Exploring my mom’s g-spot – Mom son incest story

I used to tell my mom, “Saro, I love your moaning sound.”

Saro- Is it? More than me?

Ajay- Yes, more than you

Saying this, I would place my hand on her crotch area and search for her pussy

Saro- Ajay, leave me. What the fuck are you doing?

Ajay- Of course. That is the end goal. To fuck you.

Saro- Stop it, da. If you keep doing this, I’ll complain to the police

Ajay- No worries, mom. I know a policeman, and I’ll show him to you at night.

I keep caressing her pussy over her dress.

Saro – Aah, I know your police. Shut up. I’ll go to the station

Ajay – What will you tell them, Saro? That I fuck you every day?

Saro- What the hell? Do you want me every day already? Leave me, idiot. I’m going to my room.

Ajay- Yes, Saro. That’s what I want.

Saro- Asshole. Let me go and sleep. Don’t make me wet.

Ajay- Oh, you’re already wet, mom? Do you like your son’s fingers on your pussy, baby?

Saro- Mmm, what? Who are you calling ‘baby?’ You can’t call me that. Even my husband doesn’t call me that.

Ajay- But you’re okay with my fingering you? And what does your husband call you? Bitch?

I keep grazing her vertical lips up and down throughout the whole conversation.

Saro- What the fuck, bastard. I’m going to slap you for the way you talk. You won’t finger me ever.

I increased the pace as she increased her moans.

Ajay- Is it? Then why are your eyes closed and mouths moaning, Saro? I hope you know what a bastard means before you use it. Were you a whore, Saro?

Saro got very angry and turned to slap me hard. It was very painful. She started walking to her room. Though she was angry, the mood was still erotic.

Saro- First, stop calling me by my name. I’m your mom, for god’s sake.

Ajay- Sorry, Saro. I didn’t mean it that way. Why are you acting up today?

I held her hand and pulled her to me. Her body rested on me. I hugged her so tight and started kissing her neck

Ajay- You are mine, Saro. You are my fucking whore. I can’t imagine you any other way. You are my dirty slut. I will use your body every day.

I caressed her ass, hips and whole body while kissing her neck and shoulders to turn the heat on.

Saro- What have you done to me, Ajay? Fuck.

Ajay- You have to wait for that, bitch.

Saro- Okay, my sweet lord.

As I got too high, I inserted my hand through her saree and petticoat to search for her pussy. I turned her around and rested her back on me. I caught hold of her pussy.

Ajay- Now tell me, bitch. How do you feel when my fingers are inside you?

Saro- Good.

Ajay- Louder baby. Do you want my fingers inside you?

Saro- Yes, baby.

I inserted my finger inside her and started twirling. It was so wet. Her juices had been brewing all this time. I started twisting gently and caressed her inner pussy walls.

Ajay- Do you like it, bitch? Tell me.

Saro- Yes, baby. I like it.

Ajay – Do you need it? Shut your fucking mouth and just answer in moans.

Saro- Mmmm. Aaaaaahh.

Ajay- That’s my girl.

My dick was too hard and poking out. I started hitting her ass out of the heat and enjoyed it. Her moaning increased. I moved my fingers in and out of my mom’s fucking wet, dripping pussy. I tried to find the g-spot.

One finger was not enough. I inserted my middle finger, too, hoping to find the spot. I hit something, and my mom screamed.

Ajay- What is this, Saro? Looks like I found something here.

I hit it again. I moved my fingers up and down every time, hitting her g-spot while caressing her pussy walls with two fingers.

Saro – Aaah, mmmm.

Her moaning was crazy, and I was too high. She held me back tightly, and as she started to squirm.

Ajay- Are you cumming, mommy?

Saro- Mmmmmm

I took my fingers out and licked them completely. I made her sit on the chair and inserted my head inside her saree and petticoat. I found her hairy pussy and started licking vigorously.

Licking my head inside her dress was a different experience. I put my finger back inside her pussy while sucking to stimulate her for the final squirting.

She cum hard on my mouth and face. I managed to drink most out of her. She panted for breath after squirting all her cum inside my mouth. I caught her by her neck, still kneeling and asked, ‘Did you like it, mommy?”

Saro – Yes, master. I loved it.

Ajay- That’s my bitch. Good girl

I pulled her and liplocked her. We had a long smooch till she started panting again.

Saro- Leave me, Ajay. Are you planning to kill me?

Ajay- Not yet, Saro. I have a lot to experience in your body.

I pulled her up from the chair and started smooching her again.

Saro – Ajay, stop. Your father will come any minute. We have to get ready.

Ajay – Why Saro? Get ready for what?

Saro – Don’t you remember? It’s his birthday tomorrow. We need to cut the cake at midnight.

Ajay – (with a laugh) Aren’t I cutting the cake every day with you? (Continuing to kiss her face)

Saro – Don’t play Ajay. We do this every year. We should not avoid it.

Ajay – Ooh. Someone is feeling guilty.

Saro – It is not like that.

I sat on the chair and pulled her onto my lap. She landed her ass on my lap and my erect dick in one swift motion. I ran my hands all over her body.

Ajay – Then what is it, baby? Why are you so tense? We will get the cake, but I’ll be the one to cut it.

Saro – Don’t be foolish, Ajay. How can you cut it?

Ajay – Didn’t I just cut it just now?

I caressed her crotch over her saree.

Saro – Mmmm

Ajay – we can cut the cake at midnight, but I want to cut this all night. I want to remind you that you’re mine.

Saro – Don’t talk to me like that, Ajay.

Ajay – Why whore? Are you leaking down there?

Saro – What the fuck?! Ajay. Leave me. I hate you.

She stood up and walked to her room.

Ajay – Come on, baby. It’s just for fun. Where are you going?

Saro – I’m turning on the heater. Need to take a bath. I’m feeling dirty. Can’t celebrate in this state.

I had her in my arms, but his birthday had to come up today. What a shame. I followed her to her room. She switched on the heater and turned around. I was so close to her that she got startled.

Saro – Oh my god. You scared me, Ajay.

Ajay – Come on, Saro. Will I let anyone else come near my queen?

I caught hold of her by her smooth, fair waist and pinned her to the wall. I raised her arms and caressed her inner arms. I felt her face, the cheeks, the chin, the lips with my fingers and ogled at her.

Saro – What is it? Why are you looking that way?

Ajay – I’m just checking out my beautiful bitch. What a piece of art you are.

Saro – (laughing) Such a lying asshole you are. Just leave me to have a bath peacefully.

Ajay – Sure, babe. If you say so, but the water takes 10 minutes to get heated. I know how we can use that time.

Still caressing her lips, I let my shorts fall. I was naked inside, and the junior sprang out. I rubbed my cock, and her eyes went down to look. I gently pushed her down, and she cooperated. I took the tip of my cock and grazed her chubby face with it.

I caressed her lips with my cock and nudged her lips open. She started looking up as she licked my hot cock.

Ajay – Sshh ahhh. You get better with experience, Saro.

I inserted my shaft inside her fully. My sexy mom was kneeling in front of me, taking my full shaft inside her sexy hot mouth, giving seductive looks at me. Once again a dream-come-true moment.

I started moving front and back, and she, too, complied with my movement. I was face fucking her. She kept licking and sucking my cock as the water got boiling. The heater was working at full strength.

The tension built up, and I was about to cum. With one more look at her seducing face sucking my hot dick like a whore, I burst my cum inside her mouth. She took her mouth out and coughed a bit.

She laughed and smiled and tried to get up. I held her gently and sprayed the remaining cum on her face and wherever it went on her body.

Saro – Oh shit. Look what you have done.

Ajay – (panting) You were going to bathe anyway.

To be continued.

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