Cousin Sister And Her Mom Part 1

I am Arjun, now 21 years old. I am an average type man with 6ft height and 7-inch dick. I am from south India where incest is not common. But I was lucky to have with two people.


The incidents start from 3-4 years back. My cousin sister is Anjali, she is my same age. She now has good assets of 32c boobs and curvy body. But back then she had flat boobs. It all starts from the boobs. I will describe her mother later.


Anjali’s father and my father work abroad, she along with her mother and grandmother lives in their home. I used to visit them during all the vacations. We were good friends and used to share everything. She had her puberty late, and didn’t had a good growth of boobs. One day she told me that her friends tease her in name of her boobs. They value the breast size very much. I suggested her an idea to press her boobs daily. She started doing that, but after some days Anjali said its seems not to be working. So I said I will help and started to give her boob massage every day, during the vacation time.

I was so much aroused by pressing her boobs every day. I used to watch porn from age 13, and I was desperate to fuck someone and confirmed it’s her. Sometimes we used to sleep in the same bed since our parents don’t mind. One day I decided to sleep fuck her. While she was asleep I started to press her boobs. She was not moving, I slid my hand into her dress and pulled her tiny nipples out and licked. Even though I did that much I was afraid to fuck, if she wakes up I will be finished. So I took her hand and placed over my dick and had a fantastic handjob.


The next vacation when I visited her, she still had small boobs and she was desperate. I suggested sucking the breasts is a good idea since moms have huge boobs. She agreed with that and I used to suck her boobs every night before sleep. This continued for some time. Her boobs started to expand, maybe she came to the age or sucking worked. Anyways she was happy. She asked me what I want in return. I thought for a moment and decided to ask for sex. But she might not allow. So I said “As you girls value boob size, we boys value dick size. I have been trying to make it large, but maybe sucking will work. I can’t suck myself so you have to help”. She was disgusted to hear that but she agreed. From that day onward before sleep, I suck her boobs and she gives me a blowjob. This continued almost until the end of that summer. But coming to the end of vacation her mother asked us not to sleep together (maybe she had seen our sleeping posture in the morning).


I will describe her mother now, she is now 40 years old, but slim and sexy and not look more than 32. She had 34D boobs and nice and stiff ass. Not much fat on belly. I always wanted to fuck her before her daughter, because she was so seductive. Coming back to Anjali, after she went to college, she had a good increase in boob size and became sexier. One day her family came to visit me. I was very much happy to see her. That night she came sneaking into my room, and asked ‘let I give you a blowjob’. After going to college she learned more about sex and understood I was using her for my pleasure. She asked me “Anyway we had all kind of oral sex, let’s take it to next level”. I was still in shock.


She took my dick out and started sucking it. She had become an expert in blowing. I pulled her onto the bed and went over her. Removed her night dress and sucked her pretty good boobs. After some minutes of sucking itself, I removed her panties. I am seeing her pussy for the first time. It was clean shaven. I started sucking it and put my tongue into it. It was not my first time, I broke my virginity earlier. I will say about it later.


After 10 minutes of sucking she cummed . I took my dick in hand and put it in her mouth again, she licked it wet and I pushed it into her pussy. It was tight and pushed harder, she let out a moan. I understood that she lost her virginity in the first year of college. I moved the dick back and forth and banged her hard. All the time I waited for this, I pushed my dick deep inside. She said her boyfriend don’t have such big boobs, he’s a 5-inch guy, that’s why she asked me to have sex. She too understood i’m also not a virgin. So we talked very dirty during the fucking.


After 5 minutes of banging, I was about to cum. I pulled the dick out and pushed it into her mouth till her throat. and dumped my sperm there. She had no option other than swallowing. She licked my dick clean. We kissed for a long time and slept naked.


After some hours I woke up and seeing her lie naked near me I was aroused and suddenly pushed my dick inside her pussy. She woke up by giving a loud moan. I fucked her like an animal. She liked it very much. I banged with full energy and both of us were sweating. I pressed her boobs hard and bite it. It left a mark on her boob. I was very furious without any reason. When I was about to cum, she asked me to do it inside and she will have the pills later. I put a load of semen inside her sweet pussy. She got dressed and went to her room. We have wild sex almost all day, in different positions and places.


I will explain it in next part and also wait to know how I fucked her sex bomb mother.


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Forgive my grammar.

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