Fucked A NRI Woman In Front Of Her Husband

A little about me, I am Charles, aged 30, from Hyderabad, offering massages to females and couples for nearly four years now. I have posted few experiences of mine here. You can check the author’s page; you might find my previously shared experiences. Feel free to reach me on [email protected]

During February 2015, A couple from London wanted to avail my service. Before their visit to India, we were in touch over phone and messaging on whatsapp. They booked me a flight from Bengaluru to Delhi during the 3rd week of Feb 2015. We had seen each other on Skype, hence there was no issues in identifying. I was greeted by the couple once I was out of the Airport. We went to the Serviced Apartment, where they were staying and had also booked a room for me in the same apartment.

I checked in, got refreshed and met them down. We went to the disc in the evening. We were speaking casually about each other’s life, work, etc etc etc. Post drinks, I did shake my legs with the beautiful lady. I am a bad dancer though, but made sure, I danced for sometime with her. We had our dinner and went to our respective rooms in the Service Apartment.

The hubby told me about the type of massage, I need to offer the beautiful lady. She is really gorgeous. Long silky hair, quite elegant, stunning lips , an absolutely perfect structure, causing any man to go hard as soon as seeing her. Building a rapport is very important to me. From London, we used to speak regularly to make sure, all are comfortable with one another.

I took my massage kit, where I brought oils, as per their requirements and went to their room. The room was quite huge and nice. They bed was covered with rose petals, and the room had the beautiful aroma since they had lit couple of aromatic candles. The husband pulled a chair and sat, allowing me to take care of his wife.

Husband to Me : She is in your hands now.

Husband to Her : Hope you would have one of the best day today.

We both smiled. I took her hands, asked her to sit on the chair, so that I can make her feel comfortable. She was in her silky white robe and I was in my shorts and tees. I could easily see some part of her breasts. While I was making her relax, I asked her about couple of things and asked,

Charles : Would you like me to give you a session of bath before we could get started with the massage ?

She : (Winking and Smiling at her husband) I would love you.

There was a message sent by the wife to her husband by that wink. The husband then excused himself, took my room keys and went away, leaving her with me. I went and bolted the door from inside.

She : My husband is a caring man. Hope you are ok to be alone with me ?

Me : Oh Yeah !! I could see the love he has for you. Yeah, I am very much ok to be with you, that’s only me and you (winked).

I then guided her to the bathroom. Before entering the bathroom, I removed her robe seductively and she in turn removed mine. I led her under the shower and started the shower, which was set to the required temperature.

She : I never expected, you would give me a shower. When I got to hear that, I just could not resist.

Me : It is always good to start the massage with the shower.

I poured some shower gel on my palm, rubbed them with my other palm, slowly I applied on her. I was no special here. A gorgeous lady standing naked under the shower, I had an erection. I ensured, I apply the gel on her complete body and wash the body. She then took the gel and started applying on me as well. We both hugged eachother, started rubbing our bodies with each other, with the sound effects of ahhs, aarrghs, ouchs. By now, we had our bodies cleaned off the shower gel. The water was still falling, I got on my knees, took my hands between her legs and cleaned the vaginal area. I guess, she was already dripping. It was not the water, but, it was the precum.

She : My husband had experienced this when we were in Bali during our holidays. I had that jealousness. No wonder he would have been jealous, if was here.

Me : (Smiled) Whose idea was it to experience this, you or his ?

She : His.

Saying this, she got down on her knees, we both were seeing into eachother’s eyes and came closer and closer and gave that small peck on lips. The second time, it was the battle of tongues. We both were kissing wildly. After sometime, we stopped, stopped the shower, wiped our bodies with the towel and I guided her to the bed.

She still had that seductive looks in her eyes, which was carving for something else, rather than a massage. But, I was in no hurry for that.

I made her lie on her stomach. Poured some oil on my palms and started working on her back. I made sure, the touches were as elegant as she was. Within no time, she said,

She : Ahhhh!!! It feels so good Charles.

Me : Enjoy the massage, take things easy.

I massaged her back for sometime, then moved on to her butts. I poured ample quantity of oil on her butt and massaged, cupped them for sometime, and I sat on them, with my tool hard, I teased her by just moving it in between the butt cheeks. She was moaning in low tone which was very nice to hear.

Hope my dear readers are enjoying. From here, she would write the experience in her own words.

While Charles was massaging my butts, I really wanted him to enter me from behind. I had never felt like this for a while now. Yes, the desperateness had increased. But I was astounded by his simplicity and his professionalness, though we were completely naked.

I have had massages earlier by males too, but never felt so relaxed and comfortable. This guy certainly has magic in him.

Charles asked me to turn around. He gave me an wonderful foot massage for a while, which till date, I still cherish. We both were sitting facing eachother, my legs were over his thighs, his still erect tool was almost touching my vagina. Never let that eye contact to fade away. Both poured oil on eachother, hugged and rubbed the bodies. I was breathing heavy. I went further and further to get his tool inside me, but he said, wait for the time baby, you’ll get that.

He was teasing me but I couldn’t control. We poured more oil on each other’s body. I pushed him on the bed, which he never expected, we started again massaging our bodies. He then rolled on me, poured some oil on his palms and was massaging my breasts. He massaged, cupped both my breasts and played with my erect nipples for a good amount of time.

Me : Charles, I cannot control. Please get inside me. I don’t want to be teased further.

Charles : Relax darling. Take deep breathes. We still have ample time for the other things.

He then went down towards my vagina and sniffed it. I thought he would lick it, but no he didn’t. He poured some oil on the mound of the yoni.

Charles : Ready to experience the Yoni Massage ?

Me : Fuck it off. I want you inside me.

He just smiled and started massaging the yoni region. He massaged the outer lips and the slowly guided his fingers inside the yoni. He explored the inner region for sometime. Charles then steadily increased the speed of the movement. I controlled and controlled and controlled, but then had to release it off.

Oh My God !!! I squirted. My first ever squirt. This guy really has some magic in him. I was surprised seeing him at first, but once I experienced, I realised the phrase “looks are always deceptive” is true. He is handsome, but doesn’t have the masseur looks.

I relaxed for few minutes. He then again made me lie down in the right position to start another session of yoni massage. He rubbed my clitoris for a while, foreplay was one major thing he did, because of which, I had my first squirt. He poured more amount of oil and then guided his fingers inside my vagina. The moment he touched my G-Spot, I had shivers in my body. I did have that little burning sensation, but then realised, NO PAIN. NO GAIN. He started thrusting the same movement again, increased the speed. I was holding the pillow tight, moaning loudly, about to experience yet another orgasm. He maintained the steady movement, after sometime, without even giving him a hint, I came again.

Fuck! My first double squirt! I was aghast. I was spell bounded.

He lied down post that next to me. He is a human afterall, he was bit tired. His tool was still erect. This time, I didn’t waste much time. We were smooching wildly again. I was holding his tool, and he was spanking my ass.

He came on top of me, got off the bed, winked at me, went to the refrigerator and brought the ice cream. I myself never knew about the ice cream.

Me : What is this for ? How the hell you know about the ice cream ?

Charles : I had asked your hubby to get it. But asked him, not to tell this to you.

Saying this, he took some icecream and spread on my breasts. Due to chillness, I had shiver in my body again. Charles started sucking my breasts to clean the icecream.

Me : Oh yeah baby! Suck them hard! Suck them.

I never expected the icecream thing to happen. But these kind of surprises really ignites me. I was enjoying this. I then made him lie on the bed, took some icecream and applied on his tool, took his tool inside my mouth. It was a very different experience for me, for sure.

He moaned. How can a guy control always. He was enjoying it as well. I was enjoying to the core. The precum with the vanilla flavor was absolutely delicious.

After sometime, he made me lie down, took the icecream and applied in on my vagina and sucked it. He licked my clitoris, sucked my vaginal juices mixed with vanilla flavour. This time, I wanted it badly. He would have loved to tease for some more time, but I didn’t want to get teased.

With this, I took the control. I sat on his tool and started riding him. The room was completely filled up with our moans. Luckily, the rooms were designed in such a way, the sounds never escapes out. He then fucked me in doggy position. We both were tired as hell. Went to the bathroom, cleaned ourselves, came back to the room, slept by hugging each other.

This doesn’t end here. Waiting for more. Till then cheers.

Hope all have enjoyed reading this. Again, let me tell you, if you think it is fake, it is; if u think its bullshit, it is; if you think it is fantasy, it is; and if you think it is genuine, it is very much genuine.

If there are any females or couples, would like to experience this, you are most welcome to contact me. But please request you to be genuine and honest. I respect the privacy of my clients. So please don’t ask for any references, pictures or videos. At any point during the massage, I do not entertain to click pictures and shoot videos. If at all, you want to get a massage; your details will not be shared with anyone.

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