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This is real incident happend around 5 years ago (name changed). Big story with real incident, sent your feebacks to [email protected]. I am bisexual and had few experience with guys before marriage. But this story is about how I started my relationship with my Blaw Ravi (wife’s younger brother) and Kumar (wife’s cousin brother).

My wife family is bigger family, she had 2 elder brothers and one younger brother. Since from the marriage Ravi my younger Blaw is attached to me. He is so caring and very close to me. I used to tease him lot and tell infront of my wife that, if Ravi is girl I should marry him as well. All went fine for a while, this incident happend around 2 years after our marriage during festival in my wife’s village. We used to go every year but that year was so busy because my elder Blaw became president to that village. So they have to take care of all the activities for that festival.

We reached the village on friday evening along with my Blaws family, my both elder Blaws got married and Ravi was bachelor still. Ravi took all kids to one room and playing with them. I had dinner and went to room and had chit chat with Ravi then told him I am feeling sleepy. So I took my duaghter and went to a room and tried to sleep. But lot of people came to home and they were having discussion outside about what all needs to do on festival day sunday. I dont know at what time I slept but got disturb by some discussion again morning around 4.30am. Then I saw Ravi was also sleeping other side of the room and he also got disturbed by discussion. Ravi told “Mams we can’t sleep in this house for next two days”. So we both came out, my wife understand the reason and smiled and she brought coffee for both of us. Saturday whole day went fine with lot of busy activities and meeting families.

Saturday night after dinner I was talking to my wife and told her that I didnt sleep well last night feeling so tired and sleepy. Then she suggested to sleep in car, while we were having this discussion Ravi came and was sitting next to me then he said I will take Mama to Kumar Anna home and we will sleep there because the home is away from this village and will get less disturbance. Only Periamma (Aunty) stays now, Kumar anna will come tomorrow only. My wife agreed and said that is better option and gave some bedsheets. little background about Kumar, He works in IT in chennai along with us and alliance for his marriage was in discussion.

I know their home it is little away from village so we took our bike and reached there. Aunt welcomed us they all respect me alot because my wife is the only daughter in their family. we were having chit chat with her, during our discussion Ravi was setting up mat and betseet to sleep outside the home in varanda by seeing that aunt said no and asked us to sleep in Kumar’s room which has bed. We went inside she cleaned the room and left. Ravi closed the door but didnt locked it. In village it is usual..they will not locked the door. We were getting ready to sleep, both were wearing lungi and shirt so we removed our shirt and laid on the bed.

Both had chit chat about other things for a while and mean time I felt so horney because of new lonely place and also didnt had sex for the last 2 days. I said Ravi that I am so horney and want my wife here for sex. He said Kuppura paduthu thoongu mams(lay on your stomac and sleep). I try to hit him and pulled him near me and was hugging him. By this position my cock is already hard and hitting his hip and one of my leg is on top of him and told if you were a girl I should have fucked. I slowly went near his face and smooching his face, he tried to push me away but I was hugging him tight. My leg is now almost on top of his cock.. I was feeling his cock slowly getting hard inside..

I went near his ear and said.. i love you machi.. I am so lucky to have such a lovely wife and lovely Blaw like you… and slowly i came to his face and gave little kiss on his forehead and chin. He said Ayyyooo mams.. please sleep.. we both are tired.. but I felt he like this because his cock is now full hard. He is just pretending that trying to push me down.. I hugged him tight and gave kiss on his lower lips and told him.. see how horney I am took his hand and guided to my cock. He hold my cock and didnt remove his hand. I lost control went on top of him and kissed on his lips and slowly started eating his lower lips. He also responded.

We both were having very passionate kiss and our hands are caring our body & cocks. I like kissing very much sometimes i do it for an hour and doing the same with Ravi. I eat his lips like hell each and every bit of it and drank whole his saliva and his tongue.. then I slowly removed his vest and lungi and removed mine too.. we are in our brief now.. started kissing again.. our body touches each other and both are in cloud nine and enjoying like hell.. I went down kissing his body.. kissed his neck and chest.. circled his nibble with my tongue… He inserted his hand insdie my brief and playing with my cock.. I went down further and kissed his navel and stomac area… his having body of very less hair like mine.

I removed his brief and mine.. wow what a cock.. I was sooo happy that we both are having same size of cock.. around 7 inches and same thick.. I told the same to him..and started kissing again… I hold both cocks and was stroking together. I went back to his navel area and kissed and went down further kissing his inner thighs and slowly moved bit by bit near his cock.. Then I came to 69 position and we both were kissing on thighs and cock region. He started to suck my cock, His warm mouth made me more crazy and ran my tongue on his cock head and took inside fully. Both were sucking like machine each other cocks.. after some times I got down the bed and asked him to come down and suck.. he sat on floor and started sucking my cock… i was face fucking him.. then asked him to sit on Bed and I sat down to suck his cock.. we both were enjoying sucking cocks in many positions and kissings.. after sometimes I told him that I am going to cum.. then we both laid on 69 position started sucking fast… both came at the same time.. and we drank fully.. Again I kissed him told him… I love you dear..

I am fully exahusted due to very very long session.. so we both were sleeping nude under bedsheet. After marriage I got this habit of sleeping nude after sex…. But I realized after sometimes Ravi put on his clothes and slept. Woke up in the morning around 5.30 by hearing somebody was talking outside. I put on my dress and came out nobody was outside. I went for morning stuffs and came back in 10 mins then I saw Kumar standing there and greeting me. While we were talking Ravi woke up and came out and we 3 of them was talking. Ravi said he will back in 5 mins and left for morning stuff, after sometimes Kumar asked “so mams.. whole night matteraa”.. I got tensioned but try to manage with “hey what are you talking I was sleeping here and your sister in other home. If you were girl.. I should have fucked you”. I talked like this because I used to tease kumar also the same way as Ravi.

I was thinking.. he might came early to home without knowing that we are in his room and saw me sleeping nude… my cock should be in full hard due to morning boner. Kumar further said.. “You have big snake mams.. and why are you showing it to me”. I dont know how to react, I went near him and try to hit him. He hold my hand and said, Why dont you do same thing with me what ever you did with Ravi yesterday night.. I was surprised and said.. I didnt do anything with him.. then he asked if so.. why his brief was down and you were fully nude… I am speechless.. Before I react anything Ravi came there and topic got changed. I am confused whether Kumar wants to have sex or just teasing me. Also what Ravi will think about it.

we had small conversation and left from there, Sunday was so busy due to festival. But whenever I met Kumar He used to tease with yesterday night incident. Sunday night I was having discussion with my wife about next day plan because I have to go office next day. So our plan is me and Ravi will leave next day early and my wife will come with other Blaw’s family. That time Kumar and Ravi both brought something from temple and kept inside home, again come to the discussion of where to sleep tonight. Kumar said I will take both of them to our home, all agreed but I was confused and not sure what was plan of Kumar for that night. So we all started, Ravi said he will handover something to elder Bro in temple and will come back directly from there.. so I took Kumar bike and he was sitting behind me. He is sitting very close to me and hugging.. it is unusual from him I asked him to move back but he was teasing me.

On the way to his home we saw my elder Blaw so I stopped bike and was telling him our next day plan, Kumar and Blaw was having some discussion. Suddenly power went off and we were still in discussion.. Kumar slowly moved his hand to my scrotch area.. I dont know how to react because my elder Blaw is still talking with us.. Kumar hold my cock.. it started growing.. Since power gone my elder Blaw said he has to go and check what happend and he left. I asked Kumar to remove his hand, but he said I like this very much and wants to suck today. I tease him like you are not a girl to fuck tonight.. and we reached home and power also came back. Me and Kumar sat outside and having discussion I tried to move away from sex topic, but he is talking about that only. He told, he started to like sucking cock during his college time, Where his senior’s forced to do it.

After sometimes Ravi also came there.. had small discussion then we decided to sleep because next day need to start early. We went to room and removed our shirt. That day both Ravi and kumar wearing lungi but I was wearing dhothi. Ravi slept near wall, me on the middle and kumar at the end. Lights are still on my dhothi moved and exposing my brief one side. Kumar saw that and his eyes full of lust now. Ravi is on the other side I dont want to start anything, I was laying there and still talking. Kumar went out for pissing, I told Ravi that Kumar sensed our yesterday session and asked me directly. Ravi surprised with that and asked how come, hope he came early around 4.30am when we were in deep sleep in hugging each other and I was nude. During this Kumar came back and asked shall i switch off light. I said yes.

After lights went off, Kumar laid down and hold my cock directly. It is fully hard now, he took out of my brief and started stroking it. Then I decided nothing to hide now, so I pulled Ravi and started kissing. Mean while Kumar moved down and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking it.

We all three removed our dress and standding I was hugging ravi and kissing kumar. Kumar is having very thick cock around 6 inches, I hold their both cocks and stroking. Kumar does not show interest in kissing and shows interest in sucking cock and lick ass. So he went down and took our cocks in his hand and started sucking it like PRO. He is very good in sucking, I felt good sensation in my veins.. As I like kissing more, me and Ravi were kissing.. Kumar is sucking our cocks.. Kumar asked to bend both of us in bed.. he started sucking and licking our ass and cock.

We tried all positions to sucked each other cocks.. most of the time Kumar dominated us in sucking our cocks.. then we laid in triangle position where Kumar suck Ravi cock, Ravi suck mine and I am sucking Kumar’s. Kumar came inside me soon.. after that Kumar and Ravi increased the speed.. Me and Ravi also came and drank.. all 3 exhausted now with good sex. So put on our dress and slept.

Now both Ravi and Kumar got married and having kids. After that incident I didnt get chance to have sex again with Kumar. But still I am continuing secret relationship with my lovely Blaw Ravi. We are happily living with our family and enjoying when ever we get chance. If you like this story and wants to pass on your comment send it to [email protected]

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