Cuck husband uses his Iyer wife to get erection

I and my wife Gayathri definitely had an open-minded discussion last week. And to my luck, she was well-behaved and patient during the entire process of finding my issue with erections. I was able to convince Gayathri to an extent where at least she was ready to listen to my confessions and agreed to do some relatively safe flaunts and not too shady ones.

At this point, even I was not sure what were safe and yet erotic things that I might ask her to do. Time would tell how things might turn out. Honestly, my wife’s demonstration to me fooling and parading around the milkman without panties underneath and unbuttoned nighty, was the epic scene that a male pervert would ever imagine from a traditional wife. I should be either a very lucky person or a very bad loser for this erotic finding.

Diagnosing my sloppy wiener’s (penis) crazy behavior would be a great pain if we consulted a doctor. It would have taken forever and I might have ended up using pills for the rest of my sexual life.

All this happened over two weeks. In these two weeks, I was able to perform thrice compared to the once-in-a-month sex we had, that too, with enhancing pills I secretly bought. I blamed myself for this issue I was facing. Let me give my background on why I ended up losing erections. Like every other man, I did masturbate from my teenage. I got addicted to it.

To give you a perspective of the frequency, you won’t believe, I would empty my balls for every chance I get to spend some time alone.

Did I stop doing it now, no? Even after the marriage, it was the same case long hours shagging in the bathrooms and being unable to get erections while I needed it in bed.

All those times while shagging, I would imagine my neighbors’ and friends’ hot moms exposing upon my request to show their cleavage and showing ass to me. It was because I saw them cleaning the front yards of their homes in night dresses, showing cleavages and ass views.

Now, there was a catch to this. I would only imagine one person at a time obeying my requests – one shag for cleavage, another for striptease, allowing groping and eventually sex.

Each request required some private place. Let it be my bedroom where I sleep alone or during bath time. Like this, I shagged four times a day for each imaginative MILFS I came across.

This was happening without any practical experience in bed for years. My penis got used to the imagination and different persons, although I occasionally masturbate now because of the lack of privacy at home while married. I still do it. But I would imagine my friends’ wives now.

This was the reason I lost interest during the actual act with Gayathri because of the complicated assumptions I made in my mind. But the last two weeks were different. My erections were at full scale, but the main character in my imagination during sex was my lovely wife Gayathri Iyer doing all sorts of naughty things around strangers.

I was hundred percent sure any young stud or old boomer uncle would have an urge to at least try to make eye contact with Gayathri while she was out for some work. Some of my friends, shop keepers, and helper boys were always ready to help her with all sorts of unnecessary things such as carrying groceries or bringing some heavy items from the market even if she didn’t need help. You know why they do all these despite Gayathri always saying big ‘NO’ to their requests. They were doing it just to make conversation with her and get to know more about her.

Luckily, I was glad she never encouraged any of them because she was loyal to me and in the same way I was loyal to her. But I shagged for all her friends too later in the night, imagining all sorts of my naughty requests in mind because my mind was an imaginative pervert.

After the two weeks of exotic frenzy I and Gayathri had, whenever colleagues at work asked me how are you and how is your wife doing, I answered, “Yes, we are good.” But in my mind, I was like, “Yes, I am fantastic and my wife is sexier and bolder than usual from the last time you saw her.” But I couldn’t open up like that not yet at least.

Let me tell you why they ask how my wife is doing even though they had hardly met her once at our marriage reception. They were leering at her right in front of me and trying to give a handshake to her as part of their congratulations.

Why they would do all these is because she was very beautiful. Gayathri is 5 feet 5 inches tall and is around 58 kg. She is very attractive in either sarees or salwar kameez. Her bust is very attractive with a 36D size. But she prefers 36C size bras to hold the boobs firm and high. She has a sculpted ass just like a ripen peach fruit. She always does her waxing to keep everything smooth and moist in her skin very well which will bring a glow to her fair skin.

If she blushes or feels shy, her cheeks would become rosy pink and her eyes are always pleasing. Her face is oval and had beautiful lips always with the appropriate lipstick color which stands out. Also, she always puts a bindi on her forehead which would look sexier as fuck. Overall, she is a traditional spotless beauty.

Anything she carries on her body is just for enhancing her beauty. Believe me, since I know if she stands butt naked in front of a lady, they can’t stand a chance. They will have a wet patch on their panty too. I am trying to say that they will be jealous of her perfect body. By the way, she does have a nose piercing with a shiny diamond stud that I presented to her.

She is in this toned shape because she does all the housework and also had a treadmill at home which she uses occasionally. I know it’s hard to believe the perfect sizes and beauty I explained here. But why can’t an Iyer family boy working in an MNC and hailing from an upper-middle-class family marry such beauty around Iyer families?

It’s not like Gayathri’s family is poor that they had to marry her to me. We met through a common friend of my dad’s and FIL’s family gathering and the alliance was set there she agreed to marry me because I am also handsome and flirty.

While I was coming back from office on Monday, I doubted in my mind did she answer the milkman’s call the same as she did before or if she did not. The only way I could find was to reach home and ask her.

I quickly reached home and rang the doorbell. Gayathri was now in a different nightly. But all buttons were intact and to my curiosity, I hugged her and felt the boobs by giving a grab to them just to see if she had a bra or not. She didn’t have it. And I didn’t check panties though since she said –

Gayathri: Hello husband, please calm down. I do have it, don’t worry.

She noticed my anxiety and said: Look dear, how could you expect me to do the same I did last week without your presence?

And she also said she was not that self-stimulated to do exposing to strangers.

I kissed and said: I was only hugging you nothing else (I pretended).

She was clever and won’t believe my words.

Gayathri: Please dear, no more games of that sort.

And she said she informed the milkman not to bring milk anymore. I was shocked to learn that she was just backing off from our deal which we made a day back.

Then I left the conversation with a huge disappointment. I had my bath and went on to watch TV. She bought me food and was trying to feed me. I was not in the mood to eat after all my excitement was turned into ashes that she won’t co-operate any further.

My behavior was erratic. I won’t yell yet her or show signs of anger at her. But I was feeling lost all the time. This happened for two days.

On Thursday morning for the first time to help her understand my situation, I said: Ok let’s get inside the bedroom and have fun.

Even though I was getting late for office. We went inside the bedroom and stripped off each other’s clothes. Yes, I did get an erection, but as usual, it was sloppy in a minute.

Then I asked Gayathri to do something to make it harder. She said: As a female, I am in my most vulnerable state just fully naked in front of you. And you know I am very well-built and good-looking. If this does not make it harder what else I can do?

Me: Ok Gayathri just answer one thing. Why did you tell the milkman to stop coming? After a long time, I had my fullest erections. I was happy and thought my sex life is getting better. You just ruined the harmless fun I am having. Can you explain why you did that even though we had a deal to have fun with strangers?

Gayathri: Krish(na) baby you are right. I had to do it because I was scared. I mean when you left for the office the milkman arrived as usual. But he also brought one more person with him on the bike. And for a while milkman was standing at the doorstep trying to get a peek at my neckline.

Gayathri: All the time another person on the bike was checking on me by moving side to side so that he might get some glance. At that moment, I was not at all trying to fool the milkman. But still, they were expecting something from me. That was when I decided not to do it anymore.

Me: Oh my poor wife, come here. Sorry for not asking why would you suddenly behave like this that makes sense. Please tell all these things to me as they happen. These are the ones that make me hornier.

Gayathri: Wait a minute Krish, all this time while I am explaining my experience, you are imagining something else right? Why is your penis erect now?

Me: See Gayathri that’s the catch here, even though you didn’t do any move. The milkman was eager to have a second good look at you and also bringing his buddy along with him is an exotic feeling for me. I mean look at this raging boner, won’t this excite you?

Gayathri: Yes it does, but it’s creepy to think that boner is for an imaginative feeling instead of me actually causing it.

Me: Gayathri I know this is weird. But look at the positive side to this, small efforts make huge differences in our lives.

Gayathri: You sound very comfortable parading me around strangers while I am scared to death thinking of backfiring.

Me: What is the worry about dear? What you said is right we have to think through the situations and make our move just to avoid embarrassment. Are you still in the game Gayathri?

She said she was not sure and asked what would happen if someone knew that she was willingly exposing for others to see and came back again and again since they knew our place.

Me: Oh wait, Gayathri, who asked you to willingly expose? We have to make them accidental. After all who is asking you to do all this? Your husband. And why would you worry about it? I am the one who needs to be more careful after what I ask you to do. If you love me and really believe in me, make a promise that you will help me get my erections back for the erotic stuff I ask for.

Gayathri thought for a while and said, She would do things that bring no harm. And she should have the last saying whether she would do it or not in certain situations. All the outcomes of such situations should be well planned without causing disturbance to their normal life.

Me: Oh Gayathri, finally thank you. With those words, I am relieved.

And had a beautiful time having sex with her that morning and left for the office. Now that the game is on, I quickly needed to come up with ideas. In the office, I hardly worked for an hour or two and spent the rest of the time carefully designing the situations I wanted Gayathri to do.

After so many crazy thoughts which might be level 4 exhibitionism and a definite no from her, I had one level 1 idea which would just put men in an uneasy state. But still would look genuine without raising doubts.

It was a birthday party for a friend’s son. I wanted to return a favor to my friend because his wife gave me multiple boners while I attended some of their parties.

Then I went home and told Gayathri about this Saturday’s birthday party plan.

I said: I am excited about this party.

I told her to open her wardrobe and put all sarees out on the bed and their blouses too.

Almost all the sarees had matching blouses and all had good thick fabric linings in the blouses.

Then  I asked Gayathri: Do you have any little transparent blouse?

She asked: Why?

This was the first ask from me since our conversation from yesterday and I was only getting a few ideas to do things secretly not putting us in the spotlight. She said she didn’t have one and she might not do it because my ask was to wear a transparent blouse.

I said: Don’t worry, the transparency will be only for the blouse and you can still wear a bra and saree that covers it most of the time.

And when the time would be right she would have to slide the saree a bit and adjust it again.

Gayathri gave it a thought and agreed with one condition that she would only slide the saree pallu(thin wrapped edge covering the upper portion of the body on one side) twice when the time would be right and I should be around her all the time.

I said: Ok. Now show me the blouse. Let me take a look at it. Gayathri left it to my decision for color choice. None of them was transparent.

Then I asked: Should we buy ready-made ones (since the party was only one day from then)?

She said: It will be hard for us to find a tailor who will stitch it, and don’t ask any questions about transparency.

Me: Ok then what else we can do?

Gayathri said: I can do the alterations needed tomorrow. But it will take a while to slowly remove stitches to remove the lining. And I will not be able to use it anymore around family functions once done.

I said: It’s fine. You can buy new blouses later. But please do make this pink blouse transparent.

And we slept tight.

The next morning, it was Friday. she smiled and kissed me on the forehead to see my anxiety. I reached the office and made a video call to see the progress of lining removal.

I asked Gayathri: Where are we with the blouse?

She said she just removed the back portion of the lining and she would start the front side after lunch.

I asked her: Do it quickly, and call me when done.

She said: Don’t worry, there is a whole evening left before tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I was plotting an alternate plan just in case level 1 of revealing did not cause any erections to me. It was almost evening.

Gayathri called me and said: Dear hubby, your ask is finished and now I am feeling very shy to wear this one at home only. How can I wear it outside?

Me: Can you show me how it looks?

Gayathri: Come home, I will show you.

Then I left the office early. Once I reached home Gayathri was already wearing the blouse with a white slip inside. She was in a pink short-sleeved blouse I knew this one from our 1st anniversary.

It was a good fit on her and the sleeves were silver lined with thread designs the same went for the back portion of the blouse. It had a front opening and the removed lining would almost show 75 percent skin clearly. But she had this slip which was ruining the fun.

She said: How does it look? Will it be ugly to wear or should we back off from the plan?

I said: This is fine, but I will make a small adjustment tomorrow before the party and you should not say no to it.

She said she would do it as long as the adjustment would be a small change from what she already wore.

Gayathri was feeling a bit confident because of the slip kind of bra she wore while she was showing. The blouse was almost like another lining underneath covering 90 percent of blossoms and for a regular man it would not make any statement. But I knew giving the right bra to it would make the trick.

Finally, the weekend came. In the evening time as planned, she wore the blouse we planned and a pink saree with similar stitches with silver threads at the borders. And she put on adequate jewelry and little makeup.

As she sat on the bed while I was getting ready. I asked her to slide the saree on the right side which she did with a cheeky smile and asked if was it helping him.

I said: Look Gayathri, for all the planning we did you were wearing a white slip kind of bra inside which is almost like full lining. Now the reason I asked you yesterday for a small adjustment is the slip itself.

Then I kept my hands in my pocket and handed her one of her old white bras and asked her to wear that.

Gayathri said: No way I will wear it.

Because it was one size smaller and also had a silver floral design that would easily pop through the blouse and it had thin straps all around and not covering much of her cleavage.

Me: Yes exactly, wasn’t this our plan for transparency, baby? I am not asking for your opinion here, you already made a promise.

She was silent for a while with her head down. I sat beside her and asked her what was the problem.

She said: I will look like a whore at the party.

And she did not want to come.

I consoled her and said: Look baby, you are doing this for me and why do you care about others thinking of you as some whore?

I further added: Sometimes celebrities will have wardrobe malfunction that does not make them whore. They are still actors and more gossiped ever than before.

Me: Anyway, I am asking you small favor, right? Because all the time you will be covered with a saree at the party and when I signal, you will lose the saree a little to reveal the blouse. It’s as simple as that.

She stood up with a grin on her face and went into the bathroom and asked me for the old floral bra. I gave it and after a minute, she threw a white slip on my face and started blabbering from inside with one edge of the saree in her mouth.

In her muffled voice, my wife said she was doing this only for me to get erections. By chance if I didn’t get one, she would never do it again. Also, she said she should not be the center of attraction at parties or for gossip around party guests.

If I made sure of these things, she would do the saree slides twice. But anything seemed to fall apart she would only do it once. I said ok.

Then she came out and said: Let’s go.

I asked her to show it once.

She said: Come and see it yourself.

Then I went near her and slid the saree to see the right side of the boob. Yes, this was exactly what I was looking for – more than I wanted at this point for level 1. It would show most of her side boobs and cleavage was on spot.

The back of the blouse showed all of the back straps. On shoulders, it was transparent. Overall, if anyone noticed this blouse and bra, they would definitely get hard boners.

We started to party and throughout the way she was covering her blouse with a saree wrapped around. I told her thanks in advance for doing this and that I would definitely repay this. She had a worried face and a small smile too to cover up the anxiety.

We reached the party. Find out what happened at the party in the next part.

To be continued.

I hope you enjoyed this part. More parts to come. Please leave your feedback at [email protected].

Your comments and feedback are much appreciated. Thank you. See you in the next part.

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