Banged My Best Friend After Sneaking In Her Place

Hello friends, this is Viral from Mumbai. I am a tall 5 feet 10 inch dusky guy with sharp features and dimples. i have a 5. 5 inch rod and the best part is its thickness. If any woman wants to have sex chat or an intimate relationship with me do mail me. Do give your valuable feedback at viralrocks90@gmail. com. So coming to the story guys and girls:I am 23 years old and this started around 2 years back in the last year of my graduation. we had two divisions.

As our industrial visit through college had been cancelled we students planned a trip to Kerala as it was our last year. I was an introvert back then and had 4-5 good friends in college. That trip actually changed my life and also as a person.

On the second day of my trip I met this girl Prerna through a friend of mine as she was his far off cousin. coming to her looks she was tall,on the fairer side and an attractive figure. Not a sex bomb but good enough. We clicked instantly and started exchanging stares. Something was brewing in both our minds. we clicked a pic with my friend who had introduced me to her on my phone so on pretext of exchanging pics on whatsapp we shared our number.

So v started chatting whole day and night. on the 4th day I invited her to our room which I shared with 3 people and we all had drinks. Late night after everything was done I told her I wil drop her to her room.

We both were drunk and not even walking properly,after reaching her room I wished her goodnight. I wanted to kiss her but was scared but guess what she pulled me and smooched me passionately for 5 min then she told me to go. I was disappointed but don’t wanna force as it had been only two days we knew each other. The other day se apologized and said nothing can happen between us as she is committed.

I felt bad as I had started feeling for her after that night and also there was a spark between us but I don’t wanna loose her so we were just friends.

After returning from tip also we spoke regularly and she had a breakup so I consoled herald we became closer. once we went to drink while returning home in the car I was giving her glances and even she was. it was late at night and she asked to stop d car at a desserts do point and she said thanks for being der and looked into my eyes and started smooching me wildly even I went mad and we had the best kiss.

Then I started squeezing her melons,they were 34B. It was a heavenly feeling,I inserted my hands in her top and started kneading her bare boobs and circling her nipples. She was going wild and started biting me everewhere on my neck,ears. we had gone wild but it was not safe on the road.

So we left for her place as we did not wanted to stop. On the way she was caressing my dick over the pants. We both were in a trance of lust. she told me to come to her home. There was everyone at home but she sneaked me in her room.

As soon as she closed the room I hugged her tightly from behind and we started to make out wildly. I feel foreplay is most beautiful part of love making even better than intercourse, anyway we were so wild that in no time we had undressed each other. i was sucking and biting her nipples by cuddling the other boob. i would hold both boobs together and take one by one entirely in my mouth as much as I could. lick her cleavage in between. she was going nuts and moaning,. then I turned her around and started licking her back from shoulders I started going down.

I licked every inch of her skin from love triangles, bit her ass to her feet. she was too hot now,she turned around pinned me down and started licking me from top to bottom like a hungry whore. she sucked my nipples for some time and trust me it feels awesome. she then moved to my cock and started sucking it. she was amused by the thickness. i hav a 5. 5 inch cock but it’s thick while she was sucking me I started fingering her and soon we ended up in 69 position.

We came in around 4-5 minutes. we cleaned ourselves and again started with smooching,soon I was hard again she lubricated my dick by sucking for a minute and then came on me and inserted in her cunt. She was not a virgin but she couldn’t take it in her easily so she asked me to come in missionary position. I spit on her cunt and slowly started to insert,she was in a little pain but as soon as I was in her completely she was moaning in pleasure. i started stroking slowly and we had built a rythm and with each stroke I was going deeper and faster. i fucked her for around 15 mins and came in her. she came twice and it was the best feeling ever.

Then I left after bidding goodbye. The next day she took an Ipill. it was the best encounter of my life as it was not pre planned. I always had dreamt of making out with her but don’t know it would pan out this way.

We started meeting almost every day and our relationship was very different. There was a different spark between us. we used to havePhone sex every night on FaceTime before sleeping. we used to share our fantasies and fulfill them. we had many encounters at all weirdest places in different positions until she left for her masters in Jan. will be waiting for your feedback and if any woman interested in having a fling you are most welcomed.

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