendant but she found that ward boy whom she desired first and like previous night Vinod and maid watched mother fucked by long and thick cock almost whole night.

Next morning nurse informed mother that tonight being her last duty in night and also Vinod’s stay ,so mother should remain prepared for an orgy..

“raat ko 7-8 mard rahenge aur hum dono.. bahut paisa bhee milega aur mazaa bhee aayega. ”

That last night Pramila insisted to stay and with her mother also stay. Maid had to go home. At around 10.30 night mother told Pramila that she is going to talk with nurse and as planned she returned only at 5.30 in morning after having fucked one after one by 8 males including doctors, wardboy and security guards. Leaving mother alone with those dogs, nurse went to someone else. She had 50000/- tied in sari. When nurse returned in morning for last run, mother gave 10000/- to nurse and thanked her. Pramila was still asleep as she slept quite late. was not fucked but got involved in with a new ward boy . After mother left Vinod was alone with wife .Both talked and chatted and wife did not stop husband unbuttoning kurta top, , pulling it off her body and even removing salwar. Pramila was now only in bra and panty . She remained that way and could not cover herself when ward-boy came un-announced with hot water . He enquired about things and said that if they require anything they can call him or nurse. Pramila did not show any embarrassment being only in bra & panty. Vinod & Pramila both observed that ward-boy just glanced at semi nude lady and went out.

Vinod’s mother had already gone out. Vinod also slept and Pramila sat on attendant’s bed and began noting in diary. She took out all money from purse and counted .

“Lagta hai, itne (money ) se kaam ho jaayega. ”

She said loudly and put back money safely .She switched off main light . She was near bed and heard soft knock. She opened door and it was same boy. He remained at door.

“Madam, aap se baat karne kaa mann kar raha hai…”

Boy asked Pramila that if she is not sleepy ,can he sit and talk with her. Pramila was still in panty & bra. She laughed within, looked towards husband & finding that he is in deep sleep she made room for boy. Pramila bolted door and sat on bed with back taking support of wall. She let her legs straight on bed and not only that she crossed legs.

Thy talked and Pramila liked the boy. Not because that he enjoying her semi nudity but because of his innocence and frankness. Boy has joined hospital just a month back after passing 12th . As Pramila had guessed, boy was not even 20 and when she asked , boy innocently said that his mother is working in this hospital since its inception and chief of this hospital likes his mother very much so he got the job. He said that he is still unmarried and will marry only after his two sister’s one elder and other two years younger are married.

Pramila smiled when boy said that nurss , wardboys and even doctors are afraid of Pramila and they have nick named her ‘junglee billi”. Boy also said that same persons have liked Vinod’s mother very much. Most of the talk was done by boy. He talked about hospital and he shyly informed Pramila that lady doctors, nurses and ward lady do sex regularly in hospital whenever in night duty. But Pramila countered him whether he had seen anyone doing sex. But boy shook head and Pramila advised him not to defame any lady unless he himself has seen them doing sex.

Pramila did not know that while talking she not only uncrossed legs but thighs are parted wide. One leg now was hanging down the bed and other leg she had pulled up. There was over 90 degree gap between two thighs.

Panty ke andar choot kee phank phail gaee thee, wo to boy ko nahi deekha lekin panty ke dono side mey choot kaa thoda hissa deekhne laga.. Halki halki jhaant to choot ke upar ugg aee thee wo bhee deekh raha thaa..

Suddenly boy got up and went out telling that he will come back after making round of some serious patients.

“Saala jitna sidha deekhta hai, behanchod utna hai nahi…” she pushed hand inside panty and found choot wet..

“Lagta hai, iss ‘junglee billi’ kee choot ko jabardast chudai kee jarurat hai. ” she let finger play with slit and clit and looked at husband . she pushed panty down and told to choot..

“Rani, abhee wait kar lawda kaa. Kam se kam 3 mahine ke baad hee tera pyara lund tujhe pyar karega…she pulled open choot and said ,

“Tab tak meri anguli se hee kaam chala.. ”

Then her thought shifted to boy and Pramila wondered that even after seeing a lady in so exposing dress that boy did not made any move . she thought that even if she remain nude no one will fuck her .She is really ugly.. And a dirty thought came to her mind ..

“Dekhun mujhe nanga dekh kar kya karta hai.! ” Pramila decided to undress if boy comes again.

She unhooked bra but did not pull it off .

Gadraaee chuchi kaa thoda aur maans deekhne laga .

She pulled panty up so that slit line got evident and she smiled to see wetness of cunt being visible .

“Vinod abhee ankh mut kholna ..dekhu teri wife kisiko pata sakti hai kee nahi..”

She closed eyes and after sometime she heard door opening sound and sound of boy..

“Madam ,aap soo gaee to mai jaata hun..”

She opened eyes and told boy to pull chair nearby .

They again begin talk and after about half hour of talk boy said that before seeing Pramila ,he has never looked at any girl and lady. But when he had seen Pramila first few days back he liked her at first instance . And only after when he told his mother about desire to stay near with Pramila at night , his mother managed his duty in this ward , other wise he being very new , gets duty only in general ward.

Pramila remained quite .She did not see that panty is getting prominently wet . Pramila waited and soon boy fell on her feet , held her both feet and pleaded.

He said that so far he has not seen any young female nude and he desires that Pramila be his first nude woman. He sobbed and requested Pramila that if he will not see Pramila nude tonight he will suicide tomorrow.

“Pramilaji , mujhe aapse pyaar ho gayaa hai.. mujhe aurat kee jawani deekha do..”

Pramila pulled him up and saw tears rolling out of eyes.

“Kya kar raha hai , dheere bol, saab uth jaayenge to phir kuchh bhee dekhna nahi milega..” she pushed him and parted legs as wide as possible.

“Saala, aurat ke liye rota hai..tu hee bola naa, raat duty kee sab nurse aur lady doctors dhandha karti hai..tu bhee unko paisa de aur pura masti le…” Pramila advised boy ,

“Tere jaise haseen aur strong ladke ke saamne to koi bhee nurse & lady doctor kapde utar degi..”

“Mujhe kisi randi ko nahi, aapko nanga dekhna hai.. ” he insisted and said that he is aware that in morning saab would be discharged.

Pramila liked very much when boy folded hand and prayed to God for early recovery of saab and said that bhagwaan naa kare kee kisee ko phir iss bed par aana pare..”

She felt nice that though boy wants her company , want to see her nude and certainly desire to fuck thereafter , he does not want her to come back to hospital .She felt for fulfilling her desire.

“Theek hai…mujhe badnaaam to nahi karega, kisiko bolega to nahi..” she asked and told him to sit back on chair. Boy touched and kissed her feet.

“Pramilaji, mera biswas kijiye, kabhee kisiko pata nahi chalega….agar aapki thodi bhee badnami hogi mai mar jaaunga..”And moment this sentence ended, Pramila had pulled bra off her body. Boy just looked. She pulled nipples and asked his name.

” Mukesh” boy replied .

“Mukesh, ab tu pura nanga ho jaa tab mai ye deekhaungi…” Pramila caressed chuchi by one hand & other hand she pushed inside panty and Mukesh could make out clearly that lady is palming cunt.

Mukesh did not waste a minute and Pramila gasped to see nice looking cock which was not yet fully tight.

“Apne bachcho kee kasam Mukesh, tu buss saab ke alawa dusra aadmi hai jo mujhe nanga dekhega…” and slowly slowly she pushed panty off her leg.. She raised both legs in air as much she can and began making distance between two legs.. Simultaneously, she pulled open cunt lips fully with two fingers and said,

“Yahi bur hai.. jisme ghusne ke liye tum saare mard paagal rahte ho… ” Pramila kept bur pulled open and said ,” dekhne mey ye chheda chhota dikhta hai.. issme tumhara ye mota aur lumba lund aaram se ghusega … aadmi kaa hee nahi, gadhe aur ghore kaa tumse bhee double mota aur lamba lawda ghush jaayegaa.. buss chodne waale mey dum hona chahiye. ”

Then for about another 10-12 minutes Pramila gave an exhibition of her nudity from all angles . she rolled over on belly, lifted hip and let Mukesh see her asshole and cunt from back side etc. Lund was throbbing now so was Pramila’s cunt fully wet .She was in need of chudai of this about 7 inch long and thick lund but she controlled. She waited for move from Mukesh but boy was mesmerized by nudity of a 51 yrs of lady . Pramila saw that all along these 20 minutes neither boy made any move to touch her nor he put hand on lund. She felt pity on boy.

She sat up, moved at the edge of bed , sat with legs parted wide apart . She asked boy to stand between her legs. He moved slowly and stood between legs of Pratima.

“Ab khush ho naa.. mazaa aaya…” she enquired .

And boy made an advance . He slowly began caressing of chuchi of lady elder than his mother. His mother was only of 37-38 years of age and she was kept of Chief Doctor of hospital.

“Haa aunty , ab mar bhee jaaun to koi afsos nahi hoga.. ” he squeezed chuchi with both hands .

“Saala mar phir ye mast lawda meri bur mey kaise ghusega..” Pramila held lund in both hand and said,“bahut pyara lund hai..kitna ko choda hai…” she tried to push skin up & down on cock but it was still joined with tip. She knew that it is a virgin cock..

“Aunty , kisiko nahi..aap meri pahli aurat hai…” He kept holding chuchi as if his hand has glued to flesh.“aaj saab hai… iss liye chodne nahi dungee …” she began milking of lund and in about 6-7 minutes lund ejaculated and Pramila directed spray on her face. Lot of cum got spread on face and she fisted till last drop and cock shrunk and slipped of her hand.

“Agli baar agar hum miley to aur bhee maza dungi.. ”She left him, went to toilet with instruction to get dressed. When she returned ,boy saw cum still spread on face. She lay on flat..

“Dekh, mai eise hee nangi rahungi.. lekin chodna mut. ” she advised boy to shut door & go.

“Vinod ,please forgive me for slutness..” she looked towards husband and hoped that he has not seen anything. Vinod never knew that wife opened fully for a boy 8 years younger than her own younger son.

“Mujhe wo ladka bahut pasand aaya hai.. shayad aaj raat mai uss se chudwa bhee lun..” Bit by bit she collected all cum on finger tips and swallowed it.

She closed eyes and soon slept. She was not bothered about mother in law who was being banged by 8 persons on terrace.

Pramila did not know how long she slept but she enjoyed palming of cunt , first 2 then 3 fingers inside cunt, pressing of chuchi and kissing by boy. But she opened eyes with tip of lund started going inside cunt .”saala, chodne ko mana kiya thaa na.. dekhta nahi…saab hai..wo dekhenge to tumhe jail jana parega..” Pramila held cock and said, “ab tune lund ko bur se milwa diya hai to lund ko mai maza deti hun…tu buss chuchi masal, mujhe chum chaat.. dekh kitna mazaa aata hai.. ”Boy was laying nude over nude Pramila with lund knocking on choot. He has fondled nudity of lady about 10-12 yrs elder to his mother for about 15-20 minutes and moment about 2 inch lund penetrated choot, lady pulled lund out . Boy felt bad for a moment but became happy when lady permitted him to kiss and fondle her .

He kissed and simultaneously his both hands moved over body of lady and lady held tight lund in one hand and began rubbing it on slit .He held boy tightly with other hand She controlled lund’s movement on bur first slowly and as time passed tip of lund moved along length of slit faster and faster. Soon boy also began to enjoy and she saw lady’s facial expression. Her eyes were closed but any one would have said that lady is enjoying it more than the boy.. Movement of lund became so fast that it became unbearable for boy. He squeezed chuchi mercilessely and lady kissed boy passionately and boy saw that lady has loosened and released lund..

“Mukesh lund ko chuchi ke beech daba kar rakhkho..”

Mukesh obeyed , sat on her stomach , kept lund between chuchi, with eyes closed lady pressed chuchi from both sides .“aage-peechhe karo..” she advised .

Boy fucked between chuchi but boy could not bear the pleasure . lund again began to spray and lady opened mouth . Some got spread over face and lips and some cum went inside mouth.. Boy was now fully exhausted , so was lady..“mukesh , tune mujhe mast kar diyaa.” She looked at time & it was only 4.00 of wee hours.

“Chal raja , ab mujhse chipak kar so jaa…” She pushed him down and rubbed chuchi on his chest..“Saab dekhenge..” boy was apprehensive…“Dekhne do… mujhe kas kar daba aur soney de… bahut mazaa diya tune..” She kissed boy and both slept together by crossing legs on each other .

Boy slept happily but lady was conscious. Her sleep broke and it was 5.20 of morning.. She woke up boy and in five minutes both dressed and boy went out happily. Lady remained in bra and panty and when her MIL and nurse returned after 10 minutes they did not doubt any thing.

Nurse looked at Pramila and said that she is very sad that they are leaving today . She gave last injection to Vinod , who was now fully awake & unaware of the fact that wife had sexual fun with much younger boy on bed beside him and mother had 8 cocks , all together she was fucked by 18 times.

Nurse enquired Pramila whether saab slept nicely. Pramila nodded and thanked nurse for care she had taken.

“Madam ye hamara duty hai… lekin hum sab aap ko bahut miss karenge..” nurse looked at Pramila and envied her features at this age.

“Madam, aapko nahi maalum,” nurse said , ” kal raat jabse duty par aaee 6 doctors ne khushamad kiya kee mai kisi tarah aapko iss kamre se bahar le jaaun aur unse mila dun…”

Pramila knew that what doctors would have desired from her, but she doubted what nurse said and she said so.Nurse ne kasam lekar kaha kee wo bilkul sach bol rahi hai.. ” madam wohi 5 nahi , bade doctor saab bhee aapki body kaa maza lena chaahte hai” Nurse said that kept of that chief doctor requested her to bring Pramila to a special room.

“Madam , wey sab aapki ek chudai kaa 10000/- tak dene ko taiyar hai.. ”

“To pahle bolti naa ..” Pramila replied laughingly , “saale jo bhee mujhe haath lagata uska lawda hee kaat daalti.. ”

Nurse said that she knew this that’s why she did not dare to tell her. Pramila gave 200/- to nurse , MIL had already given her 10000/- as nurse’s commission for arranging big orgy last night. Nurse went out happily .

Soon boy entered inside room. Pramila did not smile . She got up and patted boy’s cheeks . She asked his name and Pramila said that he is so cute.

“Tu bahut pyara hai..” she asked confirmation from MIL. Mother also nodded but said that she had not seen Mukesh before.“maaji , kal raat ko pahli baar duty lagi thee iss ward mey..”boy replied .Vinod looked at wife standing in bra and panty in front of boy. He cherished figure of wife but felt sad that he may not be able to fuck wife any more now. He got up and went to toilet. Mother switched on TV and did not give attention to Pramila and boy.“Aunty, bagal wala room khali hai..mai aapka waha wait karunga..” boy said and went out.

Vinod came out and saw wife pushing panty and bra off her body. MIL caressed thighs and bur of bahu and appreciated the way she had maintained figure.“wo nurse jhuth nahi kah rahi thee , bahut mard tumhe chodna chahenge. ”But Pramila did not get amused , she put on salwar and kurta and came out of telling that she is going to nurse room. She pulled door shut . there were few persons in corridor but no one gave any attention when Pramila entered next room and fell in waiting arms of Mukesh .She kissed him passionately and squeezed lund.“tu mujhe barbaad kar dega , maar daalega….” She fisted lund tightly and said ,“buss 15 minute… jo karna hai kar lekin chudai nahi…”

Within a minute boy undressed her and for about 10 minutes he licked Pramila from both front and back. He kissed and licked cunt also and then like in second round he sat on her stomach and placed lund between chuchi..“aunty bahut mast chuchi hai…”And Pramila again helped boy to fuck chuchi .She kept it pressed from both side and boy fucked chuchi.. this time he held for longer time.“raja , pani nikalne ke pahle bolna ..” she whispered…Both continued for another 3-4 minutes and Mukesh said that now he will ejaculate…“chuchi masalte huye seedha let jaa. ” she guided Mukesh to lay over him, She positioned lund on choot and said,“chod apni maa ko.. jor se dhakka mar.. ”

Aur Mukesh ne jor daar dhakka mara aur third dhakke mey pura lund bur ke andar ghush gaya. Mukesh dhakka laga raha thaa aur chuchi ko khub masal raha thaa aur Pramila ne jor se Mukesh ko banho me jakar rakhkhaa thaa aur dono legs ko hawa mey phaila diya thaa jis-se kee Mukesh aaram se chudai kar sake..Mukesh dhakka lgata raha aur Pramila siskari maarte huye count karti rahi… aur 66 th dhakke par dono thande ho gaye. Pramila ne Mukesh ko legs se dabaye rakhkha kee pura ras bur ke andar hee jaaye. Jub dono thande ho gaye to Pramila ne

Mukesh ko dhakka diya.“saala maine 15 minute kaha thaa aur tune 20 minute tak meri chudai kar dali.. chal 40 minute se upar ho gaye hai.”She dressed first and without telling she sucked lund for 5-6 minutes and said,“sach Mukesh mujhe bahut mazaa aaya… ” She charged him.. “matherchod raat ko kyo nahi choda?”She kissed him and told him to come to her room to collect gift. She came out of room and smiled at other ward boy who passed her. She returned to room after 45 minutes. She pushed door but it was bolted from inside..“kutia bête kaa lund chus rahi hai kya…? ” she knocked and door got opened.

Pramila got relieved to see that both mother and son are properly dressed like she had seen them. Like MIL and husband did not guess that Pramila thoroughly enjoyed with a boy over 30 yrs younger than her, Pramila also could not guess that mother & son fondled each other during absence of Pratima.Immediately after Pramila left , Vinod bolted door from inside and pulled mother . But mother was to act first . She lifted her clothes above waist and Vinod began palming and caressing bur & thighs.“maa , chuchi bhee kholo..”“le beta ..tu bhee kya yaad karega…” she unbuttoned blouse and large fleshy chuchi sprung out.“beta, sach bol.. maa ko dusre se chudte dekhne mey maza aa kee nahi..?”

Vinod & maid thought that mother was so engrossed in chudai that she had not seen that we are watching.“beta , jab peechhli 2 raat ward boy mujhe chod raha thaa to tum aur Uma khub maze lekar dekh rahe the,” She disclosed that first night Uma had told wardboy to fuck her and pay her 2000/- & there after nurse arranged my chudai with young doctors & another ward boy.

While enjoying with chuchi and bur of mother son got very much excited to hear that last night 8 persons including four doctors, 2 wardboys and 2 security guards fucked her continuously for 6 hours , she said that in morning they only told me that those 8 persons penetrated 18 times aur kaee baar mujhe ras bhee pilaaya.. ” ” maa, mujhe bhee bula leti… bahut mazaa aaya thaa tumhe chudte dekh kar. ”

Bete ne maa ko sidha litaya aur uske upar 69 mey hokar bur ko chusne laga..

“beta, wo nurse theek kah rahee thee” mother said while opening knot of pajama . ” wey charo doctor jisne mujhe raat mey choda mujhee bhee bahut request kiya kee kisee tarah Pramila ko unsey chudwa dun…. Wo charo aaj aayenge.. ”“nahi maa, wo kisi aur se nahi chudegi..” Vinod replied and for next 20-25 minutes mother sucked loose lund and son sucked, licked and finger fucked mother. While Mukeh fucked Pramila , mother & son satisfied each other.Just before, Pramila knocked, both had dressed.

After about 15 minute when they were having tea, Mukesh knocked and entered room. Pramila’s eyes sparkled to see him. She has no regret for chudai with him.

She got up & hugged him in front of husband & son and hugged in such a way that boy squeezed one chuchi tightly. Vinod did not like wife hugging a wardboy but he smiled on listening wife..“bahut pyara hai, jab kal isse pahli baar dekha tabhi se mujhe laga kee apna beta hai..” Pramila kissed his both cheeks and said,

“mera agar ek aur beta hota to bilkul Mukesh jaisa hota..”And all saw tears in eyes of boys. He was sad for two reasons that why he did not take night duty since one weeak before when he saw Pramila first and secondly that lady has become so much affectionate to him . Even after chudai ., she is shmelessely hugging him.

“aunty , mai aapko bahut pyar karta hun..” boy began to sob and pushed his mouth on chuchi.“beta , rote nahi… jab mann kare aunty se milne aa jaana..” Vinod said and separated both.Pramila took out purse and forceably gave Rs 500/- to boy and told him to take their address from nurse room.“beti, wo ladka bhee tumhe bahut pyar karne laga hai..” mother said & added ” peechhle janam mey tum dono yaa to maa bête thhey yaa phir wife-husband.”

“kya pata ” Pramila said , ” saala kal bhee nahi aata to achchha thaa..”Mother felt sad that her bahu has become too much affectionate for the stranger boy. She did not know that boy is only lucky person to enjoy with her bahu.

Pramila added..” tann -mann mey jindgi bhar kaa dard de gaya..” Pramila regretted very much that why she did not seduce & permit Mukesh to do chudai in first round itself when both wasted over one hour just in talk.She got up and whispered to herself..”ohh Mukesh phir kab chodega..?”.Time passed, doctors visited including those four doctors who wanted to fuck Pramila. Senior doctor gave permission to discharge and after doctors left , nurse said clearly & openly..“Pramila madam, wey charo doctor aapko chodna chahte hai, aapko bulaya hai.. 50000/- denge ..” she said , “mujhe koi itna deta to khade -khade chudwa leti…”

“jaa sabko bol dena kee apni maa ko chode.. wo mujhse jyada maza degi..” Pramila replied angrily.Nurse went out telling that doctors have wrightly nick named Pramila as ‘Junglee billi.”Pramila waited for Mukesh but he did not turned up again..

Vinod was dischargd & they reached home at 11.50 and maid hugged Vinod tightly and cried a lot.“saab juldi theek ho jaao, nahi to mai mar jaaungi..”

With difficulty, Pramila separated both. Vinod’s daughter in law pressed hand of husband . All including Pramila had same opinion that Vinod has fucked maid Uma but now Pramila has no anger. She herself took another lund.

Whether Mukesh could fuck Pramila again or old mother continued her slutness…? Wait for next part.

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