Breastfeeding To Her First love

Riya stood back from the back of the car and wondered if she had left anything behind. She looked at the packed boot and went over in her mind everything that was in there. From food for the day to changes of clothes in case the weather changed, or they got wet from unexpected rain.

Shreyas ambled up to the car. She asked him if he could think of anything they had left behind. He looked at the packed car and back at her. ‘Forgot anything? Really mom, could we fit anything more in?’

She laughed at him. ‘Do you have a sweater in case it cools down?’

‘Yeah, it is on the back seat – and Rajesh’s is there too.’

Rajesh came out of the front door, locked it and joined them in the car.

‘Mom is worried we’ve forgotten something.’

Rajesh looked carefully at the packed essentials, and then turned and looked at her with a serious gaze.

‘I can’t see the kitchen sink.’

Shreyas punched him playfully on the arm. ‘Idiot!’

‘Come on you too, its time to get going, if we’ve forgotten anything we’ll just have to do without.’

After arguing as always about who was in the front seat with Riya, they set off. Their destination was a National Park, an hour’s drive north. Once out of the city traffic the road opened up before them. Riya enjoyed the open ground, the trees, and the blue sky as they drove.

She felt the pressures of home lift from her shoulders as they drove, her boys with her. She looked across at Shreyas in the seat next to her. His eyes fixed on the view out the window. Rajesh in the seat behind, his window down slightly and the wind blowing his thick hair awry.

Her heart filled with love for her young men. She eagerly looked forward to the national park. With lunch almost finished, Riya packed what was left of the food. The trip and lunch had been refreshing, and a lot of fun. The three of them were excited to be together.

They laughed and joked, the boys teasing each other, and calling on Riya to settle whatever little argument they were joking about.

‘I hope you put the cricket bat and ball in Rajesh.’

‘Of course, someone has to be the brains around here. Just as well we weren’t depending on you!’

‘Ha smartarse, we’ll see how long you last with the bat.’

‘Finally worked out how to bowl have you?’

‘Ha! Come on let’s see who has been practicing.’

Laughing they ran off to a cleared area to play together. Riya happily cleared up and started to walk down a track. It led to the rocks at the base of the peak that was the center of the park.

A Landrover approached along the track, and she stepped off to let it pass. She waved and smiled as it passed. But it stopped a few meters past her. She turned and looked at the driver as he opened the door and stepped out.

‘Riya? Is that you?’

The man was medium height, with the fair skin of an Anglo Indian, and his face was familiar but she couldn’t place it.

‘Riya, it is you! You don’t remember me?’

‘I…I…dont know, you look familiar.’

‘Riya, surely you don’t forget? It is Peter!’

‘Peter? Is it you?’

‘Of course, it is, have you forgotten me?’

‘No, of course not, I just didn’t recognize you.’

Peter was her first boyfriend when they were still at school. He was two years older than her, and two classes in front of her. When she looked at him now she could see it was him. He put his hands on her shoulders.

‘Oh my god, let me look at you. You are beautiful, more beautiful now than when I knew you.’

His gaze was intense, and she looked down, then back up at him. ‘And you Peter, you are a man now, and handsome.’ He laughed. ‘I think you need glasses, Riya.’ She laughed with him.

‘So tell me about you, tell me everything.’

They stayed near his car and shared their stories. He was married now, with 2 children. He worked as a park ranger here. She told him of her husband, her stepson Shreyas and his friend Rajesh, who were out of sight now.

Peter and Riya were a couple when they were still in college near the end of their junior years, together for nearly three years. Riya was convinced that they would go to university, take up employment and marry. Her mother, however, stopped that ever happening.

Even after all the time that had passed she felt easy with him. He was relaxed, eager and open to share what had happened in his life.

‘Let me take you up to the peak, we can use my car, the view is wonderful.’

‘Are you sure it’s ok?’

‘Of course, climb in. It won’t take long.’

Riya looked back, she couldn’t see the boys but she could hear faint calls and laughter.

‘Come on, we’ll be back soon.’

His tone reassured her. She settled in the front passenger seat, patting the folds of her saree around her.

‘I’m not dressed for walking am I?’

He laughed, ‘Well you always looked beautiful in traditional dress, and now you are even more so.’

‘Yes, but look, these are hardly traditional.’ She lifted the hem of her saree and waved her feet, clad in gym trainers.

‘Ha Riya, you always did bend the rules.’

They laughed together, and Riya was happy in his company. The car pulled up in a car park area. Peter escorted her to the lookout, up some steps and on to a landing perched on the edge of cliffs. He held out his hand for her to climb the final step, and Riya’s hand felt electricity that surprised her.

They stood on the edge, quietly taking in the magnificent scene now opened before them.

‘It’s so quiet up here, no one else is around.’

Yeah, it’s mostly like this on weekdays. On Saturday, the place will be crawling with people. I love the weekdays, always jobs to do but no one to disturb me.’

‘Yes, this peace is so calming.’

‘It’s a wonder you can’t hear my heartbeat…’

Riya was lost for words for a couple of seconds. ‘Oh…’

She realized her own heart was beating fast in her chest. There was a tingling feeling deep inside her. Her hands rested on the rail in front of her, and she watched his fingers close over hers. Once again his touch was like turning on a switch that electrified her fingers where he touched her.

She was conscious of his head turned towards her, looking at her, but she daren’t look at him. However, she kept her hand on the rail and watched as his fingers entwined with hers.

‘Riya,’ he started quietly. ‘There’s not a day when I haven’t thought about you. Even when I married and had my family, I never stopped thinking about you. Wondering where you were, who you were with, what happened to you.’

‘I know,’ she replied almost in a whisper. ‘I never forgot about you, I wondered about you too, and hoped you were living a happy life.’

‘I am happier now I have seen you.’

His fingers squeezed hers, and she tightened her fingers around his. She was conscious of his closeness, their hips touching. He turned slightly and she seemed to nestle against him. She felt his armrest on the shoulder closest to him. Then he moved his hand and his arm was around her.

She settled in against him, feeling the strength of him. His hand brushed her shoulder, caressing her. Instinctively they turned towards one another and then they were holding each other close. His arms squeezed her, her face rested against him. They moved apart.

She raised her eyes and gazed into his and their lips were touching. It was the kiss of a question at first. His lips touched hers, then touched again before he pressed harder. Her lips moved against his, then it was a series of light-touch kisses. Both of them withdrawing back, then closing in again, lips touching.

It was like a rhythm she thought. As the rhythm of gentle sex, moving in and then withdrawing. Then she felt his tongue flicker on her lips. The touch was electric. At times she was a teenager again, exploring new sensations and feeling new stirrings inside her. Then at other times, she was herself now.

Remembering what it was like to surrender to touch and kiss. When his tongue flickered again she felt her mouth open to his. Then the kiss had taken over all her senses. She surrendered to the sensation of his lips and tongue. Her whole body responding.

For what seemed like ages they kissed. His hands caressing her, his body pressed against hers, her arms holding him close to her. At last, they pulled apart and stood, holding each other. He told her again how much he had missed her, how he thought of her every day.

Riya had had some uncertain thoughts at first, but this felt so right, she felt no guilt.

‘We better sit in the car, this is too much in the open.’


He took her hand and led her to the car and they settled into the seats. Their hands together, her thumb caressing his palm. He told her how much she meant to him. How after her mother had forbidden them to have anything to do with each other he had had eighteen months of misery, unable to get her out of his mind.

Their situations had been similar. Their families had found someone for them to marry, and each had settled into marriage and family. But a connection between them had never been lost. They kissed some more. Their gentle touches and kisses becoming more passionate and heated.

His hands had found their way under her saree to her back and he caressed her bare skin. He held her, his hand close to the side of her breast. Riya knew he was being gentle with her, not wishing to do anything against her wishes. She moved back against his resting hand.

His fingers now rested on her breast, exactly as she had planned the movement. His touch was electric on her skin. His palm holding her breast outside her bra, then they were fumbling and kissing like teenagers. His breathing was heavy, matched by her soft moans as his hands fumbled with her bra.

Then his fingers were touching her, caressing her nipples, his mouth hard against hers. Their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. His hands fondling her breasts and nipples aroused her passions. She squeezed her thighs together. She could feel the moisture dampening her panties.

His hands now brought her saree up to her knees and he was stroking her thighs, then pressing them apart.

‘We can’t, not here.’

‘Riya, I want you so much.’

‘I know, I want you too but not here. It’s not private, and too uncomfortable.’

In answer, he took her hand and pressed it against his groin. He was hard inside his cotton work pants. She held him, then squeezed and stroked him.

‘Oh Riya, your touch is fantastic.’

She continued to hold him, then with both hands she opened his zipper, fumbled inside his pants and exposed his cock. The touch if his hard flesh on her fingertips was thrilling. She played with the tip with her fingers and thumb, then stroked him up and down his shaft.

Riya knew what was next. She wanted Peter, even after all the years. But she didn’t want a fumbling awkward experience in his car. She looked at his cock as she stroked, thinking that this was the first that had penetrated her virgin vagina. He was thick around the girth. She remembered how he felt inside her.

She bent down and took him in her mouth. At first, just using her tongue to lick his tip, and then around the ridge below his knob. Her lips closed over his tip and she sucked gently, grasping his shaft. Then she swallowed him feeling him press against her cheeks.

Riya was practiced at this and she knew how to bring him close to the edge. Playing with the tip with her lips and tongue, taking him deep in her mouth then backing off. Just using her hand to stroke him before she brought him to a peak of excitement again.

She could feel the orgasm building inside him. She knew he had reached the point where al he could do was cum. And cum he did, spurting inside her, she felt the warm stickiness in her mouth. He spurted and spurted and she sucked his knob and his cock thrust against her mouth.

He was moaning and moaning, his hand rubbing her back. She pulled back and swallowed again, drinking the warm sticky juice, tasting the tangy nutty flavor. By the time Peter had recovered and his breathing returned to normal his cock had lost its hardness.

Bending down again she licked the last drops of cum from his cock, then licked all around the tip, tasting him. She took a tissue out of her bag and wiped him down.

At last, he could speak. ‘Oh my god Riya, you are fantastic.’

‘You are too Peter.’

For another half an hour they talked, about what would happen now. Whether they would see each other again. She told him her husband was often working away. But she had Rajesh and her toddler daughter with her most times.

‘How old is she?’

‘My daughter? She’s 14 months, growing quickly now.’

‘I can see you are still breastfeeding,’ he smiled at her and pointed at the damp spots on the front of her sari top.

‘Oh, I’m so sorry,’ she felt herself redden.

‘Oh no, it’s ok, I love to see that on you.’


‘Oh yes, it’s so sexy to see that. I have a bit of a fetish for breastmilk.’

‘Really? I don’t believe you.’ She folded her arms across her breasts to hide the damp spots, she felt embarrassed.

‘No, it’s true, I love it.’

He reached forward and took her arms away. She let him, and raised her eyes and met his.

‘It’s ok Riya, all of you is beautiful. I love to see that on you .’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘that’s interesting…’

Riya was intrigued to hear of his passion for breastfeeding.

‘When your wife was breastfeeding, did you ever…well… you know…?’

‘Taste her milk? No, I wanted to so much, but she is a bit prudish and wouldn’t allow me. I always wanted to, with both our kids.’

Riya sat back in the car seat, facing half towards him. She slowly unbuttoned all the buttons on her top and pushed the material aside. Still looking at him, she undid the front clasp of her nursing bra and eased the cups apart. Her soft breasts, heavy with milk and plump were exposed to him.

He looked intently at her, her face and eyes, and with wonder at her breasts. She squeezed her left nipple slightly, and drops of milk appeared. She touched with her fingers, then put the finger to her lips and licked it. She squeezed again, still looking at him.

This time she reached her hand toward his mouth and touched his lips. He sucked her fingertip. Even in the confines of the car, he was able to lean forward and cup her breast with his hand, marveling at the softness. He leaned forward further.

His lips closed over her nipple and he sucked, feeling her nipple harden in his mouth. The milk came slowly. As he continued to suck he felt it ward and sweet in his mouth and he swallowed. His hand was holding her other breast. Riya curled her fingers in his hair as he suckled her.

She enjoyed Rajesh and Shreyas milking her. But this was different. There was a sensuality about her gifting her mother’s milk to this man she had known so many years ago. Her body was simmering after sucking him. She felt deep inside her a fire burning.

As he sucked her, his arm was across her. his elbow on the lower part of her belly. She squirmed her hips against him. He responded by pushing against her, his elbow bone rubbing on her mound. He moved against her. And now sucked her other breast, his mouth filling with her milk that was seeping out of her nipples.

Eventually, Riya lifted his head off her and looked at her watch.

‘I have to go, it’s getting late.’

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