Erotic Day With My Crush

Hello, everyone. I am here to narrate an experience I had some time back with my crush. Hope you all will like the story. Hoping for your feedbacks. Pls write to [email protected] or can send your feedbacks through hangouts.

Coming to my crush, we both study in the same college in Bangalore. I met her during a badminton tournament and the moment I saw her I had a crush towards her. She had the greatest assets I have seen. 36 size boobs, with heart, shaped ass, and curvy sexy body. She has a fair complexion and maybe around 5ft 6inches tall (as I am 6ft 2in). since she also played the same sport we introduced ourselves.

During the coming days, we started playing together. Whenever she used to come for playing, she wears a sleeveless top with a mini skirt and seeing that every single day my boy just stands up and salutes. One day we were playing and she fell down while taking a smash. She was in pain as she had sprained her leg. She could not walk. I suddenly started rubbing her ankles, but my one hand was just above her knee. In between by mistake, I slowly pressed her tight to which she responded saying ouch in a seducing tone. I just looked at her and I saw a naughty grin on her face. I wanted to move more up but I couldn’t as there were other people playing.

Few days passed, she recovered from the sprain and came for playing. Again, as usual, wearing a mini skirt but this time my mind-set had changed on how I used to her. Every step she takes her thighs used to move and it was an amazing sight. I actually couldn’t resist. If no one was there I would have shagged at that very moment thinking her (used to do daily though). We played for a long time and it was tiring. We were sweating like anything and when I looked at her at that time my pants bulged in a way where everyone cud actually see it. Her necks wet with her sweating and dripping inside her boobs where her nipples can be seen through her top. Her thighs shining due to the sweat. Her lips covered with dews of heaven. But that day she wanted to freshen up and asked whether she could come to my home. Without any hesitation, I said yes and she was like “wow that was a fast reply”.

I drove to my home, took her inside and showed her to the bathroom, gave her a towel to freshen up. I came out of the room even though my mind was full of thoughts on how to fuck her how to get a chance. I was scared to go for a try but I couldn’t resist. It was like having a fight with my mind. Finally, I decided to go to the bathroom and see what will happen. I slowly opened the door and went in, closed the door slowly. I turned back to go to the bathroom and as soon as I turned back I saw her standing in front of me just with a towel with a wet hair and water dripping from her hair. Oh man, that was an erotic sight for me, I could handle and my tool just stood. She asked what happened and why did I enter the room slowly. I told nothing. He smiles and came towards me. As soon as reached near me her towel slipped from her body and fell down. Guys I don’t know wat to say, but what came to my mouth was ‘woooww’. She looked at me. Our eyes met. I saw the lust in her eyes.

I didn’t wait for anything else. Took her by the neck and planted a French kiss which was going on and on. Her lips were so soft and wet that I was playing around along with the neck. She bit my lower lips and said “why don’t we hit it off’. I lifted her up and threw her on my bed. I jumped to her planted a kiss while playing with her boobs. Man, that was huge. I then starting sucking her nipples simultaneously. She started moaning so loudly. I kissed her belly and went down. I kept her legs apart and there I saw my heaven, I went down slowly. Kissed her thighs very close to her pussy. She moaned heavily and slowly I kissed her pussy. Started licking it slowly and increasing the speed. She kept her hands on my head and pushed me inside. As I was licking she shouted “it’s sooooooo gooodd” and don’t stop. She became very wet and I licked her up so wildly. She was breathing heavily and I wanted to fuck her badly. I came up and positioned my tool on her pussy.

I entered with ease as it was very wet. I started stroking her. Slowly my speed increased and the thud thud thud sound was heard which added to the hot erotic atmosphere. She was screaming oh yeah fuck me harder. I fucked her for a pretty long time and she had her orgasm, and very soon I made her do a deep throat blowjob which was too damn good. My entire dick was inside her mouth. I started mouth fucking her and cummed all over the face.

She cleaned my tool and drank the cum that fell inside her mouth and the remaining she and me applied all over boobs and it was like polishing a shoe. Shining like the sun. I told her to lie on one side like the spoon position. From behind, I applied a lubricant on my dick and her ass. Slowly pushed inside her ass. She screamed with pain when the head of my dick went inside and saying its paining pls stop but don’t stop. She caught my ass and started pushing it. Finally, my whole tool went inside and moaned so loudly. I told her to turn where her boobs will face the bed and my facing her back. She raised her hip and I started stroking her. It got went and the stroking became smooth to which she responded with heavy breathing and moans. In between, she turns back and gives me a lip lock which increases the stroking speed. I did doggy style anal sex and she screamed “fuck me so hard right now” I pushed with full throttle and it was hot inside and outside. I fucked her ass for a long time and I was about to cum. She told to cum inside her ass and I did cum inside her ass.I took out my tool and went inside her pussy gave a few strokes and took it out. She cleaned it again with a lovely blowjob and we slept naked.

Hope you all liked it. Looking forward to feedbacks in [email protected] and any women who are looking forward to having fun can contact me through the above-mentioned mail id. I guarantee the privacy and protection of my readers and women who looks forward. Any age, any type of gals can contact me.

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