An Unexpected Call Turned Me Into An Male Escort

Hello all… This is Rajesh again hope you all have read my previous story “Falling on ground to fall on bed” & thanks for all your valuable feedback am happy by your feed backs.

Now coming to the story as I said in the previous story how I fucked my aunt who is a friend of mom. My mom has a lot of friends in our locality and they spend their evenings together by sitting outside of our house and chit chatting with each other.

After my day with my aunt I was feeling uneasy to face her directly so I was feeling little hesitant to see her as I said before my aunt is one of my mom’s best friend and my aunt too had lot of friends in our locality. One day I got a call from an anonymous number as I lifted the call I was shocked. It was a lady of our locality and she is the best friend of my aunt.

As I lifted the call she directly asked me to be in her house within 10 min before I say anything she kept the call. I was little bit scared as thinking about what would have happened and reached her house within minutes and asked what happened she gave a naughty smile and invited me inside and locked the door I was scared a bit and I was completely silent suddenly she caught my hand and took me to her bedroom locked the door from inside and asked me to fuck her I was shocked by the word she said but I was not interested as her husband is a very good man and he helped in several things so I was not ready to fuck her I rejected the offer

Then she tried to scare me saying that she will say everything to my mom which happened between me and my aunt but I know that she was trying to utilize the situation and said to do whatever she wants she was disappointed by the word I said and kept a sad face and I asked her the permission to leave she thought for a while and pleaded me I was thinking about my uncle again and again so I was controlling myself then suddenly she said that she will pay me I was dumbstruck for a moment and asked her how much she can pay she said that it depends on me satisfying her I asked her what should I do to satisfy her then she became happier came close to me hugged me tightly I too caught hold of her and started kissing each other and vigorously smooching

After 15 min she got separated and asked me “Can you do anything I say” I said that depends on you she asked me lick her full body actually she was very much interested in getting her body licked from bottom to top but no one did that to her till now which she said after the completion of our session.

I made her sleep on the bed she was in her nighty and her stats where 38b-36-38 she is a little bit plumply and white in color I slowly started licking her body from toe and randomly kissing she started moaning slowly I too was getting aroused by her sounds and started licking more vigorously slowly reached her inner thighs by licking she was completely aroused by the time and started pressing head between her two legs I was breathless between those milky white thighs and was enjoying the aroma coming from her pussy slowly started licking sides of her pussy her pussy was clean shaved for me I was licking the pussy region and she was making louder moans which boosted my craze and started digging deep in her pussy with my tongue within minutes she let out all the juices with a scream and pressed my whole face near her pussy

I too was enjoying the session continued licking sucked her boobs and licked armpits which were wet due to excess of sweat the smell of armpits also made me crazy as I was a little bit kinky in thoughts and then it was her turn she kissed my whole face and our lips got locked and we were vigorously kissing each other and smooching each other after about 20 min she asked me to get into her I slowly placed my dick near the opening of her pussy and gave a small push it was tight to get in at first after a long thrush it went in and she let out a loud moan slowly I started fucking her and increased the speed of thrush slowly the sounds of her moaning and the sounds of the trushing got mixed which excited me very much and fucked her for 25 min and was about to cum.

I said to her that I was about to cum she said to disperse the liquid in her and I came inside her and started finger her after 5min she too came we were tired and were sleeping on bed by hugging each other we had one more session there on bed before leaving.

After completion of our session I was about to leave she stopped me and gave 5000 rs and said thanks for satisfying her I was shocked by seeing the amount as I thought she would give a max. Of 2000 rs I said a bye and left her place after leaving her place I got a message from her saying that ” from now you are a escort to me whenever I call you…Come fuck me and take your payment ” she saw me reading the text I waved an “Ok” to her with my hand…After that she used me as a escort for almost three time till date am her escort..

Thank you all for reading my story you can send your valuable feedback at [email protected] . Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. Any aunt / lady / women / girl living in and around Visakhapatnam can mail me am ready to become an escort to u and can help you in making your dream come true… Thank u all for once again reading my story

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