Fucked A Telecom Office Lady

Hey, friends, what’s up, here I am with another encounter of mine. So, I am Rahul, 23 yrs old, and love to enjoy life, but with a bit of privacy. Thank you all for your feedback for my previous sex story, loved talking to you all. So, I stay in Kochi, Ernakulam. Ladies, housewives, elder ladies, if want to have some fun with me, can email me at [email protected]. I love kinky sex too and enjoy them. If any lady is interested, can contact me through email. Don’t worry, it will be a secret.

So, this happened between me and a lady who was working in an airtel office. The first time when I saw her, there itself I got attracted to her. She was in a kind of saree which is worn especially in Kerala. I just loved seeing her in that. She was maybe around 38 to 40 yrs old and was looking really good. Her mature face really attracted me, I was going on staring at her which she noticed I think so. So, I had gone there for a sim. All the while she was explaining about their network services, my focus was only on one thing, her sexy hot mature body. The Kerala saree was really looking good on her. After all the documentation was over, she got up from her chair and my goodness…….her stomach, her bare belly was awesome. So full, so curvy, I was getting an erection.

Somehow I controlled myself. Then I left from there after gentle goodbyes from her. More than one week had passed, still, my sim was not activated. So the after waiting for more than one week, I went to her office. She greeted me with a welcoming smile. I said her about my problem. She rechecked everything and asked for the code which was given to me for activation. She herself took my mobile and finally my sim got activated. I thanked her and left. Didn’t want to leave such a beauty and go but what to do, had to go, ha ha ha. So, I was waiting for an auto. After 5 mins she came and saw me, in return, I saw her too. We both smiled and walked towards each other. I asked her where is she going and all. She said office hours are over and she was heading towards her home.

I offered her my company, she happily received. We both got into one auto and she directed the driver towards her home. After reaching she welcomed me to her home. I couldn’t say no and we both were inside her house. After talking to her I came to know that she was divorced. She was now living alone with occasional visits from her family members. She was looking so nice and good from the outside but who knew that she would be with a broken marriage. She looked sad for some time, I did my best to console. After that, I left her home. But that was not the end my friends, it was an erotic beginning. After that day we talked and met often, and within 4 months got very close to each other. Once there was an off day from work, she too was free that day. She called me the previous night and invited me to her house the next day.

I was more than happy to go. I reached her home the next day, talked, gossiped and all and finally the ice was broken. We both kept on looking at each other without saying anything. But it was clear what we both wanted. I went near her, we were sitting on a sofa in the drawing room. I caught her hand, rubbed it gently. Slowly slowly, my hand went to her neck and fondled her over there. Then I looked her into her eyes and pulled her gently by her neck for a kiss. She happily accepted my invitation and there we were, kissing, tasting each other’s lips. Her lips were soft and hot. I loved it. Our kissing grew more intense and we were now kissing as if this would be the last kiss of our life. While kissing I dropped her saree pallu, and then stopped kissing and buried my face into her bosom. The heat was emerging out of her breasts even through her blouse and bra. I removed her blouse hooks, and pulled her bra down, and had those lovely pieces of soft flesh. She was moaning sexily.

After sucking her boobies, I went down and kissed her naked belly. Sucked and kissed all around her fleshy stomach and then dipped my tongue into her navel. She gasped at that. Her hips were looking damn sexy in saree. I caught the pleats of her saree and pulled them out of her petticoat. Now she was only in her petticoat and panty. By seeing her in this condition, I really wanted to fuck her too hard. I slid her panty down, removed it and smelled them. I loved the erotic feeling of smelling her wet panty. Her panty was completely wet with her juices. By this time she was lying on the sofa, and I took my place in between her legs, so that I can now eat her pussy, and taste those delicious sexual juices of her pussy. I sucked her pussy till she got her orgasm. Then she got me naked within minutes and started sucking my cock.

Her tongue job on the rim of my cock got me nuts. It was getting difficult to control. After she sucked my cock, I made her lie properly on the sofa itself, and then lovingly plunged my clock into her burning hot pussy. We both gasped while penetration out of pleasure. Then we both humped each other like there is no tomorrow. After that, I took her to her bedroom, and then again entered her pussy in the same missionary position, and this time I increased my pace and fucked her too damn hard. The bed too creaked and made noises. Those noises were adding to our pleasure. Then we changed positions and fucked each other in all the positions we knew. After getting exhausted, we looked at the clock. It said that we both had sex for 1 and a half hour. We both lovingly smiled at each other. From then on, we both have been having sex frequently.

Our fucking went on for 6 months, and then she moved on to live with her family members. We both loved the time we had spent together. So, I hope you all liked my sex story. Aunties, older ladies, ladies, housewives, if anyone interested in having sex with me, please do mail me. I also love kinky sex and all. If you have fantasies and all, that too I would love to do. So, till next time, bye, peace…..

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