Cam Model Prepares Me To Fuck Co-worker!

Hello ISS readers, I am Donald D’mello (Age 28) from Goa and I am going to share an enchanting experience that I have enjoyed with a webcam model named Arushi.

My colleagues recommended me to try out the live sex chat website, as I wanted to develop confidence in seducing my divorced co-worker.

My very first video session with Delhi sex chat’s well-liked webcam model Arushi (age 21) from Lucknow, gave me ideas to fuck a divorced woman. Continue reading this story and find out how you can do it too!

I work in a company that monitors the TRP rating of television channels. I have a female co-worker with whom I have been working till late hours for the past seven months.

My co-worker’s name is Clarissa who is a 27-year-old divorcee. After her divorce, Clarissa started working till late hours in the office and I started getting sexually attracted to her.

For seven months, I have been planning to fuck Clarissa in the office. Clarissa’s bodily figure and attire would make anyone shoot their load inside their underpants.

I wanted to make a move on her but felt reluctant to do so. Without any strong experience in flirting or seducing women for sex, I could end up looking like a moron in front of her.

So, I decided to try out various flirting and seduction techniques on another woman before approaching Clarissa. I didn’t know any girl on whom I could gain confidence in flirting. Hence, I consulted three of my trusted friends on this matter and they suggested me to have a live sex chat session on the DSC website.

The idea was to practice flirting with a webcam model before seducing Clarissa. My friends assured me that the DSC website would be a perfect place to find a webcam model who would bring confidence in me to flirt and seduce. Even I felt that it would be a good place to have fun with an open-minded woman before approaching Clarissa.

I waited till the weekend arrived and on Sunday afternoon, I accessed the webpage of Delhi sex chat. I created my profile and started looking for a perfect match.

I was looking for a webcam model who had a fair complexion, hourglass bodily figure, round and firm tits, bulging tight ass, and an overall appearance that would remind me of Clarissa.

I found several women who were a perfect match for what I was looking for. I decided to have an XXX video chat session with a model named Arushi. I wrote down the names of other webcam models too as they were equally tempting.

I proceeded further by purchasing credits for the chat with Arushi and the session began almost instantly after the payment.

Arushi was on the screen smiling at me as though we were long-time partners. She was lying on the couch on one side with her head resting on her right hand. She was wearing a peach-colored t-dress that reached her thighs. Her hair was black and styled in a ponytail. Her big round tits marked their impression on the peach-colored t-dress.

The hourglass shape line of her body formed while lying down on one side was mesmerizing. Arushi’s skin complexion, bodily figure, and friendly smile were an open invitation for a passionate session.

Arushi: Hi, sweetheart! Thanks for selecting me for the XXX video chat. Tell me about your horny desires and we both can have some fun. (She gently moved her left hand from her thighs and reached her pussy inside the t-dress; rubbing it to tease me).

Myself: You are looking gorgeous. I selected you because you remind me of my hot co-worker. I have been planning to fuck her in my office lately, but I don’t know how to lure her into the trap. Maybe you could help me find a way to have sex with my co-worker.

I informed Arushi about my lust for Clarissa and how badly I wanted to crush her abandoned pussy. I explained Arushi about my relationship with Clarissa; as a co-worker, a close friend. I even told her about Clarissa’s divorce.

Arushi understood the situation Clarissa was in and gave me some guidelines to approach her the next time I see her. To build up my confidence, Arushi suggested a role-playing game where I was to follow some of the given guidelines.

Arushi: Sweetheart, just do as I told you and act naturally. With what you have told me about Clarissa, I am quite sure that she will respond to your desires positively. I’ll be back in two minutes, be ready.

She came back wearing a white formal silk shirt and a black pencil skirt, the kind of formal outfit that Clarissa wears in office. She stood in front of the webcam giving a full front view of her round and firm tits with a thick cleavage line and then turned her back to show the shape of her tight bulging ass from the pencil skirt.

Arushi sat on the couch with legs crossed and began with the role-playing. Unable to resist the temptation anymore, I pulled my erect penis out through the boxer hole and began to caress it. Who wouldn’t?

Arushi: Alright sweetheart put your cock back inside your boxer or else you will shoot your load all over the screen before we even begin (giggles). Now, focus on what I told you earlier, just act naturally and be confident. A divorced woman cannot resist a man like you, believe me. Let’s begin the role-playing.

Did you understand this setup? We are working till late hours, as usual. Today is the day you decide to climb on Mount Clarissa, so you made your first move by working on the office terrace floor with her after office hours.

Remember, you are sexually stimulated towards her and she has grown friendly towards you for the past several months. Let’s start.

I took a deep breath. I imagined that Clarissa and I are sitting on the couch of the office terrace floor working till late hours.

Myself: Clarissa, I hope you liked this new place to work after office hours. We don’t have to sit in the same mundane office atmosphere.

Arushi: Yes, this place helps to clear the mind of stressful thoughts. I wish we had our massage chair somewhere nearby. It soothes my backache really well. Now I will have to go all the way down to the recreation room.

Myself: If you don’t mind, I could give you a better massage than that machine. I mean why that stupid machine should have all the fun (winking).

Arushi: Shut up (Grins). (She turns on her left side). Here, show me what you can do.

Arushi started rubbing her lower back and moved upwards as far as she could reach. She caressed and rubbed her back muscles. The side view of her big and firm breast inside the silk shirt made me stroke my dick in ecstasy.

Arushi: Hmm! You are doing well, but I cannot feel your fingers well enough. Try rubbing a little harder.

Myself: I’m afraid that won’t help. The fabric of your shirt is thick and silky. If you could pull your shirt tucked inside your pencil skirt out, then I could give you a better massage.

Arushi pulled out her shirt tucked inside her black pencil skirt. I saw the red string of her thongs around her waist when she pulled out her shirt. Arushi reached her back from under the shirt and started pulling her back muscles gently.

Arushi: (sighs in pleasure) O Donald! Now I can feel your magical fingers moving on my skin. Keep moving upwards like this. Let me remove my shirt, you will be able to reach the upper back and shoulders.

Arushi unbuttoned and removed her white silk shirt. Her 36D cups were bulging out from her red bra. She moved her hands all over her back, stomach, and shoulders. She periodically brought her hands down to rub her lower back.

Myself: Can I remove the bra straps, so that I can massage the full portion of your back area? You can still cover your breasts with the bra if you want. I just want to make you feel better…

Arushi: Fine, fine. I understand. Go ahead, remove the straps dear.

Arushi removed her bra straps and revealed her curvy side view of her big plump fair melons. Even her nipples were fair in color. She began to caress her stomach.

Myself: Clarissa, why are you breathing so heavily?

Arushi: Isn’t that a stupid question to ask? (She sighs in pleasure). You are massaging my naked upper body. How do you think that makes me feel? Don’t wait for an invitation now, go ahead, grab my tits and squeeze them hard.

Arushi held her plump breasts with both hands; squeezed and moved them in circles.

Myself: Oh Clarissa, your nipples have become so tight. You’ve been enjoying my massage so far.

Arushi stretched her hand back as if to reach for the cock inside my boxer.

Arushi: And how about you? You’ve been getting this kind of erection ever since I became your co-worker. Pull your dick out; I want to squeeze them between my tits.

Arushi opened a drawer beside the couch and took out a black dildo which she placed on the wooden table in front of the couch. She squatted on the floor, pressed the dildo between her tits and began to stroke it.

Arushi: Take it; you wanted this for a long time, didn’t you. Always staring at my tits, now take a good look at them.

Myself: Oh yes! Stroke it harder. Everybody in our office wants to get hold of your juicy tits, and you keep teasing them. I’m the lucky bastard who kept patience and got the prize.

Arushi: I know that. I was just waiting for you to make a move. Your presence also makes my pussy wet which is why I keep going to the washroom frequently during our late shifts.

Arushi stood up and removed her black pencil skirt. The sight of her red thong covering her wet pussy, her well-toned thighs made me stroke my dick harder.

She turned around and teased me with her big ass. She was swinging her ass in serpentine motion which made me stroke my penis even harder.

She then pulled up the string of her thongs that revealed her ass crack. Finally, she pulled down her thong by bending forward and stretched her legs to give a good view of her black asshole.

Arushi stretched her ass cheeks and gave a gaping view of her asshole and the light brown colored skin surrounding it. She lubricated her pussy with her saliva and sat down on the black dildo placed on the wooden table.

The black dildo went deep inside her pussy and when it was completely in, her asshole opened up a bit. She then placed her legs closer, kept her hands on her knees and began to do move up and down on the dildo going inside her wet pussy.

Arushi: You are the lucky bastard because you made your move like a man. Other dickless monkeys in our office could only afford to masturbate at the sight of my tight skirt or cleavage. Fuck me harder; fuck my abandoned pussy, Hmm… Oh yes!

Arushi then turned around facing the webcam and sat on the pussy by spreading her legs across the length of the wooden table.

She rubbed her clitoris with her left-hand index finger while moaning in pleasure. As she moved harder on the dildo, her plump melons began to bounce. She held her right boob with her right hand and sucked her nipple.

Myself: Oh Clarissa, your musky body odor makes me mad with lust. I always wet my underpants with my cum whenever I sit beside you. Oh yes! Now let me fuck you in the ass.

Arushi slowly got up over the dildo and inserted it inside her asshole. She was still facing the webcam. She began by slowly sitting on the dildo and after two or three moves; she increased her speed and began to shove the dildo completely up her ass.

Arushi began to spread her pussy lips and rubbing her clitoris. With one loud moan, she squirted all over the floor with three streams of water gushing out of her pussy. I too had ejaculated a thick and good amount of passionate load from my penis.

Myself: I am done, Arushi. I am all done. Your moaning voice made it difficult to hold it inside. I hope I will have the same pleasure with Clarissa when I will fuck her in the office.

Arushi: You certainly will, sweetheart. Just remember what I have told you and do it with confidence. Don’t forget me while you are busy banging Clarissa.

Myself: No way Arushi, I’ll come back to you soon. I will come back with different role-playing scenes. Bye, dear!

Arushi waved her hand while she was still inserting the dildo inside her asshole.


There you go ISS readers, this was my first video sex chat experience on Delhi sex chat website. By the way, I was able to lure Clarissa in my trap.

Have a sex chat session on the website with this hot cam model Arushi here and share your experience in the comment section.

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