Fucked The Wife Of Neighbor Madhu Hard For Months

Hi to all my friends here reading this real experience of mine.

Story is a bit lengthy, so bear with me, it just gets sexier and sexier.

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Introducing me, I am Abhi,from Jaipur, currently 18 years old , good body, and a dick size of 6.5 inches and girth of 2″

I am in college and living as paying guest in flats.

So coming to the story.. Her name is Madhu, 35 years old with breast size 38B, waist size 30 and a great ass of 38.

Just looking at her could get any guy an instant hardon,she’s just so beautiful and mesmerizing, and she speaks very caringly. Its like god took all his time to make her, but made her wife of a wrong man.

I say this because, I could hear his husband shouting and mouthed her bad words like whore and all, many times he even used to throw her out of her flat.

We regularly used to talk as I usually had to go to her apartment to borrow one thing or other (sometimes just to see her ). She didn’t have any kids.

As usual I went to borrow some onion from her one morning, when she opened, she was in maxi ( oh god, she was looking sexy in that, she didn’t wear any bra), I just kept looking at those giant tits. I am a big boob lover, I especially like them round tities, she saw me staring and asked lightly, what I want.

Her- what do you want Abhi?

Me-onion aunty, I am making egg curry, so..

Her- yea come on in.

I went in and followed her beautiful mature ass to the kitchen.

Her husband went out for work and I asked about the same.

Me-uncle..gone to work??

She suddenly became quiet and answered lowly- yes.

Me-what happened, aunty?

I had already guessed she was yet again yelled at the night before or this morning.

Her-nothing beta, here’s your onion..

Me-thanks aunty,..are you sure you’re ok?

Her-yes yes don’t worry about me, and she smiled, she looked so hot when she smiled, I only could think oh god show me a way, how do I fuck this woman!!

After that I returned to my home and days passed with formal noddings and light chat between me and her.

Then one time, at night, when I was studying, I heard shouting coming from her home, I became worried about her and cursed that fucking bastard to yell at that angel.Then suddenly I heard their door open, and then I heard Madhu crying miserable, begging her husband to let her enter.

That was it, I couldn’t stand anymore, I loved her too much to see her crying, I came out of my apartment , asked Madhu to get aside and banged my fists to knock at their door,and shouted, uncle plz open up..

He didn’t answer at all.

Madhu was still crying, I told her to stop crying and asked her to stay at my home till her husband opens up.

At first, she respectfully declined, but after my pleading, she agreed.There was no other living on that floor.

On entering, I gave her water and sat beside her and asked what happened, she cried and replied..

Her-he beats me and shouts at me for no reason, I can’t stand it anymore, one of these days I’m gonna kill myself!

Me-aunty plz don’t do that, and don’t worry I’m here to help.

Her-but I just can’t…

And she cried even louder than before

And I instinctively hugged her to console her, like I used to do for my ex-gf when she got sad, only till I realized that Madhu was not my gf and hugging her like this can become a grave misunderstanding..

But she didn’t mind my hug at all, she clenched my shirt and cried her heart out.

Me?? I was too busy looking at her deep cleavage that was showing and one of her melons were touching my chest , the situation was too much for me and I got an instant boner, quite noticeable as I was just wearing boxers, and I was caught.

She looked at my boner and got up and asked

Her- Abhi let me try again, let’s see if he opens up..

She tried doorbell for some time and then came back

Her-Abhi, um, I have a favor to ask, um, do you think I can stay here for the night??

Are you kidding me? She staying at my home for entire night, that’s it ,boner back!

Me-yeah yeah aunty sure, let me just clear the guest room.

I went in and cleared the guest room, while she helped herself with water and washed her face, she was looking so hot..

Me- here aunty, its ready, sleep in..

Her-ok thanks for everything abhi.

She was wearing saree, before tugging into bed, she opened two buttons of her blouse from downside and pushed her saree down a little, all of this she did right before me.

I was dumbstruck at the beauty and hotness, her navel was now exposing, such a big deep navel and her cleavage was too much to handle, she went abed,

When I was about to switch off the lights, she asked me not to..

Her- Abhi plz keep the light open, I am scared of dark.

So I kept the lights on and took exit to my room and lied down, but sleep was nowhere near, the thought of her navel and big tits bounced and flashed in my head.

After half hour or so, she woke me up and said. Abhi can I sleep on the ground of your room, I am too scared to sleep in guest room.

Me- yeah, no aunty if you have to, just sleep beside me, if you have no problem!

Her- but abhi won’t you be disturbed?

Fuck yea I wanna be disturbed by you “no aunty, no problem, just sleep here”

She placed her pillow beside me and lied beside me.

My heartbeat was off the roofs, my boner was back at full length.

After sometime she said- its been so long since I slept beside my husband in the same bed like this..

And her voice started breaking down

WTF, that old bastard didn’t even fuck his so hot wife?? And ended up judging him to be gay..

Me- its okay aunty, one day he’ll realize for sure, how much wrong he’s been doing.

She placed her hand over my chest and asked if it was okay?

Me- whatever suits you aunty..

Her- I have decided , I am going to leave this city , back to my home in UP,I can’t live like this..

I was shocked, her being out of my life ? I couldn’t let that happen, that was it, it was my que to express my feelings

Me- aunty can I say something to you?

Her-yes, what’s the matter?

Me-Aunty plz don’t leave, plz don’t leave me, I..I love you, since the first day I saw you.. I care about you very much and I don’t know what I’d do without you, you are very beautiful , stay plz for my sake, I’ll help you survive through this hell, plz..

I was gasping for breath..

Before I could ask for her response, she kissed me,

It was a long deep kiss that purely showed her love for me, I broke the kiss first, to look at her eyes, she was happy, she was looking damn hot..

I got over her and started kissing her on her neck and placed my hand over her left boob, and I pressed it hard, I was too desperate for this moment..

She was full responsive and moaned really sexily, which made my penis ache with its boner,,

I slowly opened her top buttons of blouse and kissed whatever flesh came out, finally I took off her blouse( she wasn’t wearing a bra) and stared at those inch length brown nipples poking at me.

I sucked her nipples really hard (boob lover I am) until they became swollen and red, she was moaning hard..yeah abhi yeak, suck me suuck..ohh..m.mm

My hands were alredy on her ass and I was groping them hard while kissing her other nipple, now I came down To her Deep navel( my second best liking) and inserted my tongue in it, she shivered up…yes oh my.. Yes do this ..more..amazing ..

I sucked her navel and licked it and did whatever I could do with it.

Now I started removing her saree off the lower portion, and finally my eyes hit upon the pink bliss of her vagina..it was so beautiful..full shaven and lengthy..I planted a kiss at the top portion and she jerked her body with joy.. Then I started licking her cunt like a wild dog, I bit and chewed on her clit , I opened her vagina with my fingers, and placed my tongue deep into it, she was shivering with joy..oh my god..oh.mym … Mmmm …yeas abhi hmm ..eat it..

The suddenly the locked and head with her thighs and shouted with pleasure..and liquid started flowing from her cunt, which I licked fully, And she heaved down ..

Now I took off my boxers and took my dick near her face, she got the gesture and started sucking my dick, and then she took the whole length in her mouth ana all I could do was moan ,she licked the tip with circular motions which was awesome , after sucking for 10 minutes , I cummed without giving her notice, but she drank the whole juice, my whole dick was wet with saliva and semen, she took my dick out of her mouth and looked at me sexily, the scene was so hot..

Again I went to her nipples and sucked them, so long and sweet they were, till my dick got hard again.

Now I was ready to enter her, but I didn’t have any condom, so asked, to which she said that she can’t conceive kids as she has some problem in her womb,

So finally I was gonna fuck my angel that too without protection and couldn’t thank god enough for it..

I looked into her eyes and penetrated her in missionary position, she was tight but the lubrication was enough for me enter fully, she moaned and shouted, its big.. Yes abhi omg..

I started making slow movements and then proceeded to being rough and wild, she was complaining to go slow for her but I was too desperate for her for too much time, so I continued to fuck her hard.

Now I placed her legs over my shoulders and penetrated her very deeply till I could touch the tip of her womb, she shouted with pain and pleasure, and fucked her in that position for 5 mins during which she cummed,

Now I took her to doggy style and licked her asshole and pussy and then entered from behind with one hand on her tits and other on her hair, and roughly fucked her she was moaning continuously..yea oh yea!! Yeas abhi I love you abhi ..I started to feel pressure in my dick and realized I was about to cum soon, I now fucked her very fast and with one full insertion in her womb, I cummed,

It was a very thick load and she was full in ecstasy with her eyes rolled upwards and her tongue out, she was looking like a total bitch and lied on her very tired , I could see my sperms oozing out of her vagina and she was also gasping, I kisses her again on her lips and slept on her tits(heaven) .

I looked at the time and it was 4 in the morning, we knew we didn’t have much time so we went into bathroom to clean ourselves and she gave me a juicy blowjob again.

Before leaving I told her that I love her

Me- that was so great, I love you madhu aunty, stay with me forever, we can enjoy like this anytime, don’t worry about your husband.

Her- thanks abhi you were there to support me, I love you too , you are an amazing lover, your hands and dick are just awesome

I blushed, I went with her to her home and rang the bell , after sometime the douche bag husband opened the door with no idea that I had fucked his hot wife..

After that we had many sex sessions..and we did anal too, sucha great ass.

Unfortunately, her hubby got transferred for job and they left for banglore, I miss her very much, I loved her, her body, her breasts, they were so great..

So this is the end of my story, hope you liked it..

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Hoping to get a lot responses, it was my first real story on iss, so aunties and girls from india and abroad, I’m waiting for you!!

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