Cuckold Sex story of Deepak and Nikita

This is a real-life story of mine.

This is Praveen Kumar from Banglore. I am working in MNC. I was in a relationship with my girlfriend. We used to have sex once a week. We had a breakup. So I was searching for a sex partner. But I don’t want to do it with prostitutes and don’t want to make affairs.

I decided to have sex with strangers. So I created a fake Facebook account. I added disruption like Service to Lonely Wife, the Cuckold Couple, Threesome with Couple, Sex Chat with Women, Video Call with Women, etc.

I got many friend requests and inboxes. I started chatting with a few people. One fine day I got a text from Deepak (Name Changed). He is also from Bangalore. He is a married man, and he wants a cuckold experience. He asked me to have sex with his wife. I agreed.

We exchanged our photos. All three joined in video calls and shared our fantasies, experiences, and conditions. We planned and decided to do it in Hotel at the weekend. They asked me to be with them from Friday evening to Sunday night. They have booked two adjacent rooms. One for me and one for them.

I was very much excited to do it with Cuckold Couple. I checked into my hotel room at around 6 pm, took a cold shower, and took a small nap. They called me to their room at 9 pm. I dressed up and went to their room. They were sitting in a chair, wearing night suits.

Let me introduce the couple first.

Deepak (Name Changed) was 33 years old and working in MNC. His height was 5.5, and his weight was around 85 Kg. Little fat tummy guy.

His wife Nikita (Name Changed) was 27 years old and was a working woman. Her height was 5.1, and her weight was around 50 Kg. She has a fair body with a 32C-28-34 body shape.

Deepak: Welcome Praveen.

Me: Thank you, Bro.

Deepak: Can we have a drink?

Me: Sure.

Deepak: What do you want?

Me: Just a beer.

Deepak: Why no Whiskey?

Me: I don’t prefer hot drinks during sex. Beer will make the body hydrated and keep cool.

Deepak: As you say. Cigarettes?

Me: No thanks. I don’t have a habit of Cigarettes.

Deepak: It’s ok, bro. What do you want, Dear? (he asked her wife)

Nikita: I also prefer beer only. Order Budweiser Magnum for me.

Me: For me also.

Nikita: Hookah, ok for you, Praveen?

Me: Hookah will be fine.

Nikita: Baby, order 2 pots of two flavours with 2 hoses each. Don’t forget to add extra charcoal and fillings, ok?

Deepak: Sure, baby.

Nikita: Until then, I will go to Praveen’s room and get ready.

She took her bag and went to my room. Deepak ordered all stuff with food. Deepak and I chit-chatted for some time. After 20 minutes, the room boy came with our order and lit both Hookahs, and he went.

After he went, Nikita entered. She was wearing a peacock blue saree with a sleeveless matching blouse. She did a light makeover. She looked gorgeous.

Deepak: Welcome, baby. Praveen, you can go and greets her. She is your Girlfriend from now.

I got up from my seat and walked towards her. And we hugged each other, and I planted a soft kiss on her lips. And took her hand and brought her near to the sofa. She sat in between Deepak and me. But Deepak got up and sat on the single-seated sofa.

Deepak: How is she, Bro?

Me: (I put my hands on her shoulder) She was awesome, bro.

Deepak: Yes, she is. Can we start our dink now?

Nikita: Yes, we can, hubby.

Nikita took one bottle of beer and opened Crown Cork from her teeth. And handed it over to me. I liked her skills. And opened another bottle for her. Deepak ordered Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky and made a peg for him. We all 3 cheer and begin our drink with Hookahs and sides.

We all three finished our drink with hookah. And we had food also. The room boy cleaned our table after he went. Deepak took the Manforce Honeymoon pack from his bag and handed it to us.

Deepak: The gift from my side. All the very best for your first night.

Nikita: You are making me nervous.

I hold her hand.

Me: Don’t worry, Nikita. I will be gentle.

We hugged each other on the sofa. And I placed my lips on her forehead. She looked toward her husband.

Deepak: Go on, baby. I was getting hard. Don’t take too much time. I want to masturbate myself being a cuckold.

Nikita: As you say, my hubby. Fulfil your dream fantasy.

Deepak started to rub his dick. Seeing that, we started to kiss. And I started to press her boobs over her dress for some time.

Deepak: Rub his dick, baby.

Hearing her husband, she moved her hand, placed it on my manhood, and rubbed over my pant. Then I moved her saree from her boobs and kissed over her blouse and bra.

Deepak: You can move on the bed if you want.

I stood up and lifted her by my arms. I threw her on the bed. And jumped over her. Deepak adjusted his sofa for a better view of our bed. He made one more peg to himself and started to drink with hookah.

Deepak: Guys, do you want hookah?

Me: Yes, please. Pass me, bro.

He passed one Hookah pot. I took one hose and started to heel. Nikita also took another hose.

Me: Don’t use another. I will serve you through my mouth.

I inhaled hookah as much as possible, lip-locked with her, and exhaled in her mouth. She got excited and got up, and sat in front of me.

We exchanged hookah from mouth to mouth with one another. Seeing this, Deepak slid his pant and underwear bit, took his tool out, and started to stroke.

Deepak: Good move, Bro. You are awesome. See, I am already masturbating.

Nikita: Hahaha. You started masturbating very soon. Then how can you be lost longer, hubby? You will drain quickly. You can’t enjoy the show then.

Deepak: Don’t think about me, Nikki. Enjoy yourself.

We again started to exchange hookah and kissed for 10 more minutes.

I kept hookah aside and made Nikita lie down on the bed. And started to explore her body. I kissed them all over her body and started to undress her. I removed her saree and threw it beside Deepak. I squeezed his boobs over her blouse and bra while kissing her lips.

After a few minutes, I removed her blouse and bra again and threw them beside Deepak. By that time, Deepak picked up her bar and started to smell it, and he was enjoying her own wife’s sweat smell.

I kissed all over her tits. And I suck one by one. I also licked her armpits. She loved my moves. Then I came towards her belly. I licked her belly for a few minutes.

Then I moved towards her Petticoat. She was wearing a strapless petticoat. So I pulled down and threw it beside Deepak. I massaged her toes for a while and slowly moved toward her thighs. I kissed both her thighs. I slid my fingers into her panty. And finger fucked for a while.

Me: No, your turn, Nikita. Come on, strip me now. Show your stripping skills.

Nikita: Ok, baby.

I slept on the bed. She kissed me for some time, and she removed my shirt. I didn’t wear a waist at that time. She kissed all over my chest and then sucked my nipples one by one. She also licked my armpit.

Then she moved her hands on my manhood. He massaged over my night pant and underwear for a while and kissed my disk over my pant. She removed my pant, and surprisingly she threw my pant on her husband.

Nikita: Take it, Dear. Keep it aside.

Then she kissed my dick on my underwear and gave me some massage. I pulled her on me and started to kiss. We kissed for 2 minutes and were only in our panties and briefs.

Me: Do you want to see some small kinky?

Deepak: Yes. Go on, bro.

Nikita: What kinky are you going to do?

Me: Wait, baby. You will get to know.

I removed her panty. And asked her to remove my panty. She did. I licked her pre-cum on her panty and kissed her for a while.

Me: Now lick my pre-cum on my brief and kiss me.

Nikita gave a naughty smile to her husband and did accordingly. We kissed for some more minutes.

Me: Now we can do it simultaneously.

We both licked and kissed for a few more minutes. And we repeated it for some more time. We supported and were breathing heavily, so we both lay on the bed for some time.

After a few minutes, I pulled her to the end of the bed and sat on the floor, and started to lick her pussy. She was moaning heavily. I inhaled hookah and blew on her pussy lips, and again licked her pussy. She also took hookah and enjoyed with moons.

I licked her pussy for about 15 minutes, and she cum for the first time. I managed to pour all her cum into my mouth. Then she pulled me towards her face, and we kissed briefly.

Nikita: I never tasted my whole cum in my life. See hubby and what he has done to me. He was very good at licking. I’ve never cum this much before.

Deepak: Now it’s your turn, baby. Suck his dick, and make him cum.

Nikita: Thanks, Baby. Now my turn. Come and sleep.

I slept on the bed. She massaged me a bit, kissed all over my body, inhaled hookah, and blew on my dick. She started to stroke my dick in one hand, and in another hand, she held a Hookah nozzle. She was blowing and stroking simultaneously.

After a few minutes, she inhaled hookah as much as possible. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked once, pulling my foreskin. Again, I took my dick in her mouth, and she blew while my dick was still in her mouth. I felt amazing.

Me: I never experienced this before, Baby. Thank you so much. Keep doing. I am in 7th heaven. Keep sucking, baby.

She repeated all things, and I had the best blowjob till today. She sucked my dick for 10 minutes. I was about to cum.

Me: Baby, I am about to cum.

Nikita: Cum in my mouth only.

Me: You only made conditions that not to cum in your mouth. Do you forget it?

Deepak: You can cum in her mouth. She was only demanding. So no issues for me. Go for it.

Me: Baby, I am very near to cum.

Deepak: Swallow his cum, Nikita. I want you to empty his ball. Come on, baby.

Deepak was also masturbating heavily. Seeing that.

Me: Bro, shall we both cum in her mouth together?

Nikita: You want to cum in my mouth, hubby?

Deepak: This is the first time you are allowing to cum in your mouth. Bro, she never allowed me to cum in her mouth. But today, she needs two man’s cum. Ok, baby. I will fulfil your desire.

We both got up, and she sat between us with her wide-opened mouth. We both cum in her mouth. She showed us our cum and swallowed it. Deepak sits back in his position.

Nikita and I sit on the bed. She opened one more beer bottle, and we shared and completed it. After a few minutes, we jumped on the bed. She took the condom and rolled it on my dick. And laid down.

Nikita: I am feeling nervous, hubby.

Deepak: I will help you for entering.

Deepak took my dick and pointed at his wife’s pussy. He rubbed my disk 4-5 times on her pussy wall. Then he slides into her pussy. I also moved my hip accordingly. And I bent on her.

We got into a missionary position. I slowly entered my dick into her pussy. And started to stroke. She was moaning now. I fucked her slowly for 5 minutes and gradually increased my speed. I fucked her for 5 more minutes.

Me: Want to switch position, baby?

Nikita: We will switch to the next round. I am about to cum. Please don’t stop.

We two were moaning loudly.

Deepak: Baby, you are too loud. Your moans may hear outside. Can I mouth fuck you?

Nikita: Yes, hubby. Don’t ask your wife. Just do whatever you want.

Deepak climbed onto the bed, pushed his dick into his wife’s mouth, and started to pound. We did it for some more minutes.

Nikita: Baby, I am cumming.

I started to pound faster. She couldn’t hold her cum, and she squirts.

Niktha: Withdraw your dick and remove the condom. I wanted you to cum in my mouth with my hubby.

Deepak: You are becoming a slut.

Me: Every woman has her fantasies. But they don’t want to share with anyone. If her husband were open-minded and truly loved his wife, he would fulfil all his wife’s fantasies.

Nikita: Yeah. I love my husband very much.

Deepak: Me too, baby. Come and sit. We will eject our cum in your mouth.

Deepak and I stood on the bed. Nikita sat between our legs. She gave us a blow job. We are mooning heavily. We both cum at the same time and cum into her mouth. We all rested for a while. We both hugged Nikita and took 30 minutes small nap.

Then one after another, we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. We 3 Started to drink and inhale hookah after 1 hour of break. Deepak turned on.

Deepak: You can start again. I was already erected.

Nikita: You can fuck me, baby.

Deepak: No, no. I am not interested in fucking you for now.

Me: Bro, you can fuck her anytime. Even if I were fucking her. I would leave her to you. You can fuck her. After you do, I will continue my job.

Deepak: Sure, bro.

Nkitha: Want to fuck me now?

Deepak: Not for now, baby. I am enjoying seeing you fucked by another guy. It’s more fun for me. I want to jerk myself while watching and eject cum into your mouth. That’s it.

Nikita: You are behaving like you are born for cuckold. Your words turned me on. Come on, Praveen. Fuck me.

Me: Why not, baby?

I put a condom on my dick and made her doggy pose. I started to pound. This time we both are inhaling hookah while pounding. We did this for a while and switched to a side-by-side position. This time Deepak couldn’t hold long. He came near her wife and ejected his cum into his wife’s mouth.

After a few minutes, she was near to cum.

Nikita: I am cumming, baby. Pound me harder. Fuck me faster. Fuck me.

I switched to a missionary position and started to pound her harder. In no time, she reached her climax. But I was about to. So I took my duck off and removed the condom, and started to mouth fuck her in full force. I was deep-throating her. Seeing that, Deepak says.

Deepak: Baby, don’t swallow his cum. Keep it in your mouth. I want to pound your cum filled mouth.

I pounded hard and ejected into her mouth. I reached my 3rd orgasm. Deepak climbed onto the bed and started to mouth fuck her harder. My Cum was Swallowing out of her mouth because of gagging. He fucked her for 5 minutes and unloaded her cum in her mouth, and went back to his seat.

He had his 4th orgasm today. Nikita was breathing heavily. She took a rest for 5 minutes.

Nikita: You both deepthroated me like a professional whore. You treated me like slut. Thanks for the wonderful experience, hubby.

Deepak: You are born to be whore only. I was trying to convince you to cuckold fantasy from the past year. You are enjoying yourself like a whore.

Nikita: Every woman wants to explore new sexual fantasies. But she didn’t accept it easily just because of society. She also hesitates because her husband may doubt his wife’s character if she shares her fantasies.

You know. One dick can’t satisfy a woman. Every woman will carve for another dick in his lifetime. Most of us don’t express it.

Deepak: Anyhow, you agreed for today. Just enjoy your night with Praveen. I am done now. I can’t make another organism today. I will move to Praveen’s room to sleep.

Me: You can sleep here only, Bro. We may do one more round for today. Then we also take a nap. The bed has enough space for the 3 of us.

Nikita: Yes, Hubby. You can sleep here only. I didn’t ride Praveen till now. I want to ride his dick. You don’t want to see me as a cowgirl?

Deepak: If I see you while riding, I will again start to masturbate. But my dick was dry, and it was paining.

Nikita: I will give you a blow job, you hubby. Don’t worry. I lube your dick with my saliva, and I will heal your pain. Come, darling

Me: Yes, bro. It’s the last round. She will also love the way we pound her.

Deepak: Let’s start. It’s already 4 in the morning. We need to wind up quickly. I was on a high now because of the drink and hookah. I need to sleep.

Nikita: Even we also want to sleep. Come, Hubby. fuck my mouth.

I slept on the bed. She put a condom on my dick and sat on me in a cowgirl position. She inserted my dick into her pussy. Then she began to jump slowly. I was squeezing her breast. She was moaning and jumping in the remix. She fucked me for 5 minutes. And started to moan louder.

Nikita: Come, hubby, I will suck your dick.

Deepak Slimbed on the bed and stands in front of her mouth. Nikita split on his dick and massaged in her hands. Deepak pushed his dick and started to pound slowly. She was riding my disk, and her hubby was pounding her mouth.

We did this for 10 minutes, and all three cum, one after another. This time I ejected into my condom only. After that session, we three slept on the same bed. Nikita slept between us. We took a nap till 9 AM.

In Part 2. I fucked with more kinky ideas. We did husband and wife role play. I also took her Anal virginity.

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