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Hi friends this is rahul here from bangalore. I’m 24 year old. 5’11 tall with a normal physic. I love this site and all the stories. Coming to the story i was at majestic waiting for my bus. Bus came and i got into it. All the seats were full so i had to stand near the door closer to the female seats. I was standing and looking towards the front side of the bus there were two girls sitting they were talking to each other. They were friends and one of the girl looked at me our eys met for the first time.And after that she started looking at me continuously.

I think she liked me and even i was looking at her all the time. It went for 20 minutes i guess then a stop came where her friend got down. Now she was alone and we were looking at each other all the time. To confirm if she really likes me or just looking at me just like that i thought to give her a smile she replied me back with a smile. And after that we started smiling looking at each other. I decided to talk to her and i was very happy. Then after some time of travelling she got up and i got to know that she will get down now so i decided to get down with her.

We both got down and i straight away went to her and said hi. She smiled and replied with a hi. I asked her name, she told her name as shruti. Then she asked my name. Then i asked her what she does she told that she is in class 12th. Then i asked her will you be my friend and she said yes and we exchanged our numbers. I told her i was going to next stop just to speak to her i got down here. She smiled and said she have to go now i said bye and came to my room. It was almost 5pm. I got fresh and then i texted her. She replied and we started chatting.

We had long chat till 12;30 am. In chat i said asked her why was she looking at me in the bus and why she was smiling she told she liked me i was happy hearing that and i said i liked her too. After chatting for two days we decided to meet. Then we decided to meet near my room at a garden. She agreed as it was near to her place to just one stop. She came by five in the evening i went to pick her till the bus stop then we went to the garden. We were sitting on a bench at the end of the garden. We spoke for some time and it was getting dark.

I hold her hand and talking to her even she hold my hands tightly. As it was getting darker the people in the garden decreased. And only few people were left in the garden they were sitting bit far from us. Was was difficult to see them. So i decided to kiss her i went close to her and said her to come closer she smiled and came closer i went near her face and first kissed on her forehead, she held my hands tightly and closed her eyes then i kissed her on both the cheeks. Then i slowly placed my lips on her lips. They were so soft and wet.

After some time i started giving her french kiss and she was responding. I kept on kissing her for 10 minutes then slowly i placed my right hand on her left boobs. She hugged me tightly and was kissing me madly then i pressed her booth the boobs on top of the cloths. She was getting hotter and my dick was rock hard. Then i placed my hand on her thighs near her pussy it was very hot and started rubbing her pussy on her leggings.

She was wearing a tight chudidar and a leggings. It was hard for me to control and i put my hand in her panty and started rubbing her pussy she was getting mad and started moaning. Her moans were making me crazy i decided to fuck her. As i was trying to put my other had in her top she asked me people are here can we go to your room i said my owner will be outside now.Its not possible to go to my room i said we will wait for some time soon the garden will be empty. She said okay and i continued pressing her boobs, kissing her and rubbing her pussy.

Then i said to open my zip and hold my rock hard dick. Then she placed her hand on my dick and started rubbing it. Then slowly she unzipped me and took out my dick and started stroking it.She was happy after looking my dick. And soon garden was almost empty as we were sitting at last side of the garden no one was coming this side. Then i told her to go back side of the bench and sit down on the ground. She went and sat down i looked everywhere it looked safe and i went to her and made her to lay on the grass. I pushed her top till her boobs and unhooked her boobs.

I started sucking them like a baby. She was enjoying it and moaning slowly i licked,sucked both her boobs. Then i put my hand in her panty and started rubbing her pussy.

Then i inserted my middle finger in her love hole and started finger fucking her. Her pussy was wet and hot then i inserted one more finger and started fucking her. Then i asked her to open my pant she opened my pant and pulled my underwear down and hold my penis and started stoking it. I pulled her leggings and panty till her knee and wend between her legs. She asked me do i have condom i said no and told i dint thought we would do it and was not prepared for it. I said i’ll get you a i-pill. She smiled at me and closed her eyes.

Then i placed my dick near her pussy and opened her pussy lips and touched her love hole with tip of my dick and asked her shall i put it in she just said hmmmmm. And i pushed my dick into her pussy. It was wet so my dick was going in easily and she was not a virgin i guess. I dint care because i dont care for virginity and all. She is giving herself to me thats very kind of her. And if girl is having sex with you then you are very important to that girl. Because girls most important thing is her body and if she surrenders her body to you then you are very special to her. And make her feel special.Sorry for going off the story let me continue the story now.

Then i pushed my dick into her pussy now my dick was full inside her pussy and i started stroking it. Then i increased my speed and fucking her faster and harder. My penis was going deep inside her pussy and after few strokes she was moaning and scratching my back madly i guess she got her orgasm. I continued fucking her and after some time i came inside her. Then i kissed her and lied on her and kissed on her ears and said thank you to her. She kissed me back on my lips and said pleasure is all mine. Then we both dressed up and came back on the bench. Then we kissed for some more time and it was 8pm.

She told its late and she has to go now i went till bus stop to drop her and on the way i brought a ipill and gave to her she was happy and smiled. At night we did sex chat and again decided to meet the next day too. Again we met in the same garden. We had sex many time in that garden and at my friends place too. We were in relation for one year and recently 2 months back we broke up. As she asked me to marry her. But i was not ready and my parents will also now allow me for love marriage. And she got married and she is happy now with her life.

We stopped contacting each other. But i know we both miss each other a lot. And now its been two months i’m alone i want someone special in my life. Who will love me. Take care of me and also satisfies me mentally and physically. Any girl or female interested can mail me on my [email protected] and please give me feed back for my story. Take care. And waiting for my someone special.

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