Fucked My Girlfriend’s Super Sexy Mom

Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Akash, I am from Delhi.

So the story starts when I was in college. I started dating a girl who was very hot. We started dating and used to have sex rarely, like once a month, when my parents weren’t home.

But she didn’t have the boobs to satisfy me because I was interested in aunties.

So we continued for like almost 5-6 months, and then she decided that I should meet her mother because she had told her we had started dating.

I was kinda nervous going there because I had never met any of my girlfriends mothers ever. When I reached there, she was wearing a suit and she was looking so hot, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

But then I thought I had no chance with her, so I just threw the thought away. I gave her a hug and we sat down to talk. It was normal.

Then I went home and she come in my mind again, and I masturbated looking at her pictures on Facebook.

Then I decided it’s stupid and I stopped thinking about her. But soon my girlfriend decided to go out of India to study and we decided to keep a long distance relationship.

It had been 2 months since she was abroad and I hadn’t got any sex. She had all my passwords so I couldn’t even try on any other girl online.

Then days passed and I suddenly got a call from her mother. She was complaining to me about my girlfriend. She had lost all interest in studies and she was just partying. She asked me to talk to her.

This is where our friendship started. We used to talk almost every day about my girlfriend. Slowly I started getting more comfortable with her and she with me.

It was really fun and my hopes started to ignite again. I knew the father of my girlfriend was up to no good. I told her many times how beautiful she is for her age.

I’ll describe her for you. She had decently big boobs and she had an ass to die for. She was not fat like other aunties. She was hot and she used to wear hot clothes. She used to send me pictures asking how she looked. I still have all of them saved.

After 3 months my girlfriend came back to surprise me and her parents. I finally got to have some sex for a week. But then she went back abroad.

I visited her place twice in that week, just to talk to her mother. Her dad was never home. I always hoped that I could just jump on her and fuck her. But it just wasn’t happening.

So it had been another 3 months and nothing happened. We weren’t even texting now. Then one day she called me up and she is like, “Kaise ho?”

I said I am okay and we talked. She was like, “My daughter has sent some presents for you, do come home and take them.”

The next day I went to her place. She was wearing a top and jeans. She made me sit on the sofa offered me water and some coke.

Then she said let’s go out for lunch and then you can take your gifts and go home. So we went out, had lunch and came back.

She was like, “Beta I am sweating,” and she went to change.

I think she purposefully left the door open. I saw her in her bra and I got an instant boner. She had amazing boobs.

She turned in an instant and I was staring at her. She made an angry face and shut the door. I got really scared.

Then she came out in shorts and a deep cut t-shirt I was staring at her. I got up with the boner and said, “sorry aunty I didn’t mean to.”

She said, “It’s okay it happens with boys your age.”

Then we were silent for 2 minutes. Then she asked me if I liked what I saw and I was left dumbstruck. I suddenly answered that those were the best boobs I have ever seen and she said thanks.

She asked me to come and sit in her room as her room had AC. So I went and sat. Then she kept asking me sex-related questions, like what kind of girls I like. I said I was more interested in women and winked at her. Only I knew how scared I was.

Then she was like its too hot and took off her t-shirt and came and sat on me. I had no clue what was going on. She started kissing me really passionately.

I got so horny, I picked her up and got on top of her took off her bra, and started kissing on her boobs. Sucking and biting them, I went down to her belly button and started licking. She was moaning loudly.

Then I took off her shorts, she wasn’t wearing any underwear and I started licking her pussy. It was so tasty.And then she asked me to get naked. I took off all my clothes in seconds. My 5.5” penis was erect. She came crawling and took my dick into her mouth and started sucking. She was really good at it.

Then I made her lie down and opened her legs wide. I shoved my dick inside. It was such an amazing feeling. I kept pumping and she was moaning very loudly.

Then I took out my penis and we started looking for a condom. She had one, and she came and put it on me. Then I fucked her in doggy style for a while and I came inside her.

It was the greatest day. But it was just the beginning of the real sex adventures of my life. I kept fucking her twice a week. Even more when my girlfriend was back and I had a reason to go to her place.

I eventually had sex with my maid and that led to me fucking my own mom as well. I will tell you that in my next story.

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