Arjun Weds Deepti – Part 1

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Hi friends tis Arjun with Deepti we are recently engaged couple looking forward our wedding date. Our’s is a arranged marriage but we started exchanging all our feelings more closely since the day we met. When we go out if i see any good looking girl i will hint her and whisper in her ear that ‘what a woman’ and she will poke me naughtily.

In response she will wink at me whenever she see a man of her kind and we blush at each other. I like the attention deepti gets and all passing by keep staring at her. They mainly stare at her sharp breast and big round ass. Also non of my co-workers and friends misses chance to feast my hot fiancee.

How can one be ? unless he is not a fool. Sometimes I ask deepti to wear hot dresses tat suits her shape when we go out for shopping, oh!! all men in Forum Mall fix their eyes at those pair of swinging breast. Slowly we both started enjoying these kind of acts.

One day she visited my place when i was alone in home. It was heavily raining outside and we were watching cricket match with some snacks. Suddenly there was a knock in door at around 7pm. I opened the door. My brother’s friend Shyam was at the door fully wet.

We invited him in and gave a towel to dry with some of my casuals to change. He said he came get record notes from my brother and unfortunately got soaked in rain. Shyam changed to shorts and t-shirt and came out. Deepti served him hot tea and snacks.

Since only we both were in home she was in her shorts and loose t-shirt. Deepti winked at me pointing to Shyam’s shorts which clearly showed his dancing cock without inners. Her reactions hinted me that she is happy to see a young handsome boy.

We both adjusted in sofa and Shyam sat left to me while deepti was on right. Deepti was continuously asking questions about his studies and he was answering without taking his eyes off her. As she was leaning on sofa arm her t-shirt gone up exposing her ample amount of hip and waist and Shyam had a nice sight.

I caught his act and winkled at him, we both blushed and she realized that she has been giving free show. Shyam’s shorts barely hide his erection. Now i excused them for restroom and when i came back i sat in corner of sofa leaving deepti in middle. As she was adjusting in sofa she bent in-front of him exposing her pink bra.

I noticed he took the chance and glanced at deepti’s boobs directly and she smiled at him catching his deed. Now me and my fiancee started talking lots of things while watching cricket. Shyam was staring at my her breast whenever he get chance.

After sometime we ordered for Pizza. We started having it hot as soon as it was delivered. My wife was extra caring for Shyam. He was also very happy for such caring. He was also showing all sorts of gratitude for her. We started talking about our likes and dislikes.

My wife said Shyam ‘she likes boys attention on her in front of me’. Shyam liked her statement. To break the ice I said ‘no one misses her 32-28-34’. Shyam was surprised to see my boldness but did not react much. Deepti started teasing me asking how many I have stared other than her.

Shyam was blushing listening to all these. He was adjusting to the environment.

I noticed that a spot of tomato ketchup sticking near Deepti’s lips.

I gently moved and licked the spot and cleaned it by tongue, then kissed her lips. I said, smilingly, “very tasty” She teasingly asked me “which one ?? ketchup or my lips ?” we all laughed to her questions. Shyam seems to be more comfortable now. Now my wife asked him “Shyam which type of girl you like?” This was a bouncer to him.

He said nervously “I like any girl in your figure”. his face showed he really meant it. My wife was very happy listening to these and shook hand with Shyam. It went for little longer. I said ‘with this note let us have some WINE’. Saying this I went to fridge and got 3 glasses and a bottle.

We started drinking and environment started to change.Arun was now looking more comfortable with my Deepti sometimes she patting on his back and he also doing the same to her. Now WINE started working on him and he commented me. Arjun bro ‘really Deepti sister is too good’. Hope I get a girl like her.

To spice up this i said “lets play a game”. Both Shyam and Deepti looked at me and asked “what game ?”

I said them the game and rules are “we should roll the bottle and who ever bottle head is pointing have to dance for any song. It was accepted by all and we started to roll the bottle and we all danced one after other. My wife got caught twice and she danced shaking all his asset.

Shyam was enjoying and now he is not bothering to stare openly at my wife’s boobs and ass. He is not afraid now. Then I said the 2nd rule “the person who roll th bottle have to kiss the person who the bottle is pointing too”. I rolled the bottle, luckily it stopped at Deepti.

Getting the chance i started eating her lips as if nobody is around, we locked our lips, she put her tongue in me. Shyam was enjoying all these. Then Shyam rolled, but it pointed to me. He just kissed on my cheek and he was not happy. I could see it. Then, it was my wife’s turn.

And it pointed to again and now my wife pushed me on the sofa, Sat on me and started kissing all over my face. Shyam was enjoying all these. Her t-shirt and shorts rolled up fully exposing her back and thighs fully. Shyam was feasting her legs and some open portion of her breast openly. He is not bothered. He was waiting for a chance to kiss her.

Then it was my turn, and it was Shyam, I just kissed on cheek quickly and passed it to him. Shyam as if praying to god so that it will turn to my Deepti and it seems god listened. It pointed to my beauty. He was very happy. I can see in his eyes. So as deepti.

Now he proceeded and planted a kiss on her lips. Deepti holded his hairs tightly and started licking his lips desperately and inserted her tongue in his and now he also responded by doing the same.

After 2 to 3 mins, they broke lip lock. They both looked at eachother and blushed. Deepti looked at me and she was pleased. I asked her to sit on my lap now. Shyam feasting her boobs as now her nipples are hard. I started taking my hand all over her body in-front of Shyam.

He seems not minding now and enjoying. Deepti took my hand and placed it on her boobs, while looking at Shyam. I started pressing her boobs, first gently and then hard and started kissing.

Slowly i inserted my hand inside her t-shirt from below and unhooked her bra, pulled it outside and turned to Shyam and asked him “can you help me bro ?” He came near me, i asked him to catch one of her leg and i caught the other one. We both lifted her upside down making her hand touch the floor,

she was laughing and asked “what you both are doing ?”. Before we answer her t-shirt falls down exposing her beautiful melons in-front of two men. Deepti was trying to hide it but since her face was covered by t-shirts she could not do it.

Shyam was looking at them hungrily. I gave him a smile and made him comfortable so he took his hands towards her breast and placed his hands on it

Suddenly the door was knocked. We three were freezed for a minute and realized our situation so came back to normal position. Deepti went to door and saw my brother Arun is standing outside in mean time Shyam ran in, changed his dress, came out and sat in sofa

Deepti opened the door and Arun came in, he saw Shyam and said “sorry da i forgot that i asked you to come home to get my record notes”. Shyam said its ok no problem just now i came and Deepti sister gave me tea and snack. Arun thanked Deepti and brought his record notes gave them to Shyam.Shyam got it and said bye to us with a naughty smile and left.

Hey friends this is our first story and the incident happened recently. Please encourage us to share all our forthcoming experience and we need all ur wishes for our wedding.Feel free to mail us – [email protected]

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