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Hey babes… this is Rohan from Bhopal, 26 years old submitting my first story here. This happened 2 weeks ago. First of all, I would like to say this is 110% real and not just a fantasy. Now, coming to the story.

It all started 3 months back when I was trying to move on over my ex and had installed a few dating apps on my mobile. Obviously, I was not in need of another relationship and honestly, I had no idea about what I wanted through those dating apps.

Anyway, while I was swiping left and right on tinder, I came across Shikha. She was my coaching friend and we were connected on facebook too. Seems she was in Bhopal that time (she was working in IT firm in Mumbai). So, I just swiped up (super-liked her) with no intention other than teasing her in a friendly way.

Now let me describe her a bit.. Shikha is one hell of a cute girl, had a great figure.. 36-26-36 to be precise which I came to know later.

Now, coming back to the story.. nothing happened in the next 2 days. The third day, I got a ping from her on facebook.

Shikha: superliked me… hmm?

Me: hehe… I really like you 😛

Shikha: ohh… should I tell your gf?? 😛

Me: ya… go and tell her, she should also know that I am moving on 😀

Shikha: ??

Me: Nothing yar, I broke up with her last month.

Shikha: Oh sadd.. I too broke up with my bf 3 months back.

Me: So that is why tinder 😉

Shikha: No yar, in no mood of getting into a relationship again.

Like this our conversation started. Gradually, we started chatting on watsapp, sharing almost everything including our past relationships, our crushes. Day by day, we were becoming free with each other and we started to talk about our sex lives we had with our exes. We talked about how we made out, our fantasies, etc. Seriously guys, talking to a girl about sex is better than having a sex chat. Her naughtier side is far better than her slutty side I guess. Slowly we started talking over phone and most of the time, the topic used to be sex. One day, while chatting on watsapp, as the topic was sex only, I asked her that does she miss her sex life?

Shikha: Obviously yar, you know girls need more sex than boys once they have done it.

Me: Hmm.. then you should make a bf as soon as possible 😀

Shikha: Don’t even think about it, it’s better to be single.

Me: but then what about sex, you are not getting it any way.

Shikha: Hm.. true!! what about you.. are you able to live without sex.. you used to do it 3-4 times in a night 😀 (I had told her this before)

Me: Haan yar, I to miss it like hell.. but I also don’t want a serious relationship.

Shikha: what do you mean by serious relationship 😉

Me: Oh… I mean a casual hook up or relationship is better than a serious one.

Shikha: Hmm.. true 😉 serious relationships brings so much stress in our lives.

Me: but you don’t get such girls here in Bhopal.

Shikha: You can find some girls here in Mumbai 😉

Me: hehe.. so you gonna help me find a girl there?

Shikha: hmm…

And the conversation ended. On that night, I received a ping from her.

Shikha: So you cannot understand it hmm.. a girl talking to you about her sex life, how much she misses it and even ok with the concept of a casual relationship. And still you can’t figure out. Do I really need to ask you for it. Isn’t this hint enough.

Well, honestly speaking I was shocked. I had not expected this from her. But hey, I am a guy and when a hot girl approaches you for sex, you cannot reject her, especially when you are deprived of sex from a long time.

Me: hey… I am sorry yar, I was just afraid of losing you as a friend.

Shikha: We are still friends baby. Friends with benefits as per you 😉

Me: haha… :*

That night we had a long conversation over phone which ended in phone sex. So like this, we were now enjoying this new level of friendship, having sex chats, exchanging nudes (obviously without faces). Now, we both were dying to meet each other so that we could eat each other 😉 and then our wait was over. I had to go to Mumbai for an official tour and her flatmate was also going home for a week. So we had decided that we would stay together in Mumbai.

So finally, I reached Mumbai at 9 PM in night and headed straight to her apartment. As soon as I knocked the door, she opened. There she stood in a white tank top and black mini. Seeing her like that, I wished to fuck her then and there only. She sensed my wish and whispered… “Be patient baby, you will get more than this” and I entered the flat.She had already ordered food for us and told me to get fresh. As I was getting fresh, I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

On opening the door, I saw shikha.. standing in a black bra and panty. That was a jaw- dropping scene. I was only in my jockey which was obviously wet. Then she entered the bathroom and hugged me passionately. That was so awesome man, her boobs getting crushed on my chest. I was longing for a woman’s touch since months. We started smooching each other like there is no tomorrow. I started squeezing her butts from over her panty and gradually rubbing her pussy.

“Aaaah… Rohan …. ahhhh…” all she was moaning… ” do it like that, my pussy needs more of this baby… do it… aaahhh”

Then, I unhooked her bra and two of the sexiest boobs were in front of me.. inviting me for a feast to which I readily agreed and started sucking one and fondling the other.. Shikha was constantly moaning in pleasure due to my hand job and sucking.. and her fingers nestled in my head and pressed my head more towards her boobs.

Now, I inserted my hand inside her panty and started fingering her already wet pussy, rubbing it.. pressing it and her moaning became heavier. I could easily make out that she was not able to stand properly.. so I lowered her panty, took off my jockey and lifted her in my arms and took her to bed. I lied her down, she was completely naked in front of me and so I was.. her clean shaved pussy inviting me.

So, I got on top of her, kissing her legs, licking all the way to the top and reached her pussy. I sensed that she was already shivering, perhaps she knew what was coming (we had already done phone sex and she knew what I could do to her). I smelled her pussy as per my satisfaction and kissed it intensely and then started to lick her pussy like an ice-cream bar.

By this time, she had dug her nails in my hair and pressing my head against her pussy, raising her pussy to give more access. Now as I licked her pussy, my hands were constantly fondling her boobs and rubbing her nipples softly. I did this for 5-6 minutes and she must have cum 2-3 times in my mouth and was asking me to fuck her hard. So I got up and took a condom that I had bought, wore it and placed my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it.

“Pls rohan… don’t tease me yar, i need this thing inside me right now… I can’t control any further” she begged me to fuck her.

“As you wish baby..” saying this I lifted her legs and kept on my shoulder and placed my dick on her pussy and pushed… there I was, all in….

Ahhh… she left a huge moan… “after such a long time… it feels so good…”she said in extreme pleasure. “aahh ahhh ahhh….” she cried with every thrust and her hands on my hips pressing it more towards her pussy…

“Harder.. harder baby… ahh ahhh ooohhh yess… ” sounds like this were filling the entire room. I fucked her for more than 5 minutes, after which we relaxed for some time. Later, at around 2 AM, she woke me up for another round and this time she rode me.

As we had not switched off light, I could see her facial expressions which were hot as hell.. She rode me like a pornstar, and as she rode my hands were constantly squeezing her ass and rubbing her ass crack. She was licking and biting my lips as she rode me. Trust me guys, nothing can be sexier when a woman gets this wild in bed.

She rode me for 10-12 minutes and I could not cum as that position never suited me for cumming. So, after riding me she gave me a fabulous blow job and made me cum in less than a minute.. and gulped all my cum. After this tiring session, we decided to sleep as we both had to go to work the next day.

There is no need to say that we fucked the hell out of each other in this 1 week, roamed naked in front of each other… fucked at all places, whenever possible.. fulfilled all our fantasies.

One thing I learnt from this is casual sex is seriously better than serious relationships.. but yes, you must be sure it is casual and nothing serious and a woman’s consent and comfort should be your top priority as only then she will be able to show you her wild side and believe me, nothing can be better than a wild and beautiful woman.. And as for me and Shikha, we are still in touch and are enjoying our casual relationship and looking for more opportunities like this.

Ok guys, that’s it .. sorry if I have pissed you off at any point in the story, I am not good at narration. Do mail me your comments on “[email protected]”

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