Experience With An Old Crush – Part 2

Hope you guys enjoyed part one. Send any feedback you may have to my email [email protected]. Any women interested in a casual fling are free to email me as well. So last time we left off lisa just started breaking a sweat. I wasn’t ready to let her rest yet, and I could tell she still wanted more. It was a real turn on making her cum so much.

She used to be an athlete, so her body could take the intensity. So even though she came twice she hardly broke a sweat. I was losing patience. I wanted to fuck her, but I wanted to get her whole body wet. Before she had time to recover from the orgasm, I turned her over and made her stand on all fours. I spanked her ass, which was quite red by now, and jammed my finger in her pussy. She yelped with surprise but immediately leaned into it. I finger fucked her pussy as I licked her asshole and she was contracting her body, unable to handle the pleasure coursing through her body. She came again. Before she could recover I spread my legs and sat up and pulled her down so she could sit between them. My dick was pressed against her back, and I jammed two fingers in her pussy and grabbed her breasts with my other hand. I licked her neck slowly while I finger fucked her fast. The contradictions made her moan loud and kiss me with force. Her body contracted again as she showered my sheets with her cum once more.

“Wow! Don’t stop do me more,” she exclaimed.

I didn’t let up. Her pussy was thoroughly lubricated and she had started breaking a sweat. It wasn’t enough, so I picked her up and held her against the wall so that her thighs were on my face. I slammed her gently against the wall and lowered our bodies to the floor. Her pussy still on my face, I gently stimulated her clitoris while I tasted her juices with a slobbering tongue. I applied pressure and she started fucking my tongue with raw force. She closed her eyes, getting intense and screamed as she gushed again, I caught it all in my mouth this time.

I wasn’t done. For my final act at satiating my appetite for her sexy, tasty body; before she recovered, I jammed my entire fist inside her and thrust my hand in full force. She was tight, and her pussy grabbed hold of my hand firmly. Lisa’s eyes rolled into the back of her head unable to contain the ecstasy she was experiencing and yelled that she’s cumming. In response I pulled my hand out. It was followed by a steady stream of cum. The floor was soaked with her cum. I stuck my fist in her mouth and she licked all her fluids off of it.“When do I get to taste your cock? I’m hungry,” she said out of breath.

“Ask and you shall receive,” I responded.

She smiled happily. I stood up and she climbed up from the floor sweaty and panting, hungrily, towards my cock. She looked up at me with those eyes and stuck my dick in her mouth. I closed my eyes and sighed as she slobbered all over my dick. She thrust my dick in and out so fast for a few minutes, and then stopped looked me in the eyes and said, “Cum for me baby. I want your jizz to hit the back of my throat. I deserve to taste it.”

She again went to town on my cock and I came. I wasn’t done with her, and as soaked as she was in cum and sweat; I could tell we were just getting started. I pulled her close and kissed her and let my tongue run wild on that naughty mouth of hers. Man, she tasted good! I can’t stop saying that enough.

I flipped her over and stuck my dick in her pussy, which was engorged from all the stimulation she received. It was well lubricated, so my dick slid right in. I held her up with her legs wide open and fucked her standing up. She moaned and screamed and begged for more. I increased my speed and turned both our bodies towards the bed. I put her on her feet and bent her over and placed both hands on her amazing tits as I banged her brains out. She screamed, “Yes! Yes!” at the top of her lungs multiple times and it just made me even stiffer, which I didn’t think was even possible. She stopped me after about 15 minutes of hard pounding to lay on the bed. She told me to go down on her and she rubbed her clit hard and fast and came in my face with a loud yell. Then she laid there as she pulsed from the orgasm. She was oozing sweat.

The whole room smelled like her tasty body, but I still hadn’t dropped my load. I laid down and she sat on my dick and fucked me cowgirl style for another 10 minutes. She then told me to lay her down and fuck her in missionary. As I started she slapped my face and told me to fuck her like a man. I started to pound her aggressively. “Cum inside me you fucking asshole!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.That turned me on so much that I just let my load go. She had made me reach my limit and I came inside her. I collapsed beside her exhausted, and she looked at me panting and drenched in her delicious sweat. We kissed each other passionately for another 10-15 minutes.

Before we both fell asleep, she looked at me and said, “Don’t hesitate to call me when u want to get your rocks off. I’ve never cum like that before. I’ll be looking forward to our next round.”

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