Fucked My Hot Sexy Tamil Mom

I am Vinoth from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.I am 19 year old guy 6 feet height and 60 kg weight.Tall handsome and athletic body.To tell about my mom her name is lalitha 40 from coimbatore.She always wears saree in home and nighty sometimes.My .She has a sexy figure 36-32-38 that can make any guy to fall for her.She has a sexy ass that swings while she walks.My dad is 48 years old he never cares for my mom he is busy in makin money.My father works in chennai.He comes home once a month.I always wonder what an idiot my dad is as he never takes care of such a hot wife

Me & my mom live in a double bedroom house.One room for me and another room for my mom.My dad’s uncle (balu) lives near our home.He visit our home often.He is an old man of 60 years old.Black tall and muscular.He used to talk to my mom closely.As my mom is an house wife she will be always at home.I never doubted their relationship.Until that day

Daily I used to go home after 7pm only as I had football practice in college.One day I had stomach pain so went home at 2pm.As I entered the house door was locked.I thought my mom will be bathing but I saw balu uncle’s chappal was near the door.So I got doubt and thought of checking it.I went near my mom’s bedroom window and opened it

I was shocked on seeing that scene.My uncle was fucking mom from behind.All I could see is my mom’s boobs hanging down.It was shaking a lot.I dont know what to do and I got an instant hard-on.I took my mobile out and captured the video of them fucking.My mom was shouting ‘vegama idi vegama idi ‘aaahhh aaahhh’.. I silently shooted the video for a while and left my home and went to internet cafe and started browsing for few hours and jacked off there even

I went to my home at 7.30 as usual my mom was acting like nothing happened. I too talked with her normally.From that moment I wanted to fuck her hard.At night when she went to sleep I told her that im afraid to sleep alone and I told her that I want to sleep with her.She told ok.So I was happy as I knew that I ‘m gonna fuck her tonight

At night when I went to sleep.She was already sleeping in an red nighty.I went behind her and slept.I placed my hand on her ass she never told anything I thought she was sleeping.So I moved my hand to her boob’s I pressed it.She didnt tell anything so I opened her nighty buttons. Suddenly she woke up and slapped me and scolded me alot and threatened me that she will tell my mom dad about

Mom : what are you doing ??? Are you mad ?? I am your mom… I am going to tell your dad about this

Me : if you tell about this even I will tell about something

Mom : what are you going to say ??

Me : about your link with balu uncle

Mom : what are you talking about ?? ( and started shouting at me )

I opened my mobile and showed her the video.She was shocked and started crying and pleaded me to tell dad about this

Mom : please delete this video..Dont tell dad about this please

Me : dont worry mom I won’t say dad about this.But you have to do one thing for me

Mom : what do you want ?? I can give you anything

Me : I want you.I want to have sex with u

Mom : are you mad ?? How is this possible ??? It is sin.Please dont do this

Me : please mom nothing is wrong in this.It’s better to fuck with me than uncle

Mom : no this is not possible. Please leave me

Me : please mom..I love you so much

Mom : I love you too.But I cant do sex with you

Me : I will keep this extremely secret mom

After a lot of arguments and compromising she agreed to have sex with me

I kissed her in forehead, cheeks and then lips and smooched her hard..I kissed her earlobes and her neck.I removed her nighty.Wow I was seeing heaven

My dream girl my mom was in just bra and panties (black colour ) …I touched her boobs over her bra and then removed her bra and started kissing her boobs I massaged one boobs and kissed another boobs.Then made her stand up and removed her panty and removed my shirt and pant both became nude within minutes

I made her sit on bed and inserted my cock inside her mouth..I cant beleive that my super sexy mom was giving me a blowjob..She was doing it like a professional..And within few minutes I was about to cum she told me to cum inside her mouth…And she drank all my cum

Then I lied on bed and licked her pussy I was loving the sounds she made ‘aaaahh yaaa aaahh yaaa’ ..She pleaded me to fuck her…

I made her stand in doggy position and inserted my penis from her back..She was shouting aaahhh fuck me da fuck me vinoth aahhh fast fast aaaahh please fast fast fuck me fuck me yaaaa yaaaa and I fucked her a lot and then we slept there hugging each other

Next day morning my mom woke me up at 7 am..She was looking sexy in red saree..Her hair was wet that indicated she just now came out of shower..I hugged her and kissed in lips and pulled her on bed..She asked me to leave her but I refused and removed her pallu and she started accompanying me I removed her pallu and bra and made her totally nude and pushed her inside bathroom…There I opened the shower even I become nude and kissed her madly..I applied soap on both our bodies and fucked her in the shower.. From that day we started having sex daily we had sex in all places in our house in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall

Hey guys..Excuse me for my mistakes as this is my first story

Please write me back at [email protected]

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