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Coming to the story I already told I am Kranthi(name changed) ,this happens when I got a govt job.That is the first day of my job I .E, joining . I have to travel 55 km by bus from my place.I got in to bus at 8:00 am in bus stand ,bus started at 8:20 with few seats fill and all are govt employees going in that bus long back. This I came to know by the freeness of conductor with the passengers.

I occupied 3row seat side by window as it is express seats are 2 one side and 3 one side, bus reached a stop near to bus stand and an aunty with age of 32 entered into bus. She was eye catching and I saw his like that for few minutes.She came and sit to by next seat in 3seat.I used to read newspaper during my journey.

Days are going,, then I came to know all are govt employees coming in that bus and I had few interactions with colleagues. It’s day five aunty side to me smiled seeing at me. I also in reply simed and she asked me why you are straining eyes by reading newspaper. I told it for time pass.Then she asked my name I replied and in return I asked her name she told jyothi(name changed). She asked to write my mobile num on newspaper. I did the same and she saved in mobile. After 5mins I got a message stating

“Your dress is nice

” I replied thanks. With that there is no further conversation

Next day she send a message

Aunty:where is the bus?

Me: I replied in bus stand only.

Aunty: ok I am coming to bus stand only.

As she come from 7km from bus stand so she catches bus at 1st stop from bus stand.

Today she is looking more beautiful in her saree.I send a message

What’s special you are looking beautiful and saree is nice to you.

She replied thanks and noting special.

Due to time difference we don’t meet in the evening. But at night 9 pm I got message from her


Aunty: I want to sit next to you if am ok with that.!!!


Aunty: then tomorrow keep place next to you.

Me:ok sure.

With this my mind starting thinking of that message y? In the morning I went to bus stand and had seat in 5th row of 3seats.She got in her usual stop.I saw her searching for me while entering into bus. She saw me and came and sat next to me. She started talking asking tiffen and cing first time in this bus……

I also kept my newspaper in bag which I keep in my lap and chit chatting with her.Suddenly she kept her hand on my thighs and seeing at me I started little shivering seeing this she kept her foot on my foot and rubbing. My mind started thinking badly and in the same time in fear what if others see , as all will come in the same bus daily. After 5 mins she stopped and seeing at me naughtily. She get down at her stop. For her stop my stop is 40 min. I got message as I was about to get down at my top..

Aunty: bhuddu..!!

Aunty:keep place daily for me next to you..

Me :ok..

Next day as usual I kept place and she came and sit next to me . But unfortunately co passenger made vomiting and bus was little crowded I got seat and she is standing next to me.After 25 min she told she can stand and I gave my seat to her and I stand next to her. As bus is crowded my dick is rubbing on her shoulder. She noticed it and coming naughtily at me. And started rubbing her face on my dick. I am getting hard inside pant. She is enjoying it. She placed her foot on my and rubbing. This time I also started rubbing.

Next day we got seats and she place a kiss on my cheeks without anyone seeing. Whenever I saw at her she saw keeps her face with naughty smile.

She place hand on my thighs and slowly rubbing my dick. I place my hand on her thighs and rubbing. After few minutes I opened my pant zip she kept inside pant and rubbing. We both enjoying.In the night I send a message I want to touch you are boobs there is no reply.

In the morning our foreplay started and she arranged her pallu is such a way that no one can see my hand and took my hand and kept on boobs I am squeezing them on blouse.Her boobs are 32″ size .She is rubbing my dick. Next day she removed her two hooks of blouse and when I kept my hand I touched her boobs.

I was shocked and asked about bra she told she didn’t wear for me. I pressed her boobs and playing with her nipples.She started moaning slowly. I got fear is someone catches us.

Slowly hands moves to navel and I played there and kept deep inside and touched her pussy. Her pussy is wet and she told for that time is there. I understood what she told.Like this we both are enjoying whenever we got chance in bus. Daily at night we talk over mobile dress she and me wear inners, sharing pics and having sex talk.

One day she asked to take her to movie. For that I told I will plan and inform you 2days before for taking leave. Accordingly I planned for morning show @9:45 in multiplex. While booking I saw few seats were booked and I booked seats as there are no one in the front 2 rows and back to rows and informed the plan to aunty. She agreed and day came. We both met at theater and went inside and seated in our seats.

Movie started after 10 mins I placed my hand on her shoulders and slowly moved down and pressing boobs on saree . Aunty looked around and saw any one is there nearby us and place hand on my dick and rubbing. This went for 10 mins and I took her face and started kissing which she responded and had 15 mins lip locking kiss.We are breathing heavily and she kept his head on my shoulders and matching movie. Meantime I am playing with her boobs. Break came and we had cool drink.

This time when movie started I went down into his saree and removed panty which is already wet started licking his pussy which is hot. She started moaning… Uuuff.. Uuffha ha ha … Uufff … Cant bear it.Haa come on …. I put one finger and playing with that and licking pussy after 10 mins she cummed. I taken all in my mouth and cleaned pussy with tongue…

This continued for one and half month. She enquired about my holidays I told. She asked me to keep leave for one day. I got her intention and told will plan.

In the next part I will explain how met and enjoyed.

I welcome feedback and comments on “funbomb1988@gmail”.com for doing better in next story.

Signing off…

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