Flight From NJ To HYD

I am a frequent visitor to ISS. I like to share my personal experiences with you all. Experience counts.

About me, I am 50 years old man, 5’9″, 200 lbs, dark-brown complexion, broad shoulders, muscular built with a little beer belly. My penis is about 5.5 inches long and very thick. When it is erect I cannot put my fingers around my penis it is so thick.

I was traveling in a 20-hour flight from New Jersey to Hyderabad. I was in the aisle seat; next to me in the middle seat was Pallavi. She is 25 years on age, married and stays in USA with her husband. She was being forced to go to Hyderabad for medical check up because she is not having a child even after getting married for past 3 years. She has cone shaped breasts with perky nipples and a round muscular hips. Next to Pallavi in the window seat was Pramila. She is 45 years and is Pallavi’s mother. Pramila has bigger softer boobs, which seems like falling out of her blouse and showing a huge cleavage. Pramila’s ass was flat on top and a soft hanging bag of meat at the bottom, like half moon.

After drinking few alcohol drinks that were served in the plane. I was trying to sleep but Pallavi was working on her laptop. I asked the friendly air-hostess Satya, to give me any vacant seat in the back of the plane to sleep. She showed me into the empty seats in the back of the plane, I choose the second row seats because the light from the aisle was falling on the last row of seats. I asked Satya if they have any extra blanket and pillow. She supplied them. I was settling down to sleep when Pallavi was passing by. I asked her where she was going, she said bathroom. I said there are no bathrooms on this side; they are on the opposite side of the plane. She said she just wanted to freshen up before sleep. We were talking and it led to Pallavi’s situation. She was going to India to get a medical check up and find out why she is not able to have a child.

I said, to have a child you need to have sex. She said she tried doing that. And you need to have sex during your fertile period. She said she tried. I asked if she enjoys sex or is she afraid of sex and close up during sex. She said she loves sex and she is sure she is doing every thing right but it is not working out. To lighten the mood, I said what all right things do you do. She was about to answer then waited for a second and laughed and said, you are a naughty man. I smiled and showed her the seat next to me. She said she has to go and left.

I thought I must have offended her feelings. But to my surprise she came back after 10 minutes and woke me up by saying are you already asleep. I said I am about to. She said she has few doubts that she cannot ask her husband or father or a doctor who is a family doctor. Can I help her? I said I would try. She sat down next to me. She started asking questions about sex, sexual positions, and best sexual positions to conceive a child, what she can do to avoid being labeled childless women. I felt sorry for her. I answered all of her questions to the best of my knowledge. While answering, I said I couldn’t explain all. It has to be felt and experienced. She said show me.

I asked her to come closer. She came closer. I offered her seat right in front of me. I made her lean into me with back to my chest. We were sitting. My back was to the window; she was facing away from me sitting between my legs with her back to my chest. We stretched our legs on the middle and aisle seats. I wrapped the blanket around both of us.

I wrapped my hands on her hands and asked tell me more about your life. She started talking about her life in USA, husband, and work. While talking I slowly moved my hands on her hands with a smooth and delicate touch, just touching her fingers, back of her hands, palms and wrists. She was also responding with her own movements by touching my hands. I was slowly started breathing in her ears by touching her ears with my lips, very gently kissing her ears. She was talking about her childhood now. I moved my hands. I put my hands on her legs and slowly moved them around touching her knees, side of her thighs. Slowly bringing my hands on her thighs towards her inner thighs circling my fingers with a soft touch. I kissed her neck. She purred and turned around and started kissing me on my lips with lust. I kissed her back and a second later withdrew myself from the kiss. Slowly I pushed her away by putting both my hands on her shoulders and at the same time turned her around to face away from me again. Before she reacted, I grabbed her both breasts from behind and gave them a little squeeze. She leaned back with her face turning up and offering her lips for a kiss. I kissed her and asked her continue talking.

Now, she started talking about her sexual situation. This time her voice was coarse and deep. She was talking slowly. I pinched her nipples and was circling around her nipples with my fingers. She was taking long pauses between her words. Without any warning, I put my right hand on her pussy. She shrieked. I said be quite, you are going to wake the whole plane. She giggled and put her left hand on neck and pulled me into her neck and she put her face to the side for me to kiss her cheeks and neck. I asked her now tell about your life in India. She started talking about her life in India, family in India, Husbands family in India. I put both my hands on her waist and fondled her abs. Slowly massaged her navel area and sides of her waist. She was ticklish and was jumping every time I touched the sides of her waist. I put both my hands on her panty and slowly pulled it down. First I pulled the right one all the way as far as it can go. She bent her body to one side making it easy for me to pull one side of the panty from under her hips. Then I pulled the other side.

She did the same thing. Giving me room to pull the panty from under her left hips this time. I pulled the panty all the way across her thighs and pulled it up towards her bent knees. She got hold of my hands and slowly massaging them got down to my wrists and palms and took hold of the panty from my hands and slowly pulled the panty all the way down her feet. She got hold of my hands again. She put my left hand on her left breast and the right hand on her pussy. She was very wet and dripping. I massaged the outside of the vagina and sides of her vagina. Fondled her clitoris for a second or two. She put her head back on my shoulder and closed her eyes. I kissed her cheeks and lips.

She put her hands on her back and started feeling my penis over my shorts, which was touching her from the back all this time. She reached my waist on one side and tried to pull the shorts down. All she was able to do was pull the elastic a little bit and as soon as she let go of the shorts then it went back to its original position. She was blocking my shorts from coming off. My legs were wrapped around her who was sitting in front of me with her back to me. She moved away from me and turned around and pulled my shorts down towards the seat. I lifted my hips, she pulled the shorts down my legs and folded it nicely and put it at the bottom of our seat.

She turned towards me, came close, sat with her both legs on my sides. She sat in my lap facing me. My penis was touching her pussy area. With my pre-cum and her juices already flowing out, there was this nice sexual aroma, smell that would cause anyone to get aroused. She held my face in her hands and slowly started kissing my cheeks, lips, biting and nibbling my cheeks and lips. While kissing me, she moved her hips a little and arranged her pussy to come very close to my penis. She put both her hands around my neck held it tightly. I was not in a position to move. I fondled her breasts by pressing them, massaging them pinching the nipples a little.

With one jerk she made her pussy wrap around my penis. Both of us were wet so it went half way in with one single jerk. She started moving very fast making my penis go in and out of her pussy. I held her tight and stopped her from moving. Kissed her on her lips and tongue fucked her mouth. While doing that, I slowly motioned her waist to move front and back. She again was trying to move faster. I held her tight again and did not let her move. She understood that I wanted it slowly. She moved slowly. The depth of the penetration was increase with every stroke.

In few more strokes she had an orgasm. She shivered for few minutes. Held me tight by pressing her breasts into me and closing her eyes and breathing heavily. While she was recovering, I was twitching my penis, which was still inside her pussy all wet and sloppy. I was not in a hurry to release my cum. Once she recovered from her orgasm, she started moving again. This time, she took time in making love to me. The penetration was deeper and deeper with every stroke. My penis was bending towards the front and making it even harder and rubbing even harder inside her pussy especially her inner walls on the topside of her pussy.

I put my hands under her hips while she was moving her pussy around my penis. Each stroke was becoming faster and faster. I squeezed her ass cheeks. I reached for her ass hole. As soon as I touched her hole, she came again. She had her second orgasm. This time it was even intense. She shivered. She held me tight. She breathed heavily. She took longer time to recover. After recovering. She kissed me on my cheeks, lips, eyes, and forehead.

I still need to satisfy my urge to realease, which was slowly building in me. I twitched my penis inside her pussy. She slowly removed her pussy from around my penis. She moved back on the seat still facing me. She reached for my penis with her mouth. She licked her own juices on my penis. She was making slurping noises. I said shhhhh. She nodded her head and continued licking my penis till I came in her mouth.

I was cumming in her mouth and she was drinking every drop. I was closing and opening my eyes in pleasure. All of a sudden I saw Pallavi’s mother Pramila standing near our seats and looking at us making love. Pramila saw that Pallavi was licking my penis and drinking my cum. I was not in a position to stop what I was doing. I was cumming in Pallavi’s mouth. I just closed my eyes hoping that Pramila would disappear. When I opened my eyes Pramile was gone. Pallavi drank all my cum. Was I hallucinating about Pramila.

Pallavi wiped herself clean and put on her dress. Pallavi, after getting dressed gave me my shorts, which I put on. We sat again in the same position like before. She sat in my lap facing me. She hugged me said thank you for everything. I told her she is welcome. She can call me anytime she needs help. I also told her that her mother was there few minutes back when you were sucking my penis. She said why did you not tell me then. I said I was cumming in your mouth at that time. How could I stop that? She laughed and kissed me on my lips and said, she has to go and take care of her mother.

I will tell you more about what happened after that in the flight from NJ to HYD, what happened to her mother, what happened in Hyderabad, and what happened in my return flight in my next few stories. Please send your comments and feedback to [email protected]. I live in Ohio. Women living in Ohio and interested, can contact me at the email address.

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