Best Friends Turns Out To Be The Most Exciting Partner In Bed

Hello Everyone.

I’m Ahmed from Chennai. I’ve been reaching a lot of stories here recently and thought it’s time for me to share one of experience. I don’t think taking about me makes any sense here yet I’m 27 slim to athletic body 5’7h and good looking. I share one of my many experience. It’s a bit long but I am not sure how it cut it down. feel free to share your comments on [email protected]

This incident happened a few years back. I was working international banking based MNC company where most of the shifts were in nights. We joining batch had a mixed crowd for various departments. I happen to meet Sheryl (name changed…obviously) and we turned out to good friends during the training period. Soon after the training we were kept so busy and we hardly met.

People in our company were either too serious or too funny to be with. we found ourself in a complete nightmare. I’m known to be very active and talkative but never had a chance to be myself. Myself and Sheryl understood the work atmosphere and agreed to go with the tide and be ourselves outside office. Like in any other story, I never had any intentions on her as she was a good friend but obviously you get occasional peeks which I never carry it my mind and it just passes by.

Sheryl was Anglo Indian from Chennai, a upper middle class family with both her parents working and travel frequently. This gave us enough time and privacy at her house for our occasional booze parties with our common friends from training and movie marathons for just the 2 of us. Her parents are very friendly when in town and they live downstairs wherein Sheryl has shared her space in the 1st floor along with her friend Caroline who is from another city.

One such evening when we were walking down to the parking lot after work we found Sheryl bike was punctured. It was 8pm and it was hard to find a mechanic at that hour, I decided to drop her home but just then we entered the car, Caroline called up from a pub and asked if Sheryl could join. I agreed to give company Sheryl and headed to the famous pub Ten Downing Street Pub in Chennai.

It was ladies night and drink for the women were on the house. She had few Vodka shorts while I ended up with 3 cans of red bull as I had to drive back home. Caroline and her boyfriend left home early for obvious reasons. When we reached home Sheryl invited me for a drink as she felt sorry for me at the pub.

Caroline and her boyfriend locked up the room so we settled in the hall. She gave me the left over absolute vodka from our previous party with some chips and 7up and left to take a shower. She took some time to return by that time I was enjoying the music on TV and almost finished the drink.

The lights were turned off and TV light lit the hall but it was still dark. Sheryl came back in hot shorts and a lose Tee. Everything was still normal as we continued commenting on the dancers on TV. I had a chance to see her fully when I stroked the matches to lit a smoke, I found her completely stunning in that light. She was little tan and had a perfect hour glass figure with a smooth and shiny skin. with no control in what i was saying i told her “Sheryl you are a sexy goddess and you are already giving me a hard on”…. It took some time to realize and I quickly apologize but she made it easy for me saying that I was not me but the booze made me say it….

We managed to get to our normal conversation but I wanted to go further as it was now hard for me to distract myself seeing her fine body which was completely waxed. Her wet hairs were making marking on her Tee and I could see that he was wearing a tie up bra inside. This time I told her that I will be honest and it is getting difficult but to accept that she is getting me completed turned on, may be because of the clothes that she is wearing. I will narrate the conversation as I still remember how it all went…

Sheryl (S): Stop blabbering buddy… you are high…

Me: I serious look at you… any guy will fall for what you are….. and your perfume is even driving me crazy…

S: so you find me attractive only now when you are high and never bothered all these days

Me: you never got dressed like this before…. (with my eyes still glued on her)

S: Stop starring man…. I feel so naked

Me: How I wish you were…..

There was a long pause…… she then said lets go to terrace to get some fresh air … I was disappointed but never lost the hope… It was 2am on a weekday and there not a single soul seen around. She said that she wanted to smoke and asked me to lit it. I was standing right behind her so rolled my arms around her with a lighter in my hand. I went so close that I could feel her firm humps on her ass.

She was shocked and dropped the cigarette but I continued to be in my position for sometime feeling the warmth within….I’m sure she felt the dick raise on her ass. She turned within my arms but made sure that she was very close to me so that she can feel my dick in every move of hers. I was now looking in to her eyes with her books pressed hard on me. My dick was now poking hard on her pussy with our clothes still on. I moved my hand to her flat yet curvy hips and left her body for the first time. We both had a slight shiver at that moment but I was much excited to move my hands a bit higher until I reached the edge of her bra.

As I tried entering the bra with both my thumbs she hugged me even hard and kissed my lips as hard as she could…. We kissed each other for long, It was so intensifying that we were fighting to find each other tongues….. I couldn’t help it but tear her tee with all my force… she was trying to unbutton my shirt but was could do it as fast she wanted to….

I moved away to remove my shirt and asked if we should go down for which she said loved the cool breeze on her body….. she couldn’t wait but came close sooner I got out of shirt… Her perfume along with her sweat got me more excited and I started feasting on her ear lobes to another and neck, I rolled my tongue all over and never rested.

She was trembling as I continued to be busy with my tongue I pulled the strings of her bra. She hugged me even hard when the bra felt down. She purposely swung her body on both sides so that I could feel the hard nipple on my chest. Without delaying I rolled my tongue from her ear to the side tip of her lips, moved slowly to her lower neck bones….

She eased her body so that I can reach my hand to her boobs but instead I pulled her shorts down a bit with hands and pushed it all the way down with legs….

Now I pushed her away as she tried to get out of her shorts to see her sexy and flawless body for the first time. Yes she was not wearing any underwear… just then realized that it was not all my efforts as she was prepared already….

The light from the distant sodium vapour street lamp made her skin glow than ever. She was not shy anymore, she kinda danced a bit coming close to me and went busy with my trousers. Losing her patience she threw her hands inside my trousers to reach my dick and gave an excited shout…. She ordered to remove my clothes as she couldn’t wait longer to see my long and erect tool….

Well I never felt so happy to have a 8” (or more not sure because I never measured it) till that date as Sheryl was super happy to see mine. We almost forgot that we were standing nude in a terrace and just enjoyed what we were doing….

We shared few comments on each other…. She was trying to cover the length my dick by trying to hold both her hands and I was busy circling my fingers on her nipples. It was hard but yet soft…. I bent down a little to reach her left boobs while still circling the other nipple. I was sucking as hard as I could and changed sides frequently… I am sure every guy would admit that they would love to suck boobs forever…..

In time Sheryl managed to go down fully and started licking the sides of my dick… She moved so accurately like an expert… she made sure she licked the entire length from the sides before she started licking the head like a lollipop… I could not manage further but ended up cumming all over her… She seemed to like the taste and enjoyed every bit of it….

I am sure it’s gonna take some time for me get another hard on so I grabbed the blacked which was put to dry in the terrace and spread it on the floor. I went straight to pussy and licked the entire length of her pussy crack up to her butt hole. Her shivers made me sure that she liked it…. But I had time so started exploring every part of her clean shaved pussy. Parted he pussy lips, licked the inner part and almost chewed her pussy and made sure to know what made her enjoy the more….

In the mean time she was getting the exact rhythm to get me hard again and pushed away saying ”now put that thing into me…….” she was lying on her back with eyes closed, She moved her chin upwards as in she was trying to see things above her forehead and waited for the moment… I teased her by rubbing the tip of dick at her pussy…strangely she seem to enjoy it to.

This time I pushed my dick in one go and entered her fully… (nope I wasn’t the first guy… because she was in a relationship few years back……anyways) She tried to sit up seeing me inside and asked….” How did that monster go in fully” she was kinda surprised to see it happen… but I was no mood and started to get my rhythm to and fro…. She rolled on top…sat over me and did her part perfectly…. While I held her jumping boobs with both my hands….. we kept changing few position every few minutes…. I took my dick out just in time to make sure we don’t have complications…buy she jumped on to take my dick in her mouth as I cummed all over again….

We laid there nude for a long time playing with each other in the moon light….. We walked down the stairs nude carrying all our clothes. We noticed that Caroline’s boyfriend has left and she was asleep… we made out once again but this more silent before we crashed to sleep….

Since then we met often but rarely had a chance to have fun as we always played it for long and solid time in foreplays than just a quickie…… but our friends were with us most of time… once Caroline found us kissing each other….. But she was cool about it…

We even occasionally booked the star hotels or elite resorts to fulfill our fantasies like having a drink when we were nude inside a bathtub etc… all continued for a year…later she had to move to Bangalore got married and then moved to Hungary for her job and eventually lost touch….or maybe we never wanted to stay connected after her marriage…

Share your thoughts and feedback… i will share more of my experiences…. May be I will share the experience of me massage to women next time 😉

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