Double Bonanza – Part II

Hey folks, i hope you guys all remember me for my earlier story-A double bonanza. I’m glad to write the remaining of that incident with full heart. For those who’re new to me, then hear this. I’m Gautam from kerala,20 yrs old, liked to bed with both women and men:). This story I’m going to narrate is the continuation of my incident with Athul, my friend’s cousin and later this story twists and gets to his extra sexy n beautiful wife,Shravya..If you want to read in full fledge, start from my prequel of this story, A double Bonazza…Lets continue……Don’t forget to mail me at [email protected]

As soon as i entered the bathroom, I was the happiest man(girl) in this world and I’m living the dream of my life..I had a quick shower, washing away all important parts. Then i wore the saree he gave me..It was comfortable for me to wear saree as i always loved cross dressing. I then entered the bedroom an my dream man was waiting for me with an eye full of lust and moreover love. I stood nearby him and his aroma was drenching me. I was ready even to die for him. He then clutched my hands and pulled him nearer to him and grabbed my waist. He then started smooching me like hell and it was so juicy and soft. He pushed me to bed and now he was on my top and i loved his weight on me. He kissed my lips,eyes,neck and earlobes. He then bite my lips and we were again into a long smooch. He was sucking my lips so that i thought he’ll suck out my soul as well..He was tasting me like hell..i always wanted to be kissed like that:).

He then moved his face to my nipples and started sucking them as well.He made me moan like a woman with that..He later tasted my navel and inner thighs as well. HE had completely tuned me into a girl and i was enjoying it very much.He tasted me so well.He the quickly went up and slammed through the doors.I was sad-struck as i dont know what had happened. I was sure i didn’t do anything wrong.But he soon appeared in doors with some pastries and ice cream.He started bestowing it in my body..He applied it in my whole body and not even an inch in my body was spared.He then started sucking it.He tasted those along with my body and i was lying in bed holding him like i’m not going to leave him ever.

I was on seventh rosy heaven and i urged him to put his tool out.He asked me to take it by myself.I removed his shorts and held his 6inch stunner. I started stroking it with my hand at first and then started lickng it.He was enjoying it and asking me for more.I sucked it like a 10 yr old sucking lollypop. His manhood was extremely neat and i’m sure everyone will die to put it in thier mouth.I then applied some cream and pastry in it and sucked them.I did the sucking for almost a half an hour and he asked me to do it faster and he came on my mouth..Aah what a feeling it was.He was over and he was lying still holding me by my waist.

He told it was the best thing, the best blowjob he had got and he told me to eat something along with him as we are nearing the dinner time. He guided me to kitchen where some food was waiting. We sat on the dining table and had our dinner.I was sitting in is laps-we both were nude. I ate a piece of cake from his mouth and it was like,oooh i dont have words to express what i felt than..After finishing i washed and came back put some sauce in his cock and started licking it.I did that for 10 mins and he lifted me to the dining table. He started doing me wonders in the dining table.He kissed me, sucked me,everywhere in my body.

After this act, he lifted me,carried to bedroom and laid over me ,his cock in between my inner thighs and started stroking his cock in between my thighs. We both were on heaven and he didi that for 15mins and then i felt his hot sperm in between my thighs. He was now quietly lying above me and kissing my face, cheeks and lips.i was enjoying his perfumed body over mine.

I said “don’t finish all your energy, dear.This is only our first night.We have two more days to enjoy”.He smiled and said “i bet many more other than these two days”….i laughed like a girl and said “I’m sure u do”..we both laughed and started cuddling and we went for sleep with me having a super-hot man cuddling, fondling and kissing me, while me lying there as his bitch…

Next day i woke up with hugh excitement and hangover from yesternight’s acts..I realized my instincts have changed and i’m a slutty girl now and i felt extremely horny for such a thought.Athul was not in the bedroom and i went to washroom to wash my face.There was a big mirror in the wardrobe and passing in front of it i checked my body..It now had shaped like a real girls (i made my body so by giving extra curves) and at some parts it was reddish,courtesy to Athul’s nails and teeth:).I washed my face,brushed my teeth and once again looked at the mirror.This time i cared to give more girlish postures.

Athul was in drawing room reading newspaper and i clutched him from back and fell into his laps. He pushed away the newspaper and kissed me in my eyelids.I asked “what do you want to have for your breakfast dear”.He smiled and said in my ears naughtily “I need you,for all time”.We then burst into a laughter and all this time he was caressing my nude body with his hands.We then forced ourselves into a long smooch.He was treating me very well,satisfying me and it was all needed for me.I then led my face to his cock and tasted the cock for sometime..Then i started stroking it with my lips..We were in a 69 position and he was licking and kissing my inner thighs..We were really high and after 15 or 20 mins or so..we both cummed.We laid in that position for some time and then went to kitchen for our breakfast:)

In kitchen i was sitting in a marble slab and he was cooking..I asked him “whats the agenda for today” for which he replied “We’ll go to shopping,for a film,maybe and then comeback and have our own fun”.Then we had our breakfast and we were enjoying each other even during breakfast..Mmmm i have to tell you, chappati and sugar from his mouth tasted 10 times better…:).Then we went to shower,we together..He washed all my body,sqeezing and kissing appropriate body parts frequently which helped us to remain horny and lustful..

We went to some shopping,he bought me a shirt,a jeans and some underwares which i promised him that i wont wear those in front of him.Then had an ice cream and went to cinemas.All this time we tried to keep our composure that other see us as brothers only (although he tried to kiss me in theatre which i resisted hesitantly in fear of someone watching us and i couldn’t risk the safety as there may be someone knowing me, around)..We finished all those and returned to flat at evening. As soon as we entered the flat,we jumped on me and stared a juicy liplock.i moved away him with a naughty smile and i’d brought back hte girl in me.I said “we could have fun only after bathing”.and he replied “what about in during bath”.We smiled and went to the bathroom,kissing each other.

(To be continued)

My saga is not over as me and athul have one more day left and the main theme of this saga-how i had sex with his wife,Shravya is still to be wait eagerly..Don’t forget to mail your feedbacks at [email protected]

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