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Hi, readers. This is my first story here. I am a great fan of ISS since few years and now want to share my story here. Girls be ready to get your panties wet and guys be ready to shag off. Girls/ladies can contact me on [email protected] (prefer messenger) for fun. You can also give your feedback there.

I will not fake about my physique. I am 5’7 with a proper body not very slim and having sufficient fat, fair and long silky hair.

Before I start my story I’ll have to give a background which is relevant to this story, so pls bear with me.

The story dates back to 2007 when we were 15yr old. Jiya (name changed for safety reasons) and I were friends since childhood as we love insane society and are of same age. We were in the same school initially and also doing tuitions with the same teacher. Later on, after 5th std, i joined hostel and so we use to meet only during my vacations. Mine was only boys school and no girls so we would check out the young teachers over there. When I was in 9th std, my friends would talk about their girlfriends and how they had fun with them on vacation. This use to make me feel different and I wanted to know more as to how does it actually feels. Jiya and my other friend Nirali were the only girls I had as friends. I use to think of being with Jiya.Now coming to out society – it is shaped in a rectangular form with buildings in ” [ ] ” manner. The center part is a garden. The buildings on left were only 4 floors and the ones on right were 6-floor buildings. We had a jungle type area with a water tank behind the buildings on left.

During my vacations in 9th std (18 years old ), we (me Jiya Nirali and 5-6 other friends both boys and girls) use to play games after 9 pm. At times badminton and at times hide and seek type games.

Since the area behind those buildings was dark (as there was an old abundant building behind that jungle) we use to hide there as well. But it was scary too. So once I and jiya hid behind the water tank and there was only one way to get behind those tanks as the other way was covered with bushes and small trees. We were standing there and talking softly about our lives when we heard that seeker was coming towards the tank. I went to the other side where there are bushes and I pulled Jiya by her sleeve so that she get covered by the bushes. Although I managed to pull here, there was very less space so she was standing very close to me as if we were hugging each other. We waited for some time quite till the seeker went far away. There was a sound of some insect from the bushes and Jiya got scared, sh started pushing herself over me and I had to put my hands over her shoulder to make her calm. Her breasts were being crushed against me and she digs her face into my chest. As soon as I kept my hang on her shoulder I felt her bare skin and her bra strap because I had pulled her by sleeve sone time ago and the Tshirt remained that way all the time.

All this made me breathe faster now. I did not remove my hand from her shoulder and put my other hand on her back to push her towards me. It was the first time I was feeling a girl’s breasts over my body. She was reaching only till my lips as she was smaller in height.My lips were touching her forehead and now I purposely kissed her there although made it look as if it is because of her push.All this made me hard down there and it might have poked her navel or below navel area.

By the way, let me now describe you about this girl Jiya, she had such a sexy round face, such nice hair, boobs which were way bigger than girls her age and slim body. Her ass was also great. I don’t know the sizes but ya sh had D sized boobs abs must have been 36.So now, I slowly started pulling her other sleeve as well and then kept my hand over her bare skinned shoulders with a bra strap. She now looked up over to me. I moved my hands over to her cheeks and started caressing her face with my fingers to make her feel good. I could see that she was feeling good but she was tensed as well. I moved forward and hugged her tightly this time. Feeling both her balls. I even put one of my hands on her ass unknowingly and caressed get there over her jeans for few seconds.

Even she was looking all this. I moved apart and then moved a bit towards her face. She asked me wat was I doing to which I replied I really like you Jiya. I want to be with you. Get close to you.She felt the heat and closed her eyes and turned her face to show me her cheeks. I kissed her on her cheeks. What a feeling it was. While kissing her she slowly started to turn her face and now I was almost there near her lips and felt more heat. We were now kissing each other’s lips. Just touching the lips at first and then pressing those lips on each other. Both of us had hands around each other. Now I started sucking her lips and she was enjoying it a lot.

We forgot that we were in a middle of a game. We stopped our act before someone would have caught us in such a position.As it was already a bit late now we had ended the game and were going home. I was waiting for people to go to their home and even Jiya was heading to her home slowly. When everyone was out of sight I ran to her building and told her to come at the terrace door.She lived on the last floor of the 4-floor building anyway. There was a lot of space for us and we were lucky that the terrace was open that day.

As soon as we entered the terrace I locked it up and pinned my girl on the wall near the door and started kissing her badly. My hands were running from her thighs moving slowly to her navel and belly, feeling it over her Tshirt while still kissing her and then moving to her cleavage and her boobs, just a touch over her boobs and sh felt an electrified. I moved to her soft neck and moved to her lips and came back to the boobs. This time I pressed them a bit. Sh had her one hand over my little brother by now.

I was fucking enjoying it. All this was happening all of a sudden. I started pressing her tit hard now. I moved both my hands down now and put it inside her T-shirt and felt her bare belt skin. It was so fucking soft. I moved up to feel her tits covered by a bra. I started pressing them over her bra itself. I could feel her upper part of tits because she was wearing a low cut bra. I put my 2 fingers inside the bra and pulled it down. Her boobs popped out. It was the first time I was feeling a girl’s nipples which were hard by now.Sh was now very hot by our act.

What happens next will be continued in another part of the story. How I taste her bottom at various places and how I even get close to her friend. Girls pls msg me so we can have the same experience.

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