Beautiful Weekend With Beautiful Cousin Part-1

Hello, everyone. My name saif. Age 20 years. Pune. Feel free to contact me @ [email protected]. I’m a regular reader of Indian sex story and now its time to write my own sex story. Sorry for grammatical errors. Let’s get started.

The heroine of my sex story is my cousin, named Shanaya. Describing her stats 30-28-32 perfecto for a girl of his age. Let’s begin. I and my cousin were very friendly and open to each other, we used to share adult jokes on WhatsApp and sometimes I used to ask her for sexy pics of her but she used to deny. I used to masturbate thinking of her day in and day out. But I was not satisfied I wanted to make out with her.

Now, I started making a plan on how to get her in. To my luck we both were in the same college she was in 11th whereas I was in the first year. Her mom used to tell me that take care of her being an elder brother but I had different plans. I have a great vocabulary (not that great…But still) she was impressed bcoz I used to speak English fluently and she was eager to learn English from me. I took this as a chance. We both used to chit chat on WhatsApp till dawn. After soo many sessions, she improved drastically in English and her mom was impressed.

Coming to the part her mom told me to make her better in English to which I replied….College time par bas itna hi sikha sakta hoon (I can just teach her this much during college hours) to which she replied I’ll send her on weekends to your home n listening that I was in 7th heaven and then I looked at her and she gave me a naughty smile I agreed that very moment. So the day came, she was at my home for her English tuitions but I had some other intentions. It was Sunday and she came at 10 in the morning.

Dude, who wakes up soo early on a Sunday and that too soo early. My mom opened the door and welcomed her, as usual, my mom and my dad went for Sunday day market and they used to return in the late evening via my grandfather’s house. Just see how lucky I am. I freshened up and came had my tea and breakfast and was ready for that shit classes. My mom n dad left and we both were alone in my house. We both were sitting on the sofa is slowly moved towards her I was sitting extremely close to her her right boobs was touching my chest my hand was behind her head. As I told you we both were friendly, she started reading some crap from the newspaper and I was busy playing with her hair.

She said – aaj padhane kya irada hain yaa nahi, to which I replied -itni kya jaldi hain. I was playing with her hair, rolling finger on her neck, she said-yeh kya kar rahe ho, koi dekh lenga hume aaise toh bawaal ho jaenga, me-hum dono ke siwa kaun hain yaha. She didn’t utter a single word then. I went a step further and gave her a love bite on the neck and she never said anything seeing this I got more confident and started moving my hand on another side of the neck and kissing her on the neck on the other side. It continued for 5 to 7 mins. She stood up immediately and said stop it!! You are crossing your limits. I was in a shock she never spoke to me in such a rude manner, after hearing this, I went to her and took her hands and said why soo serious? She calmed down and then she said, I never had such a strange feeling in my life, now I wanted to take this a step ahead,

I said want to experience more to which she replied I’m scared if anythings happens, I said don’t worry nothing will happen and no one will come to know. That day we kissed all day long, I made her panty wet, pressed her boobs over the dress and said we will continue next weekend bcoz it was her first-time soo I wanted to give her a huge surprise. I planned for the next weekend in between we used to chat like we used to do before and finally it was the day. Everything was going like I expected, my mom and dad went for Sunday bazar, she came as usual, before getting started I told her you are going to experience something like never before, she in an excited manner asked me what? I directly pushed her towards the wall, her back facing me and started kissing her neck and moving hands all over her back and ass.

She never resisted, blindfolded her and carried her and took to my bedroom and then made her sit on my bed for 5 mins and I started preparations and threw some rose petals on the bed and applied some perfume brought honey from the kitchen and I told her to open her eyes to which she exclaimed – yeh sab kya hain ? I said just wait and watch I leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her cheeks and then neck, I could feel her breathe and she was getting aroused, I slowly moved towards her lips and wow we had a steamy french kiss for about 3-4 mins, I removed her kurta and salwar now she was almost naked in front on me, wow, what a piece of meat and that too in front of a hungry lion.

Her face had turned red due to shyness and she was trying to cover her body with her hands, I started by planting a kiss on her forehead and then slowly moved towards her lips, she was soon turned up and that she literally dug her nails into my back, I was about to bleed now it was time for revenge, I removed her inner garments and told her to lay down peacefully. Poured honey on her melons and her pussy, what a pair of melons that were sweet and pinkish in colour, I licked all the honey on her body, and then I told her to give me a blowjob, I applied honey on my cock and told her to first lick the honey and then suck my cock we were just about to started the intercourse and then I heard the bell ringing.

I was baffled who was that person and how dare he came that time, I dressed up asap and saw from the door eye to my surprise it was her mother who came to see how were the studies going on. I went hurriedly to the bedroom and told her to dress up as her mom was standing outside the house and went out and welcomed her she came and sat on the sofa asking where her daughter was, to which I replied she was in my bedroom concentrating on the work I had given, I started wasting her time till that time my cousin cleaned the room and dressed neatly and came out of the room.

What happened later I’ll let you know in the next part of the sex story, any girl or married lady or any divorced ladies from Pune wanting themselves to get satisfied can mail me @ [email protected].

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