Fibernet Connection To Fucknet Conection

Hi.. I’m myself, George. Posting my first encounter story with my neighbour aunt. This incident happened 2 months ago. First, let me tell you about myself I’m 20yrs old I’m an engineering student. I’m from Chennai Anna Nagar. Anna Nagar is mostly famous for mature aunties. I have a huge desire for mature aunties. It all happened in the month of February.

One day I bunked college and I was doing my project work. At that time my internet connection was misbehaving so I called my dad and shouted at him. He asked me to enquire about the fiber net connection. At that time I came to know that my neighbor aunt was having that connection. So I went to her house and rang the bell . She came and opened the door. Her name is Sharmila. She is 37 years of age . She greeted me with a huge smile and welcomed me in . She asked me to sit down and gave me lemon juice . I was drinking it . Then the conversation started. What for you have come da??

I said I want to enquire about the fiber net connection in your house. Oh she started explaining it to me.. She said that the speed is the greatest among all the networks. She said wait let me show you.. She went into the room and came with her laptop . She gave it to me asked me to check the speed of the fiber net. At that she got a phone and went to pick up the phone at that time I opened the chrome I was shocked to see that she was watching porn a massage rooms video was playing . I was watching it.. She came and sat next to me she was also shocked and closed the laptop and diverted the conversation. And I went to my house. Later my mind started working.. Since her husband goes to work in the morning and come only late night.

So I came to a conclusion that she is in lack of sex. So I thought of framing some plan.. On that same day I saw her in the evening when she saw me she was bending her head down.. After that from next day I was little busy with my college work.. Next week again I bunked college one day .. I went to her house.. She was shivering on seeing me.. I said aunty lets forget everything . I wanna use your internet because since I have to do a project presentation . (it was a lie) we were having good conversation and she is also helping me in my presentation. We were talking more freely than before. Suddenly I asked her that you love watching porn uh? She was bending down. I said I’m sorry aunty if don’t wanna say na don’t say. She said no no not like that. She said my husband goes to work early in the morning and comes late in the night. He has become old too.

He cant even satisfy me. I have a huge sex drive. When I ask him to have sex he wont.. He says that he is tired. If has sex na it cant last up to 2 mins. What can I do I want to satisfy myself. So watch porn and finger myself. She started crying.. I said if you agree I will satisfy you.. She said no .. Its not right. And she wiped her tears and went to kitchen.. She was cooking there.. After two mins I went in to the kitchen. I was standing beside her. I was grabbing her waist from behind .. She is pushing me away.. I was holding her tight gently I cleared her hair on her shoulder. And started licking from shoulder to neck she didn’t resist and I continued to ear also she was shivering.. She turned towards me . I held her face towards me and started to lick her upper lips she was holding me tight I lifted her up and make her sit on the kitchen slab and started to smooch her.

She was reciprocating wildly. As she was in good mood she begged me to fuck her right now.. I had other ideas .. I want to tease her so badly . So I stopped suddenly and went to my project work. I want doing my presentation she came and sat near me and was trying to touch my dick.. I took to the bed room placed her on the bed and latched the door.. She was locked in the bedroom . She is shouting my name and started fingering herself.. I went to the and took some aromatic oil and started heating it up to luke warm . I thought of suprising her with hot oil massage session. So I undressed myself to towel. I opened the door. She was very much shocked to me see me in that state.. I placed the oil on the bedside table I slowly lifted her up started kissing her from her forehead two eyes her nose her chin her neck and came to her boobs.. I lifted her pallu and placed aside and started to unhook her blouse with my mouth and I was licking her boobs over her breast. She was shivering.

Then I started her to lick from her cleavage to her deep navel I inserted my tongue and started to play with it.. She grabbed my hair and and pressing it hard against her navel.. I started exploring her body.. I was crushing her love handle. I went to her waistline and started to pull out her saree with my teeth.. Later she was only in her panty and her bra. I sat in between her legs and started to lick her from her fingers to her thighs she had a milky white juicy thigs.. I stared kissing and licking her inner thigs I came near her panty and was breathing heavily. She stared to cross her legs gently I placed my lips on her vaginal opening on her panty. She started to moan and shiver.. I turned her back and I started to kiss her behind neck to her bra strap I was opening it with me mouth and came down to her ass region and gently started biting it.. I tore her panties off.. I turned her around she was closing her boobs and her vagina with her hands.. Some vaginal hairs are seen between her fingers…

I went down and started biting it with my teeth.. I came near her ears and said to remove her hands she stared to obey my words . I poured the oil on her deep navel.. She was feeling the warmth of the oil .. She asked me to remove my towel.. I said I wont. Just close your eyes and enjoy.. I was pouring oil from her neck to her vagaina.. I started to fondle with her body parts I was gently squeezing her nipples it has started to become so hard. I was fondling with her breast .. She is letting out light moans .Then I went down to her navel and inserted my finger and was playing with it.. Finally I came down to her hairy vagina… I was holding the outer lips of the vagina and giving a gentle massage.. Shi enjoying it. I then placed my middle finger inside her vagina and started to give her a g spot stimulation she was crushing the bed in the excitement.

Came in minutes I went near to her love hole and started to lick the juices and gently stimulating her clitoris I was chewing her vaginal like anything.. She pulled my head towards her face and started kissing me so much and said I cant wait anymore .. Please please fuck me.. I want you inside me.. She undid my towel and was shocked to see my 7.5 inch dick and placed it inside her vaginal opening.. Since it was covered with vaginal juices it slid easily into her.. I started to penetrate her.. She was in much pain as she is experiencing a piece of meat in between her legs after a long time. We were in missionary position.. She was scratching me with her nails on my back and was biting my broad shoulders very hards.. I was fucking her as fast as I can for 20 mins she came thrice when I was inside her.. I said that I am cumming she said to cum inside her.. And we both came together…. Later we slept together for 2 hours she woke me up with a blowjob.. She thanked me lot for satisfying her.. And complemented that any lady who gets you is the luckiest….

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