Amit And Me – Part II

Hi everyone, this is Subhash again. I hope you’ve read the first part of my story and here I am with the second part of it. Since the first time of sucking Amit’s cock, it took not much time to be infatuated or I should say addicted to his cock. Earlier, he used to take initiative to call me to his place for a BJ and soon I started catching up. I am the one who is making more of the first initiatives. I was even begging him if he has some other work and post-pones the program.

Well, I forgot mentioning our ages and how we look in the first part of my story. I am 27 years when it all started with Amit. I am fair in complexion, 5′ 9″ height, 34″ waist and 72kgs weight. I have a smooth body with hardly any hair. Amit was 26 years when this happened. He is average complexion, same as my height, 32″ waist & 69 kgs weight. He has a hairy body and his body was always in good shape naturally though he doesn’t go to gym.

Coming back to the incidents, and the number of times I was sucking his cock has grown from 2 to 6 per day. Sometimes, I stayed back at his place in the night and I had nothing in the world more important than sucking his cock. The cum which he spills all over my face & mouth used to be of immense pleasure to me. I never missed drinking it and licking his cock after a session so that he doesn’t have to go to wash room to wash it off.

One day (on a friday), in office he told me “lets take this to next level”. I understood what was in his mind but wanted him to say it out. That day evening, we went to his room and he told me to stay there and that he will be back in a shortwhile. He came back in half an hour with a packet of Appollo Pharmacy in his hand. I asked what it is and he said that its vagainal gel and he would like to break my virginity today. I said that I am scared of the pain and then he said “that’s why I have brought this for you. I have made enough research about anal sex in the internet and this will reduce the pain for sure. Its going to be a painful 2 or 3 times anyway but I will make sure you will have less suffering with this.” And he showed me 5 tubes of gel taking them out of the packet.

I was excited & afraid at the same time but never had a second thought about letting this happen. I am already his and accepted to his proposal. As I was sitting on the mattress, he came and sat beside me putting his hand in my shirt and pinching my nipples. I was moaning with pain. He made it more intense and at a point could not take the pain and hugged him tightly. One hand on his back and I slided the other hand to the lower part of his body and touched his belt. Removed it and he helped me remove the trousers & his jockey. His 8″ cock was already waiting for my mouth and he started unbuttoning my shirt as I was busy giving a hand job to his cock. I was rubbing it as it seemed to grow more and more in my hand.

In no time, both of us got completely naked and he pushed me on to the matterss and got on to me and started biting one nipple while the other is being pinched with his hand. I was in a completely different world altogether and my body was shivering as he was torturing my nippples. I held his head by hair tightly and my whole body was filled with ecstasy. I was dancing to his tunes as he kept on doing it by shifting his mouth from one nipple to another and the other being engaged by hand. Finally, I could not hold and pushed him away and I got on to him and kissed all his chest area, bit his nipples and teased them. He too was moaning with pleasure.

I went down and started licking his thighs. His body odour turned me on exponentially and I slowly licked in upward direction and reached his balls. Took them into my mouth and started sucking them with a gentle bite ocassionally to which he mames “ssssssssss” sound. I then moved from his balls to monster cock and started licking the lower part of it through out its length with tip of my tongue and when I reached the top, used to circle his head. I was enjoying the taste of his precum as I did this and then took his cock into my mouth and started sucking it. The sound generated by the touch of my lips and his cock as I take it out and put it in again has filled the room and there were moans from both of us and enjoying every moment of it.

As we were doing this, some one knocked the door (probably his land lord) but we neither cared to respond to it nor tried to reduce the ecstasic sounds that we both were making. After a couple of minutes, he pulled my head away and told “its time for real action now”. He asked me to be in doggy position with my face buried in the pillow so that I can control my volume if I scream due to pain. I followed as directed by him and he went behind me and took a tube of gel and I could feel he has put the tip of the tube in my ass and pressed it. I could feel the cold gel in my ass and then he removed it and put his finger in and started fingering my ass. Again he put more gel and did the same for some more time.

I was feeling great and asked him not to stop. He kept on adding the get and after a while, inserted 2 fingers which was a bit uncomfortable now. I told him the same and he put more gel without removing his fingers and started moving in & out of my ass. He then opened another tube and put more of it and now attempted the third finger. It was a bit painful and I started screaming as my face was burried in the pillow. He kept on adding more gel until it became a smooth movement in and out. He finger fucked my ass with 3 fingers for more than 15 mins and then took out his hand.

In the mean time, his cock has lost its erection and he asked me to massage his cock with the gel. He was standing in front of me and I put some gel on his cock and massaged it. I was more liberal with the quantity of gel used as I was scared about the pain that I will be facing shortly. His cock became hard in no time and he asked me to be in doggy position again. He again put the tip of tube near my ass and pressed to let some more gel enter my ass. Then he said “this is gonna be painful and you will have to bear for a few minutes. This is just a trade off for a life time of pleasure”

I kept my head tightly burried to the pillow as he spread my ass cheeks and placed his cock head near my asshole. I could feel it and my heart was beating very fast and my breathing became heavy. He started pushing it in and I started feeling the pain. He was trying to push for a few seconds and then adding more gel for lubrication. I was feeling pain like hell but did not move from the position as he was still persisting with his attempts to enter my ass. At a point, he has used more force and I could feel it with a lot of pain that a substantial amount of his cock was in.

I shouted at him “how much did it go?” to which he replied “just something more than half. Now, be prepared for the wosrt. I am going to push it in with all force”. He pulled it a little back and used all his force to push it in and MY GOD…. I was screaming like hell and weeping as he put his hand on my head pressing it against pillow to minimize the volume. He took the whole lenght of it again and just as his tip reached my ass opening, he pushed it again inside with brute force. I thought I would die of this pain. I wanted to push him away with my hands but I could not reach him. I ended up slapping my own back. I was feeling helpless to this murderous act and started begging him “Please Amit, stop it…. Please Please Please”, but he never cared and only accelerated the pace with which he was ramming me.

As time went by, I got used to the pain and discovered pleasure and I too was enjoying it. Tears were flowing out from my eyes which was never out of my control. He kept on banging me and turned into animal when he was using his brute force and grunting with each stroke as I was shouting like a whore with sounds like “aaah, ayyaa, ooooooh, etc”. This continued on for over 10 minutes and then he took out his cock from my ass and told me to stand up. I was dumb struck to find out that I was not able to stand up properly and not even able to bring my legs together. Any attempt to bring them together resulted in unbearable pain. I thought I should take a couple of days bed rest now but he supported me to stand and asked me to bend while standing with my hands on computer table for support.

I was not ready for more but again not even in a position to resist as I seem to have lost all my energy to Amit. I did as directed by him and he went behind me and started entering his cock in my ass. This time, it was not as difficult but as he started ramming, the pain persisted. This time, there was no pillow to bury my face and I was not able to control my loud moans & screams. Realizing that some one outside might hear if continued this way, he took his cock out and came back in a few seconds saying “put this in your mouth”. I found that it was his jockey that he gave me to put in my mouth and the very idea excited me though I felt like a cheap whore.

He was back to business and was ramming like there is no tomorrow with grunts like an animal and throughout, I could not control tears in my eyes as I seem to have lost completely. My body was shaking with every stroke of his and they only seem to get stronger and stronger. I dropped his jockey to ask him to stop but he did not stop. Instead he leaned over me as he was continuing the banging and closed my mouth with his left hand as his right hand had a firm grip over my waist. He suddenly increased his pace and I felt that he was nearing an orgasm. After 2 minutes of banging like a mad dog, he finally loaded his cum in my ass. It felt very warm and soothing as he kept his cock stationed for a while after that in my ass.

I could feel his cock slowly going limp and he slowly removed it from my ass. I could feel my ass pushing out his cum with every movement of the muscle it made. He then helped me to reach mattress and made me sleep. He kneeled beside my face and gave his cock to my mouth signalling to clean it. I was not in a mood to do it and my eyes too were half closed but he held my head with his hand and put it inside. I was just licking it dry even as I was only half conscious. He finally took it out and rubbed some left over drops on my lips and laid down beside me.

He started wiping my tears and said that you will have pain just for the first 3 or 4 times and then we have a life long pleaseure awaiting us. He spoke a lot of things and I was not in a position to concentrate what he was saying. Tears kept flowing and I don’t know when I felt asleep. When I regained consciousness, it was 11 am the next day and Amit was sitting in fromt of a computer and told me “Good Morning Subhash. I’ve got breakfast for you” and he showed me parcel.

I was not in a position to get up and he helped me to go to bathroom for nature calls and brushing. Walking back with a great difficulty, I collapsed on the mattress and had breakfast in the sleeping position. I had that pain for another 3 days and had to take a leave from office on Monday. We continued doing this every friday evening to make use of the week end for recovery from pain. I had a lot of suffering for the first 5 – 6 times and there on. Every time my ass gets fucked, I have a lot of pain (not as much as the first 5 – 6 times) but the time to recover and do my normal activities would be just a matter of minutes – hardly 30 minutes.

The pain when ass is fucked even if its 100th time is inevitable but it has to be observed that that pain is what gives pleasure and the effect to moan in the right way to arouse the one banging from behind. So guys, this is the 2nd part of my story and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. After the first 6 times, it was me begging him to give me cock to suck and also fuck me. We started doing it daily. Daily 2 blowjobs and 1 fucking session. This continued on for almost an year till I got married.

The next part of the story will be submitted in “couple” category. Till then, good buy guys & gals. Feel free to write to me at [email protected]

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