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Now without wasting your time coming to the story. Her name is Veena(name changed) we are classmates from 2nd grade, her cousin name is Swetha(name changed). Swetha came to our school in 8th grade. In those days we don’t have any contact with each other, after that we completed our schooling and went to some other places. After that, we don’t have any contact with each other.


I had completed my inter and joined in b.Tech in a college in Hyderabad, they also joined some other colleges in Hyderabad. After completing our 1st year and started our vacation & I got bored and surfing on facebook, then I saw her profile through our common friend. I send her request and she accepted my request & we started our causal chat. This continued for 3-4 months, as a childhood friend she shared me everything that she wants to drink vodka & she wants to smoke, her cousin Swetha also have same desires.


So one day we 3planned to drink and have a party blast, & veena invited to her place one day when Swetha came from her home. I went with a full bottle of magical moments & sprite with glasses. Veena & Swetha already prepared stuff for us.


We started drinking, we all had 3-3 pegs of vodka. Swetha got out of control & went to sleep. We both continued our drinking, we both completed that remaining vodka. Now she was fully drunk, taking this as an advantage I asked her have you seen any sex videos. 1st she said no after some time again I asked her & this time she said yes. Now I got a chance to fuck her, I asked her that can we see videos now, she slightly moved her head in favor of yes. I played a video in xnxx site & she got in the mood, slightly moaning.


Now I slowly moved near to her and placed my hand on her thigh and pressed, she started moaning like hmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh, now I got confidence and started moving my hand to her boobs and pressing her boobs like hell. She also moaning louder ahhhhhhhhhhhh, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu & now I started kissing her lips she too responding well, we continued our kissing for 10 mins & pressing her boobs.


She got totally in my control, we both went to the bed room where Swetha was in deep sleep & I started removing her dress from top to bottom while removing her dress I am kissing her every part. Now Veena completely nude in front of me, in a while I also removed my dress and stand nude & we both started kissing and I kept my fingers in her pussy & started fingering her. This continued for 10mins in while she cum once, now I asked her to suck my cock, Veena accepted and bend down started sucking my cock. Now I hold her face & fucking her mouth like a hell, after fucking her mouth for 15 mins I cummed in her mouth, veena completely split my cum out side. We both went to the bathroom and washed our self & came out.


We had checked whether Swetha woke up or not, Swetha still sleeping. Again we started kissing each other, now I asked Veena to slept on the bed but Veena didn’t accept and arranged a bed on the floor & she slept on it. I went top of her and sucking her boobs, bitting her nipples & she is moaning like uhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhaaaaahhhhhhh abbbbaaaaaaaaaaa chinnaga chey ra (do slowly ra) I am not a mood to listen, started sucking her and fingering her pussy. After 5 mins I placed my dick on her pussy and rubbing on it, Veena is in full mood & begging me

Veena: thondarga lopala pettu ra nenu agalekapothuna (please insert it ra, I can’t wait)


Me: agave lanja, ne puku fresh aaaa kadane ( wait you bitch, are you virgin are not)


Veena: nenu virgin a ra, nuvve nannu 1st ela motham battalu lekunda chusindi & denguthunadi kuda nuvve 1st ra ( i am virgin ra, you are the 1st person who saw me completely nude & fucking me)


With this conversation I pushed my cock in her pussy by 1stroke she moaned louder abbbbbbhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rey thisey ra noppiga undi thiyi ra please ra neku dandam pedtha (please remove it prem, it’s hurting me more, I’ll beg u) abbbbaaaaaaaaaaa, now I stopped for 2mins and again I gave her 2more strokes my cock completely went in her pussy, & she is moaning like abbbbbhaaaaaaaa uhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaa huuuuuuuuuhuuuuu. Now I stopped for another 2mins she got relaxed & I saw some blood is oozing from her pussy, I cleaned that blood from her duppata, & started fucking her now again she is moaning but now in full mood, ahhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaa uhhhhhhhhhh awwwwwwweeeeee inka fast ga chey ra prem ( do it fast ra prem) iam fucking her pussy and kissing her lips. Due to our fucking room totally fills with our sounds & we forgot that swetha is sleeping in that room, I fuck her nearly 15-20mins and totally cummed in her pussy. We slept like that for 5mins & then we realized that swetha is here. We saw her still swetha was sleeping & then we got relaxed and went to another bathroom we both cleaned our self and kissed each other under shower & again she gave me a nice blowjob under the shower, I sucked her pussy for 10mins. After that we completed our bath and came out freshly & dressed up. Now I saw the watch it’s almost 3 o clock, I said to veena that i am going now & again kissed her in hall. After veena said that swetha woke up at 5, & asked about me then veena said that he went long back at 2.


After this incident, we continued our fucking sessions for 3more times. I’ll explain that in next story after your comments and compliments.


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