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Hi dudes

This is Vijay(24), with height 5.10″ and slightly muscled body, and at present living in Delhi.

I am a regular follower of ISS at present , which leaded me to write this stories, and I will write them a series(you can see my upcoming stories)

As every individual encounter to sex life before marriage( I hope so).

And I found in ISS that so many people writes fake stories, even some are unbelievable.

So, I myself decided after long thinking to share my stories with the viewers who can give review and suggestions to my stories without knowing who am I . As these are the secret stories which we cant share with even our friends who are very close enough.

Ok let me start the story, this happened when I was studying my b tech 1st year, where I am so desperate to see porn, if I got a chance have a sex and other bla bla… As I am in young age and fresh blood we used to stare at beautiful girls in our college and me and my friends used to roam around the streets to see beautiful cheeks, and anyone having big boobs, so as I am poor in maths I used to go for tuition(study hours) in the evening time, where in the middle of my path I used to stop and talk with my friend rohit, and as usual about girls and the stories which clouds around him, he is already very experienced person in sex who even done sex in movie theatre(even I have done it but I will tell in the upcoming series), so as usual after having class I was walking back to my home, so when I was near my friend home he is running hurrily, I asked him what happen and the discussion went in this way

Rohit: oh! Vijay you came ,ok come fast along with me.

Me: wtf what happened why are in hurry .(even without carrying what I am asking he just pulled me into other friend home)

Rohit: vijay plz stay calm, my friends mom and dad went to excursion so we all planned to bring a girl by paying money.

I was literally in a weird state of confusion, without knowing what to do, so I just remained calm and waiting to see the women excitedly thinking about her structure, fairness… Etc

After a long waiting of 5 mints they knocked the door and I opened and I was shocked to see the women who was slight chubby with sizes about 38 36 40, and I am staring at them without giving way to them my friend shouted on me to move and got back to conscious and they took them to last room in the flat, I want to say one more thing that 2 more friends got added up but the start of session, my its the time to turns as I am amateur and all other guys are well experienced , they asked me whether to go first , I said no no no,, I am feeling tensed so plz I wont do sex I will stay here and sit quietly, they all laughed at me at once and said ok boss.

My friend rohit went inside the room first, and came out after around 20 mints, and next 20 minutes , all the friends are going inside and coming out , I was feeling ashamed as I am fully tensed to do sex, and my inner voice saying waste fellow go and have sex you wont get this chance next time, but not able to do.

But my friend rohit told me along with his friends to go inside and I said no, but as they are friends they didn’t allow me to stay there and they literally pushed me inside the room, as womens push bride inside the 1st night room as we see in movies.

As I went inside there I found a bed with a women taking rest (waiting for the another go), so I slowly literally like a cat without making any noise walked near her, and just staring at her big boobs which in my mind felling to crunch them underneath my teeth, and press them like anything, she suddenly opened her eyes, and gave a big smile which me made feel somewhat easy.

In the first dialogue I told her this is my first time and I am feared of it , she again smiled at me and told dont worry I will take care of everything.

Because of tension my penis is also feeling lazy , and this is first time which happened when I am sitting beside a lady, and she said dont worry everything will be alright within few minutes, and she took hold of my hand and kept in on her boobs, and just slowed pressed them, thats it my penis got lubricated and got erected 90 degrees straight without my senses, and got shocked and started to press them hard more hard and she got completely under my control ,

I slowly removed her upper wear where didn’t bra I found big spongy volcanoes and started licking them with my tongue around the black nipples and started to bite them keeping as much possible part into my mouth, and she just got lost in my kisses around her big boobs, and then I slowly went down to her waist and pressed them slowly and mind got corrupted

I started kissing and licking everywhere and I feel that she got aroused and she us aww..Oooo .. Hhaaaa ….Plz …… Aaa …. Iiioo ….. And within no time I started removing her lower and inner which was pink in colour and removed and threw it ,,,, and big round hole with cleaned shaved literally asking me to tease them , and touched them and started rubbing them, and slowly I inserted my 2 fingers inside and moving front and back my kissing and biting those big water melons which are very huge , and she said plz stop and start fucking, without listening I kept on doing the same for some time , and the dick started to say fuck her,

Then I jumped above her and in missionary position I tried inserting my dick inside her, I failed as this is my first time and reality is different from porn ,and I just got up from there , she immediately asked what happened and she told that she will help, and I started afresh this time I want to see her back so turned her and and started kissing her back and slowly went down and hit a good shot on her hips, and turned her and again started to press her boobs, and rubbing them up and down and this time she took hold of my dick and helped me to push inside her, this time it went inside smoothly, and I started to fuck her slowly at starting and increased the pace , I am fucking along with biting her boobs harder and pressing them and started to increase my speed and sound started coming faster faster harder

After 7-8 mints I started saying her I am going to come and bitted he harder and and licking them very hard and at time I came out in condoms when it was inside her , and took rest beside her for a 4 minute or 5 mints and I suddenly jumped again on her and inserted new condom and again pressing her big boobs made me aroused and inserted my cock inside her deep this time at my first instant and she shouted aaah, aww.. Awww …. Ooo … Awww.. And started making it faster faster as fast as I could I came out after almost 15 minutes, and slept beside her by licking and pressing those boobs which are very good, and my friends started knocking the door as it already 40 mints done and I shouted I am coming, and came out with a big smile on my face and my friends all asking about the things happened inside.

After that we all had a talk with that lady, about who have done well, and who is best.

She replied all are good, and took the money and left.

But after sometime I felt very bad and asked my friend

Rohit we are also humans but how can she sustains to have sex for this long time

He replied that she took a tablet which will just arouse feeling and causes no pain for 4 hrs, and he also told that he himself brought the tablet from medical shop.

Even then I felt really bad about my behavior and took a oath not to do sex again like this.

Thanks, friends for reading my first sex, and I have other sex stories which happened in my life after this incident as now I am not amateur, and I will publish then in a row based on my free time.

You can review my post and give suggestion to this email id, I will reply to them as fast as I could

My mail id: [email protected]

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