Fucked Boss’s Wife And Bossed Her Part – 2

With the help of staffs in the pub, I put Roshan in the back seat of his car. Rithika sat in the front seat. I was driving the car. Rithika was naughty in the car. She put her legs on the dashboard, showing me her voluptuous long legs. I wanted to plant my kisses from her toes to her pussy, but I couldn’t. She started to tease me a lot. She put down her legs and grabbed her boobs. She put her head back, squeezed her boobs and gave a small moan. She noticed my restlessness and laughed a lot in the car. I was afraid that her husband may wake up anytime but she didn’t care about it. I told her to shut down these things even though I was enjoying the show. She didn’t give a damn about my advice rather she carried on with her seduction. She lifted her dress from thigh to almost to the waist as I can see her g-string panty string. I aroused me a lot and my restlessness has increased. I really don’t know how I drove with control on that day.

She grabbed my dick and started to massage it. This was ultimate fun and I stopped the vehicle because I almost crashed the car in to barricade on the road. She laughed for few minutes. She didn’t care that we would have almost died if I hadn’t stopped the car. Her husband was still unconscious on the back seat. I asked her not to touch my dick till we reach her home safely. She didn’t accept but later she said ok for my deal. I started the card and her teasing also started but she didn’t touch my dick. We reached her home and I parked the car in their own parking area in their apartment.She said,” Deegee, I wanna taste your fat cock. Give it to me.”

“Tum pagal hogaya kya? What if someone comes out now? Also, your husband is sleeping on the back seat?

“You don’t worry about that. No one comes here at this time. This is our own parking. Roshan doesn’t wake up till tomorrow afternoon. He is asshole drinks like fish. Let’s have fun here.”

I though she is kidding so I didn’t reply to her. She grabbed my cock and kissed me passionately inside the car. She left the car and then stood in front of the car. She bent forward to show her tight round ass. Instantly my dick jumped in my underwear. I wanted to taste her pussy again. She came up with her right hand sliding over her butt. She spanked her ass and turned her head towards me, winked at me. That was the most arousal moment and I couldn’t any longer. I didn’t care about her husband on the back seat of the car. I jumped out of the car and reached her. I pulled her closer to me, kissed her ferociously.

I grabbed her butt with my left hand and pulled her close to me while kissing. We stopped and then she bent down immediately. She removed my jeans and boxers in a second. She took my dick and put it inside her mouth. That feeling can’t be described in words. It just feels incredibly amazing when your dick is inside a woman’s mouth. She knows how to handle a fat cock. She kissed my cock all over its length. She kissed on its top and then swallowed it slowly. She was in no rush. She started to suck my cock. She put her right hand around my cock and then increased her sucking speed. Now my dick is soaked with her saliva. She took all of my cocks into her mouth and almost choked her by doing that. Although I have got blowjobs from my girlfriend, this woman knows how to handle a dick.

Not just random back and forth movement from her while sucking, she used her tongue in such a way that I almost collapsed onto my knees. Her sucking is a sight to hold. She didn’t stop sucking my cock and I know that I have to stop her to feel her pussy.

I pulled her up and put her on the hood of the car. I lifted her dress and removed her panty. Her pussy was wet and dripping with her own juices. She lifted her legs and it was in the air. I planted my hands on the hood and entered her pussy. She wanted it more. I started to fuck her. I fucked her rhythmically. I fucked her pussy around all the edges. Her moaning grew louder and louder. She grabbed my white shirt and hold on to it for support. She asked me, “Will you be my fuck buddy for the next one year?

I said yes before she finished her sentence. She laughed again loudly and hugged me while I was fucking her pussy. What an offer is this? I was delighted to hear this. Who would say no to fuck this voluptuous woman with a body that every girl dreams of? She asked me to stop and then turned around to show her back to me. I inserted my cock into her pussy again. I rammed her pussy straight away.

She slammed her hand in pleasure and I know she is enjoying the session. She looked at her husband, who is still sleeping in the back seat of the car like a wood log and said, “This is how you should fuck asshole. Learn from him, you fat Humpty Dumpty.” Her body on the hood moved with each of my strokes and that gave slight creek sound. It was thrilling and adventure for me. Someone can come at any time and also her husband can also wake up anytime. But nothing bothered us. We were two bodies craving for lust in that dim light car parking. I bent her hand back and hold it for my support to increase the depth of penetration. She was absolutely in heaven. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t. She closed her mouth with her other hand. She reached orgasm as her breathing became heavy.

I spanked her ass and I know that I have reached my climax. I pulled out immediately and then filled my cum on her ass cheeks till the last drop. She stood up and sucked the cum sticking on my dick. She has become totally bitch that night. I pulled up my jeans and we both got dressed up. We sat in the car for a while and talked some casual things. With the help of her, I managed to put her husband sleep on their bed.

In her bedroom, she went into the bathroom and came out in a bath robe. I pulled her closely and kissed her. I ran down my hand inside her robe and then cupped her boobs which didn’t receive much attention from me until that time. I kissed and then massaged her boobs. There was slight movement from her husband, so we stopped.“It’s time for me to leave. Ok, Good bye,” I said.

She frowned, “Have you become gay in the lift?”“No, what happened?”

“You got a sexy lady in the bathrobe in a 3bhk flat with her husband sleeping like a dead body. You should use this opportunity to fuck her more instead you are saying that you will leave. Maybe you are already bored fucking me or u are tired”

The last sentence stirred my ego. I wanna teach this bitch a lesson. I wanna show her who the real boss is. I think that’s what she also wants. She was teasing me to provoke my male egoism to fulfill her long last desires that her husband couldn’t do to her.She started to walk back, dropped her robe while walking, intentionally swaying her ass. She was wearing black lingerie now. Who would leave now? I pulled her closer to me and kissed her neck. She bent her head backward in orgasm. She asked me to go to next room. I went there and waited for her. She came in the black lingerie. But the alcohol and two sessions of hardcore sex started to have an effect on me. I started to feel tired. She sensed it and we both slept on the bed cuddling. I was in deep sleep when I felt a warm pleasure between my legs. I saw my dick going into her mouth. What a pleasant sight to wake up!

“That’s the best way to greet a guy good morning” I smiled.“I know. I don’t want to waste the time. Let’s have one more session before he wakes up.” She has taken a bath. That was evident from the nice smell coming from her radiant body and also from her wet hair. She was wearing nothing. My dick is almost reached its full length now. I grabbed her head and pulled her towards me. I threw her on the bed and let her head hang on the outside of bed. I inserted my dick into her mouth in this position. I started to mouth fuck her and at the same time, I fingered her pussy. I deep throated her and made her choke. Then I took my dick out. She gasped for air heavily. She groaned as her throat got choked.

I was handling her roughly in a way she wants me to handle her. I continued this for few more times till her knees got shaking and pussy juices started to wet the bed. I grabbed her wet hairs and lifted her from the bed. I made her stand on four legs, doggy position on the bed. I started to fuck her rapidly. I just concentrated in the speed of my strokes rather than the penetration. My thighs were hitting hard against her ass. She screamed as this is her flat and no one at home except her unconscious husband. She started to shout the bad words and that aroused me more and more.

I put me both hands on her chin, her body is arched back and started to fuck her fast. I pulled out my dick and ask her to turn around. I released all my load into her mouth. She swallowed most of my cum and some part of my cum was oozing out from her mouth. After this hardcore session, I slept for two hours and then left the flat before my manager woke up. Any ladies looking for fun or fling, contact me at [email protected].

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