Fucked Boss’s Wife And Bossed Her – Part 1

My manager has got an opportunity to go offsite for one year. So he threw a party in a pub. He invited me as I am his team member. I dressed up nicely in light faded, slightly torn green mixed blue jeans with party wear white shirt. I reached the pub fashionably. The place was filled with lots of people and it has two floors. In first floor, DJ, bar and dance floor are there. In the second floor, normal bar and restaurant are there with an open top. I was in second floor, checking out the beautiful girls with other people with drink in my hand. Most of his invitees came to the party and the place is buzzing with people’s chatter and laughter. I saw my manager coming in to the open top with a sexy lady. She was wearing black color single piece skirt which ran up to her ankles, sleeveless, with low neck showing well amount of her cleavage. Her dress was floating on her skin. It didn’t look like she was wearing dress. Her hairs were free flowing, lips covered with bright red color lipstick. She must have used padded bra as her boobs were standing up, saluting everyone who looked at them. She was healthily lean; her boobs must have been 34b size with little to no tummy. She looked elegant but at the same time damn hot. I wanted to fuck her.

I came to know that lady is my manager’s wife. My manager is an asshole, with bald head, big tummy with lots of money. I considered this as one of those things that almost happens everywhere that rich guy gets beautiful sexy lady. Lots of people surrounded him and started to congratulate him. Some poured a beer on him. He started to drink. His wife too started to drink. I finished mine and ordered one more. My manager and his wife both came in my direction and I congratulated him. He introduced me to his wife. Her name was Rithika. They moved around to talk to other people. I continued to stare at Rithika, so do other lust hungry men eyes. She walked around with her husband to talk to almost all of the important people came to the party. Though she did elegantly, she kept checking time, phone and gave meaningless smile. I understood she is bored here. Time was just wheeling away but nothing happened. All this while I talked to colleagues but in my mind, I was formulating a plan to fuck Rithika. I saw Rithika sitting with one of my friend’s wife. My manager was not with her. So I went there and talked to friend’s wife. I sat there and talked to both ladies. She talked nicely back to me. My friend’s wife left to see her husband. I didn’t want to waste this opportunity. I asked her to get a drink for her. She said ok. I went to bartender but the place was packed with people like ant in sweet. I waited for so long, but the bartender didn’t even listen to my order. She got up and came to bar. I explained her why it is taking time. She stood near bar and her boobs were pressing against the bar. The bartender was standing in the elevated platform so he could see her cleavage easily. She ordered in very sexy but authoritative voice. He immediately turned his attention towards her and took our order. He kept glasses near her boobs, poured the drink and made it. He was enjoying her cleavage throughout the time. I also looked at her cleavage as I am taller than her. She didn’t mind any of these things rather seemed like she is enjoying the attention she is getting. We got the drinks and moved away from the bar. She gave me victorious smile as she got the order immediately whereas I stood there for so long.

“All right, all right, cut it off. That guy is pervert. I was shouting my order but he didn’t even listen. You just came by and he turned immediately,” I jokingly complained.She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Men, they are all like this.” I instantaneously replied, “Not all are like that.”She laughed and interrupted my sentence to say,” Don’t say that you have never looked at my cleavage.” I gulped my drink fast and asked her, “What? No.”She laughed and then said, “Come on Deegee. You have been trying not to look at my cleavage when I look at you. The moment I look other side, you look at my boobs. Isn’t it?”I was shocked to hear this. I thought she hasn’t noticed my behavior but she is woman and they notice everything. Denying her statement will further worsen my state, so I replied, “What’s wrong in seeing beautiful things?”She laughed uncontrollably and replied, “I like it, and you are the first man I know to accept his behavior.”I frowned my eyebrows and asked her, “Really? No one said to you how beautiful your boobs are?” “Lots of people have looked at it but no one complimented them openly. Not even Roshan,” said her with a big sigh. I asked her with a lot of courage, “You look in great shape. So you must know dancing. Shall we go to dance floor?” She laughed again uncontrollably, “Thanks. You have the knack of giving compliments without being making it obvious.”I laughed and replied, “That means yes?” She nodded her head and we both went to dance floor. DJ was rocking the floor and lots of people were grooving their bodies to the tune. Once we entered, her body moved to the tune. She is a great dancer. Her boobs juggled during her moves. I noticed it. She slapped on my face playfully to stop my imagination. DJ was constantly putting peppy tunes but then he changed the tune to romantic melody. I put my right hand around her waist and took out her left hand in my left hand. She put her right hand around my shoulder. We danced closely. Her boobs were pressing my lower chest portion. Her closeness and perfume smell gave me a hard on. We both moved slowly and rhythmically to the tune. With each move, my hard on got more and more. DJ changed the song again to peppy tunes. She turned around and started to give me body dance. She rubbed her back against my lower abdomen and then lowered her body from top to bottom and then she came up. Her ass rubbed against my dick. She must have felt it. With a naughty smile, she turned around and put her arms around my shoulder. I couldn’t control myself, so I kissed her. She didn’t kiss initially but more importantly she didn’t push me away. Then she kissed me back. We kissed lovingly. I put my arm around her waist and kissed her. I slowly lowered my hand from her waist to ass while kissing. After few minutes, she pushed me and then left the place. I followed her. She came out of the pub and went to bathroom. I went to men’s bathroom and looked at the mirror. I though I messed it up. I scolded myself and then came out.I stood outside the bathroom.She came out after few minutes from bathroom. I looked at her but she didn’t say anything. She stood there and then came closer to me. I opened my mouth to apologize to her but she kissed me on my mouth. She kissed me very passionately like there is no tomorrow. I put my hands around her body and kissed her for very long time. I swallowed her saliva from her mouth. I put my hands around her big butts, grabbed it, brought her more close to my lips and kissed her zealously. I don’t want to leave her. I want to feel her from both inside and outside. The lust was burning between us. So I stopped kissing her, took her hand and started to walk fast. We both went one floor below the pub. In that floor’s corner, there was construction work going on. The area was dark, big and tables filled with paint tins and construction materials. I cleaned one table and put her on the table. We kissed again, our hands were moving around all of our body, searching something invisible to us. She was bit aggressive now. She bit my lips and her fingernails pierced my back skin through my shirt. She unbuttoned me without breaking our kiss. She stopped, gave a naughty smile. That smile turned me on more than her boobs, ass and nice thighs. She removed my belt, unzipped my jeans, and then lowered my jeans below my knees. I am in boxers now. She grabbed my dick and started to massage it. She lowered my boxers too and took out my 6” python ready to spit on her anytime. She stroked my dick while kissing me. I grabbed her shoulders, unstrapped her dress from her shoulders. The straps are in her arms, unhooked her bra, so it became easy for me to take out her boobs from her bra. It was so sexy that only her boobs were out of her dress; her remaining body is still covered in dress. I grabbed one boob and then started to pinch her nipple straight away. She liked then handling, she gave a loud moaning. That place was empty, so her moaning echoed and reverberated in the empty big space. It gave me so high and took me to another level. I wanted to tear her dress and started to fuck. But she pushed me away. She asked me to go near the door where the light is there in that big dark room. I did and she looked at my body from top to bottom. I stood there with my white shirt unbuttoned, jeans and boxers at my ankles, with erected dick, ready to tear her pussy. She admired my strong body and massive erection. She said, “After marriage I have been fed up with Roshan’s big belly. Today, I am gonna enjoy your masculine belly free body. Come to me Deegee, worship my body. Feel me, taste me and take me.” I came closer to her and she kissed me on my nipples. She bit my nipples. She bent low to kiss on my navel and licked it. She stroked my dick. I pushed her back against the table and lifted her dress from thigh to her waist. Her underwear is visible. She lifted her legs, inviting me to lick her pussy. I just moved her panties to right side and looked at her pussy. I started to lick her pussy, which was already dripping with her juices. Her clean shaven pussy smelled good. I licked her pussy with the tip of my tongue just giving her initial orgasm. She was enjoying as that was evident from her moans. After a while licking her pussy opening, I moved my tongue deep in to her pussy, licked her inner pussy walls. I was searching for her g-spot. Her moaning got louder and it reverberated too. It aroused me more, helped me to keep my erection. She leaned forward, grabbed my hairs and lifted me from her pussy. We kissed again passionately. Her fingernails made a few scratches on my back. I felt the burning sensation on my back but it turned on me more. I literally ate her lips and we both stopped kissing as were gasping for air. She stroked my dick and made it harder. The way she stroked my dick by looking at my eyes, her mouth slightly open, gave me more pleasure. I pushed her back, inserted my dick in to her pussy and started to fuck her. Her boobs were out of her bra, bouncing, her eyes slightly closed and her legs are wide apart to give me more space to access her pussy. It was a sight to hold even with poor light. Her moaning not only reverberated in the empty room but also in my mind. Now she leaned forward and came closer to my body. She put her legs around my waist, helped me to fucker pussy more closely. Now her face is resting against my shoulder and mine against hers. I fucked her rigorously; all I could hear was her moaning. She scratched my back few more times. With each scratch’s burning sensation, my lust increased more. My stroke’s pace increased. I fucked her hard and I felt my testicles are about to explode its warm rain of cum. I pulled out of her pussy immediately and then splashed all of my cum in the empty room. The sex was exhilarating and amazing. We cleaned ourselves, dressed up and went to bathroom. We cleaned ourselves again properly before reaching the pub’s second floor. In one of the couches, our friends were waiting for Rithika. It turned out that her husband has got drunk more and he is unconscious now. He was sleeping on the couch. So I decided to drop them in home and that’s the best decision I ever made. What happened after that will come in the next part of this story. Any ladies and girls interested in chat, phone sex or fling, contact me at [email protected]. Also please give me your feedback.

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