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Hi, I am new to this Indian Sex Stories and am going to share my real experience to all ISS readers so let me introduce myself, Sudhir and am working in MNC company and looking smart with height 5.8 so let start the story.

Am from decent family so I didn’t get any chance to fuck anybody so I plan to started posting myself as a call boy (which I am not) on a few blog sites. I never got any reply and thought that this is just waste and will not work. But one fine day I got a mail from a lady called Sarika (name changed). So I replied through a mail for 2days after we exchange the number then we talk through phone for another 2days then this turn to an sex talking through a phone then finally she arrange a day in her home so she give me an home address and she told me to reach at 11am

Then I wake up early and got fresh up and I got more excitement to see her and I reached her home at 11am then I rang the bell she opened the door with smiling really she was so beautiful she wearing red saree so it’s damn beautiful with the shape of 34-30-36d by looking at her I think her age may be around 30 so by seeing her I stun in front of the door she again call me to get inside, and then I sit on the sofa and she went to kitchen to brought some cool drink and she handed over a cool drink then I have it by seeing her structure. Then she told me that I never get satisfaction from my husband so please show me some moon and stars and make me satisfied women and she went to the room after 2min she call me to come to the room.

Then I get into the room she already sat on the bed she pour some romantic rose and some flower on the bed to get mood then I sat near to her and I can see her cleavage through a transparent saree it’s inviting me to bit and squeeze and to taste but she didn’t give green signal, finally she put her hand on my things any how my big rod is already in action by touching my thing she ready to squeeze it and we both make lip locking and smooch for 10min…

Then I removed her saree, blouse and petticoat now she was in red bra and in red panty by looking it my rod getting out of my pant and now she removed my t-shirt, pant and I was in my underwear even she removed it and she got surprised by seeing my 7 inch dick and she was happy and make me to sit on bed and suck my dick for 10min it’s feel like I was in haven so then I removed her bra her nipple become hard so I test it for 5min then I removed her panty it’s already wet.

And I start licking her body from top to bottom and finally I go to things and I play with her pussy with my tongue and I ask her to did you experience squirting, she replied no then I ask shall I make you then

she happily replied did you know that and I replied with smile just laid down, then I make her leg widened and put my right finger and tongue in her pussy and keep my left hand on her boobs to squeeze to get her to mood and I start the work, she stared to moaning loudly and ask me to fuck… Fuck… And finally she shouted by peeing on my face s.. S… S… S.. Fuck.. Fuck.. And I stared even faster she makes whole bed into wet, she makes my whole body with her squirt even I enjoyed and she slept for 2min.

After she wake up and huge me and told that I never had this in my whole life so I enjoyed and she tell me that I think your squirt experts by listing that I smiled, and she ask me to get some water because she got full strain due to squirt and we talk some 10min, after we again smooch and she held my rod again I lick her whole body she ask me to insert my dick and I finally insert my dick she shouted and she enjoying my stroke.

And I seeped my move and she loudly says fuck hard…. And finally she ejaculates thick white saliva and again I make her to doggy style and again I fuck her and I make cum so I laid on the bed and we both sleep for another half an hour.

Again we wake up and ask her to bring oil, she ask me which oil I replied any massage oil if not bring coconut oil she brings an coconut oil and I make her to laid down with face down and I pour oil on her back, neck and I make her massage and I make her turn around and pour oil on tips, stomach and her pussy and even I pour oil on my body and rub her body with my body and she enjoying that and ask me to fuck again and I replied wait baby and I do it for 15min.

Finally she is out of control and again she ask me to fuck,then I think now this is the time and then I told her to get into the bathroom, so we moved to the bathroom and I turn on the shower we both huge and smooching, I take a shampoo bottle and pour it into her and make washing her body, she do the same thing to me so I make her to laid down in the shower and I fucking in that shower so it’s amazing and even she enjoyed it and after again we do it with doggy style and we finished and we both take a bath and we come out of it and we dressed up and time is 3.30pm it’s time to her child coming from school

Then she thank me and told now am a satisfied woman am very happy I never think like this before you make my day so special so again she huge me and handed over a some wrapped paper I asked what it is she told don’t return back please keep it am happily given to you so I opened it I found 8 thousand in it and I told her am not do this for money only for enjoyment, she replied I know but keep it for my gift she again make me kiss and finally she told me that when ever if I got time I will make you call so please come, like she told me at the end even I replied Of course I most welcome so I leave the place.

If any women are unsatisfied women, girl, aunty of any age in Bangalore call me am here for your enjoyment and send me feedback to my mail ‘[email protected]’ and if any mistake in my written please excuses so thank you for given an opportunity to describe my real experience with you thank you…. Am waiting for your feedback.

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